Hajieelkhe, Linda Bergkvist (2D)

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  11 November 2005
Again a spectacular portrait.... what can I say that isn't already said?
Respect... I would like to paint as you do

PS (the feet are really amazing! )

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  11 November 2005
Smile Welcome back....

Wonderful piece... of course Quick question, how much do you find yourself switching from Painter to Photoshop? I haven't tried Painter yet and find myself wondering... am I missing something?
strange behavior 2D challenge
  11 November 2005
Wow! That is one Beautiful illustration! The colors and lightning are great! And the details really makes the painting come alive.

One thing did bother me about the arm (the one with the tatue). It looks like the arm is streathing more then the other one, and perhaps its a bit to long? But other then that I have nothing else to say but - amazing!
  11 November 2005
As always, nice work Linda!
This picture was in the Exotique entrance, I presume that she is in the book.
There is maybe too much blur on a lot of part, but the global effect is great.
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  11 November 2005
Thumbs up Genius

Simply A Total Genius You Are, Inspired A Lot On Bougereau's Paintings Great Technic
  11 November 2005
What can I say.. awesome image Linda!

Atmospheric, delicate, and with such dexterity...it aproaches supremacy.

Just a proportions thing that I noticed:
The tatooed arm, seems quite thiner than the other one. although it's in the foreground, and longer as well ? if you extend the line to the elbow and down to the hand.
But this is a brilliant painting, not stricktly an anatomy study anyway, so artistic license is pleaded...
  11 November 2005
great piece linda. when you talk about the crash i presume you mean your computer crashed resulting in loss of work. very sorry to hear that, its soul destroying to lose artwork of any kind.

i'd love to see hair on the homogeneous figures legs. it would add intrigue and a touch of the grotesque!
  11 November 2005
Well, I guess if you have to characterize melancholy, your newest work would be a very valid example of how you can archieve it, Linda. Great pose, great mood, great composition and wonderfull colours, that you used there. And the subtil catch, that he actually is not a she if you focus on it and notice the details, is very stylish! I wouldn't had mentioned it beforehand, it would have been interesting to see if ppl came to the conclusion by themselves (me included! ) Madame, please stay on this path!
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Kamau Brathwaite
  11 November 2005
Thumbs up

Originally Posted by cLos71: Quick question, how much do you find yourself switching from Painter to Photoshop? I haven't tried Painter yet and find myself wondering... am I missing something?

...please answer this. I'm also curious...

About the picture... BEAUTIFUL!!!
  11 November 2005
Great face expresion, very biutiful elf girl!
  11 November 2005
Whee! I've been plugged, thank you to whoever did that :D

Pushav – Thanks :D

Posh – Thank you. The hands were such a challenge for me – I usually don't work with light and shadow this way, and making it apparent that they were HANDS, not tentacles or something, while they were mostly in the dark was really hard.

K.Salonen – Thank you :)

Jose – Aw, thanks! I'm still not so sure about the tattoo, myself. I'm very glad you like it!

De Gerardo – Thankee!

Sphere – Hah, did you actually notice the bird? I didn't think anyone would! Hajieelkhe is, indeed, his name – it has no actual meaning in any 'real' language. To him and his people, though, it simply means 'lost one'.

Kyena – Aw, thanks :] It's weird how difficult it is to get textured backgrounds right. Some artists seem to do it with such great ease – sometimes it takes me more time than a more 'intricate' background would have.

Henningsen – Thank you :] In retrospect, I'm so glad I went with red and green rather than the green and blue I had imagined for a while.

DivideByZero – Thanks :] Well, to each his, or her, own :D Green skin isn't necessarily very attractive.

Kaspaas – Aw, thanks!

Ilove2D – Thank you kindly!

Belltann – Thankee :] I'm trying to, it's been frustrating, though.

Falcore – Haha, yeah, that's one of the previous versions of Haji. Trying to remember, I think I've drawn him six or seven times now. I'm glad you like the new him :D

ANARKY -- :grin: Thanks sweetie! The chest area was insanely difficult for me. I had no one and nothing to reference from and I think that apart from the hands and fabric, it's also what took me the longest to paint. I'm happy you like it. And you're probably right about the strands – I was hesitant about that part myself.

Sh@ke – Thanks :)

JM_JM – Awk, you make me blush. I really do produce a lot of crap, I swear, and there are quite a few artists that are more skilled than I (several responding in this thread, in fact). Thank you, though – you've put a big smile on my lips.

The1st_angel – Thank you, Sasha :D I love your night elves, by the way. They're awesome. I've sneakily followed the WIP thread.

My tom – Thankee :]

SpaceTik – Thanks! And yeah, you're right – I hadn't even thought about doing that.

Deaderthanred – Thanks :] The book, uh, well as soon as I've finished it. Life's been pretty stressful here for a while, I've not had the time.

Bcairns – Thank you :] The ambiguity is, indeed, one of my 'things'. I'm fascinated by androgyny and I love to paint it. Something of the story... well... there's a small chance the story about Hajieelkhe and his brother Indeoque might go into my book, I'm not sure yet. I'll tell you this: There was once a man and a woman who loved each other with great intensity. When the man was dying, the two of them went to see the Goddess of Death, Mehach, and in their arrogance they dared demand from her that they be reborn together. In spite of all odds, they told her, they would love each other in their next life. No matter what, they would not be able to resist the pull of two souls tied together. Mehach, dark-eyed, smiled at them and asked if they were really sure that this was what they wanted. They said yes. It's not a very good thing to demand things from someone like her.

Cooloola – I'm not sure if I do paint very fast. Sometimes, yes, when I'm very inspired. The painting of Hajieelkhe took about a week to complete. With him, I found the original idea for the pose in a photograph – which looks nothing like this. I never referenced the photo at all. I did reference a photo I snapped of my own hands in a similar pose, and of my own feet (much uglier feet than those, I assure you). The fabric was a blanket I'd piled on top of my chair next to my desk, to look at the folds while painting. Sometimes when I do a painting, I've asked friends to model for me first, but that wasn't the case with Haji. That's about it :]

Navate – Aw, thank you. Lauren (again!). I can't wait to see your character :D

Ahmed – Thankee.

Ramitxon -- :blush: Thank you.

Mex – Thank you – very poetic comment, by the way.

Duddle – Thanks :] And, awk, you're totally right about the toe, I can see that now. Haha, thank you so much for pointing it out! I'll see if I can get around to fixing it (though man, I wish I'd posted this before Exotique, it's already in that book now with the odd toe, haha)

Ashakarc – Haha! Yay! I'm sorry, but I love the way you've looked at this picture. Thank you!

MooingCow – Thanks :] Glad to see I'm not the only one who is tired of the buff, the fat or the gross portrayal of men – I like to see men as beautiful, or feminine, or graceful.

Hellboy – Thanks :D

Loocas – Haha, sorry :D and thanks!

Shoaib – Thank you kindly.

Paintbox – Aw... :blush: Thank you. As for a faster computer, yes, I have to say that it does. Above all, I can work in large formats without fearing the whole project turning sluggish. I can flip horizontally, upside down and here and there without lag. I can actually work properly in Painter for the first time in my life. I can't praise my BOXX too much – it's one of my best friends, hehe.

Mindrot – thank you :)

Shin Chain Pu – For some reason, your comment really got to me. Thank you.

Art2 – YAAAY!! Yum!

Anthriel – Thanks :] I was a little uncertain of the colours (save for the green in his skin), but the lighting I'd planned out initially. I wanted it to be a little different from what I usually do, meaning, there would be some shadows falling over his skin that would make a few of the details, such as the part of the hands, show very vaguely in the dark. It turned out to be far more difficult than I had planned!

DDS – Aw, thankee.

[nitin design] - :bows: Thank you!

HocusPocus – Thanks :]

Giza -- :D Cheers!

(moving on to the fourth page, man, my fingers hurt from all the typing!)

Lauranonce – Thankee – I'm so happy you like the feet!

cLos71 – Hm, this one was done about 50/50 in the different programs. I just find the two are good for very separate things. I sincerely doubt I'll ever go back to painting solely in just one of them. I feel stronger, using both. I don't switch back and forth often (meaning, not every hour or so), but let's say I'm starting to feel uninspired or stumped in Photoshop... then I just pull the picture into Painter, and usually, I'll break my block. It's awesome :)They really compliment one another. Having said that, though, I worked just fine in Photoshop before I got Painter – it's just that going BACK again is a no-can-do.

Riddick – Thank you :] I think Haji is in Exotique, indeed.

Ruben – Thank you :D And yeah, Bougereau is a big inspiration to me.

Evan – Thanks :] Ehe, you noticed the arm is a bit longer, huh? I did indeed exercise my artistic license to screw around with details, on that one. I hadn't intended for it to be thinner though :sheepish: I'll see if I can get around to fixing that.

Akewt – Thank you... and yes, that's exactly what I mean. I lost a lot of work. It sounds silly, but it was really difficult to get back from that. Hehe, as for hair – Haji's particular species is quite hairless apart from on the head. There might have been scales, but he prefers not to show them.

Solothores – Thank you honey <3 I'm glad you enjoyed the discreet androgyny of the piece.

Esternocleidomastoideo – I am SO sure I misspelled your name somewhere, sorry, haha. I did respond to the question above :) thanks!

Simon3D -- thank you :)

Phew, done with the answering, for now. I hope I didn't miss responding to someone - if I did, it wasn't intentional.
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Painting hair
  11 November 2005

by far your best one, and actually the best I've seen for some time. Really cool colors, the contrast of the colors really makes this pic alive.
  11 November 2005
confused! I was sure you had already posted this here.. must have seen it when i was browsing your website a couple of weeks back... it wowed me then and it wows me now. the feet and hands are incredible. colours amazing.. whole atmosphere just perfect. not o mention the character.. i think he is excellent. you created him when you were 17? it's great wehn characters just stay with you and evolve throughout your life isnt it?
  11 November 2005
beautiful as usual......any refferences used on this pic? either way its really fun to look at...I love the play of light...
  11 November 2005
Wow, the feet are very graceful looking. I wish I had feet like that (it would help so much with gymnastics). I also love the fabric and his hair. And he does look to have a greenish skin tone. This is very beautiful and serene. I like the dragon tattoo.

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