Toy Car Concept, Scott Robertson (2D)

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  10 October 2003
great job, three thumbs up

You never cease to amaze. I'll get my hands on that book the minute it comes out
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  10 October 2003
Which program did u use? What's about render engine.
Those blurred reflections are very impressive.
  10 October 2003
Always loved ur work man.....very nice car
  10 October 2003
Man, judging by the weight distribution, it looks like it would pull a fat wheelie 90 degrees upwards upon acceleration... cool design though.
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  10 October 2003
Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!The car of Bruce Wayne's holidays

Really good!
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  10 October 2003
oulalalala it's unbelievable


seriously this image is very impressive
and your website too
  10 October 2003
Excellent work Scott. When does your book come out on sketching and drawing cars?
  10 October 2003
yea ownage baby
i realy like it
do_ob aniMo
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  10 October 2003
Mickatt <It was not to laugh of he's car...
Scott is a big artist and an excellent designer!
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My 2 D Challenge-The Journey Begins-

  10 October 2003
  10 October 2003
Quote: Originally posted by rakoon
Which program did u use? What's about render engine.
Those blurred reflections are very impressive.

It's 2D. He used Photoshop.
  10 October 2003
Wow! Talk about a nice tail. That cars got a *booty* that wount quit!! I like those nice huge real rims, too. Nice coloring work, Scott.

Scott, I e-mailed you a few weeks ago, using the address provided on your site and you never got back to me, bro!
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  10 October 2003
Quote: Flog....
You spout off quite a bit about how pathetic it is to model real-world cars...and that there should be much more imagination expended when modeling....I am still waiting to see your overactive imagination post a car...real world or otherwise.
Perhaps those who complain the most about what others are modeling...can't model anything themselves...

Quote: Wtf? are you a complete fool Flog. You just dissed every artist who has ever tried to represent reality with their artform. You have also miserably failed to realise that commercial realities are what drive the trends of the professional 3D industry. When a multi-million dollar client comes to you asking for a digital car replacement... Go figure.

I made the post I made to make a slight point and a slight jest. I mean he modelled a car, I was playing around making him think like wtf is this guy gonna say about my model car? But then I said it was gorgeous.

I do understand the commercial value of modelling those kinds of things, and I am impressed, but bored.

Now I think it takes great skill to model a 3d car, especially with engine great details of the inside. Its great if you can do this. For real world use, crime scene stuff, or presentation for a big company thats perfectly fine and dandy. But in your spare time???? I mean you have the world of endless possibilities and you model in your spare time a car that you see in a magazine. LIttle imagination please. I mean sorry to use the word pathetic, that part was really playing around trying to scare the artist of the car pick. But I do think its rather boring to make real life objects like that. I mean its amazing stuff, sometimes I see the card models and show my wife, wow look how real it looks, took some great skill. Boring as all get out, and man what a lot of time spent, but great nonetheless. I'm just biased against real life models. Kinda like the Final Fantasy movie, they tried so hard to make realistic hair and people, who cares, why didn't you just use real actors or else do what you can with 3d and give the Final FANTASY Characters a 3d look we are used to seeing in the games. I'm glaad they lost all that money on the movie, they deserved that one. I went to the movie and thought, wow thats great 3d it looks real, but after 5 minutes that wore of and I was bored with the 3d. Whoopie it looks REAL!! Umm we could have just used REAL actors. The movie would have been more appealing with the anime/hybrid characters.

Creativity is what impresses me most, and this guy definately put some creativity in his work. As far as modelling hondas and stuff, great job, you can model a honda, great stuff. Great skill. But I see that everyday, I drive one. I value creativity more than skill. Show me something I haven't seen before. And this car I haven't seen before and would love to see in real life and drive it!!!! Great skill in making it too!!!

Last edited by Flog : 10 October 2003 at 03:53 PM.
  10 October 2003
facial, William b. Hand,
Thanks guys.

Thanks, the world needs more female designers.

I can see that, those were fun cars if memory serves my right.

Rexxenexx, Rubberduckie,
Thanks guys.

Thanks, that was the intent.

I'm working on a 867 Mac with a 22" screen and a 9"x12" Wacom tablet.

Thanks man.

Thanks, I can see that, it is designed with the entertainment world in mind first.

Thanks, although I could probably loose a few highlights.

Wampa, baby, supervlieg,
Thanks guys.

Thanks, I got a sweet deal on an over used, yet not broken "right arm" render engine!


I can see that, it is a toy car, I think that might be cool. Retractable wheelie bars, that's the ticket.

Riddick, mickatt,

El Quistador,
Thanks, it is inching ever forward....too slowly.

AniMo, Orly Wanders, Matt,

I so sorry, I'm behind on e-mail and I just can't seem to find the time to reply to all of them. No excuse, sorry.
Scott Robertson
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