(--in Sight Of Apocalypse--), Daniel Conway (2D)

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Old 06 June 2003   #31
Quote: Originally posted by lildragon
Very nice image, speaks very loudly, but I can't help but think a tear or something would really push emotional buttons on this piece, I think it would take it to another level.

I'm gonna disagree with that. He looks surprised, wondering, and possibly in fear of what is in front of him as it is. We cry in reflection, not in the moment. (Of whatever is happening in this scene.)

Good work, I really like the dust/debris moving through the city. I don't think we've ever seen smoke of that scale moving through a city, other than in Oklahoma City and in New York City. Even when buildings are demolished properly, 100% of all objects that create debris are stripped out of the structure first, so there isn't that much dust and debris to spread around, as what happened with the towers.
Old 06 June 2003   #32
Strong because of the juxtaposition of realworld (another 9-11) and dreamlike (loss of gravity, people made of paper) imagery. Although I always thought of 9-11-style destruction as science fiction before it happened. Scary.
Old 06 June 2003   #33
man, that is savagely cool... are u a professional painter?? This is something I would expect to see in a museum.... man, .... wow.
Old 06 June 2003   #34
Great reproduction of your dream. It could be the next big war?
Peace in Christ
Marco Napoli
Old 06 June 2003   #35
Definately like the image...It pushes the disturbed button inside of me.
When this happens, I usually use humor to balance out the negative emotion. It reminds me of what happens after Godzilla eats a Taco Bell restuarant.
Jeff "Rhino169" Herndon

Desire and commitment are the fuel which propels us to achieve greatness
Old 06 June 2003   #36
So that's how Harry Potter got his scar!

(very nice!)
Maestro 2 is out!
Old 06 June 2003   #37
Beautiful work indeed...
Hits me like a shockwave shot out of a near nuclear blast.
Great work, and makes you think a lot about the world.

IMO the image has that typical "fallout" feeling, maybe because of the design of the respirator, a bit of a 1960's sci-fi vision.
The man's head falling apart reminds me of a Dali painting he painted after he saw an A-bomb explosion, or he heard about it - not sure of that....

Just one bit of critics: The man's right eye looks a bit wierd, there is a brihter ring in the iris soruonding the pupil....
Still, it's a professional painting... congartulations!
I really wish I could remember my dreams....
archviz td . homologue.hu

Old 06 June 2003   #38
dude, ive seen yourstuff at DA... gotta love it!!!!
youve done so many of these awesome paintings its like you spend every day painting or are you just super quick!?
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Old 06 June 2003   #39
Good thing we have 9/11 so that everything that involves destruction and 'bad people' now finally have a name.
Regards Michael Heilemann
Old 06 June 2003   #40
I really like the painting. I often get inspired to put my dreams into artworks but rarely ever do. It truely is an image with hidden messages to make you think.
"You'll have to take another pill and tell another lie
and lie amongst your lies like tuna in the brine"

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Old 06 June 2003   #41
i don't how to exactly express what i would say (sorry for my poor english)

but woooo, what an inspiring story/experiment!!,
i looooooooove the mood and the scene

once, my doctor told me that in his long life, i had known 5 major and important dreams!
He described one of these for me and
yours is one of these dreams you have NOT to forget !!!

"VERY STRANGE" <<< no you're a genious ^^

it's one of my favourite stills in the cgtalk's collection

keep it up, and keep dreaming !!!

Kulu uuuuu... prout
excuse my english :)
Old 06 June 2003   #42
wow!! the things on u´r homepage is like
Old 06 June 2003   #43
Your work very contain sense of vision pound at the dint, very great.

Old 06 June 2003   #44

great work man only the huge difference in size of the small buildings left of the Bridge and the skyscrapers looks a little strange

Quote: Good thing we have 9/11 so that everything that involves destruction and 'bad people' now finally have a name.

as i can remember there was something "little" in HIROSHIMA many Years ago :annoyed:
Old 06 June 2003   #45
Image is awesome

Just my 2 cents but in your dream it looks like your one of the guys wearing the mask's since you said you watched the reflection in his googles.

So its evidient that you are some how responsible for or responding to the tradegd that has just befallen upon you.

Regardless this is defintely eye candy.

"I see my path, but I don't know where it leads. Not knowing where I'm going is what inspires me to travel it."
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