Glimpse Of Summer, Linda Bergkvist (2D)

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  08 August 2005
C & C

Another gorgeous piece! I love the colors and feel of this painting. I do believe though that it would look better if the eyes were slightly less, err, bulgy? Also, the hand gesture doesn't seem to say much about the expression, I think it would look much better if it looked less stiff. At the same time, I absolutely love Azrael's gorgeous eye. You did a really great job with Azrael as well as with yourself! The feet look especially great. I hope it wasn't too awkward to have a 15 year old art obsessee critique your piece. Keep up the extremely inspirational/amazing works!
  08 August 2005
Amazing work, I love you!!!

5 stars from me.
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  08 August 2005
wow, love this piece! You exactly know where to put the detail, and such a great color palette...
  08 August 2005
This time you really BOOM BABY!!! GOD DAMN! you getting me really twisted, excited and nervous, just how the HELL you do that!?!?! the cat its so cool the girl´s cute face expressing a great time, that beautifull greenish yellow ambience, all painted with such a tremendous style and technique... you just got to be happy!
  08 August 2005
Azrael is a lucky kitty to be captured in so many of your paintings and sketches. I love the mood and feeling you've created. It is an excellent way to portray an emotion that is hard to put into words.
  08 August 2005
I did like it. Good job~!
  08 August 2005
I love it especially the cat looks really nice. but the whole picture is just amazing.
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  08 August 2005
Great work as usual Linda.
Mad Props.
  08 August 2005
Yep, you definitely have the monkey feet going on! Hah!

So, have you discovered your magic cat powers yet? You know... since you were bitten? *snickers*

Nice pic!
  08 August 2005
This is one happy fairy with funny toes. Nice and cheerful work, congrats !
  08 August 2005
Wow, thanks for plugging it, someone!

Giza -- thanks!

Skarrow -- cheers! That was pretty much exactly what I was aiming for - I'm so glad it came across. And Azrael, he's always adorable, except when he's trying to slaughter my arm.

Piccolo -- thanks!

Enialadam -- Thank you :] I'm so happily surprised to see that so many seem to appreciate this little deviation of mine from my ordinary style and subject matter. Makes me warm and fuzzy inside.

Abourabe -- Heheh, thanks! I'm off to bed when I've finished answering to these, but I'll go take a peek at your picture tomorrow.

Samanthie -- Thanks :] The thing with the paw, eep... I just decided to do it that way. I mean, I can see that it's not anatomically correct, but I wanted to show something about Azrael - the people who know him all get it. He's clumsy. He doesn't really 'move' like a cat. He moves like a little bear. So I gave him big footlike paws instead, and then angled them inwards like my feet - what you see is the 'sole' of his foot and the claws. It was just me taking liberties with the image and I know it's probably silly of me, but somehow, I just really like that widdle wrong paw of his. :giggles:

Ministan -- Thankee! Hahah, I haaate my feet, I honestly do. They're the reason to why I loathe painting feet in general. They're useful for picking stuff up with, though, and even drawing (I did a 'foot' drawing tutorial a while back, doing a drawing WITH my feet, haha). Anyway, I'm digressing...

Poshspice -- Aly! Hi! And thanks Just reminded I need to reply to your message - hot chick on that picture, by the way, hehe ;]

Nikolay -- Thanks :]

Bcairns -- Thank you :] It's difficult to know if one can actually pull it off before it's already done. I wasn't sure how this style would work out, but it was fun to paint. And yes, I know what you mean with the hand... maybe I'll get around to adding it (there was actually one hand there, but it didn't look right so I took it away. A second try might pull it off better).

Keight -- Aw, thanks :] I'm a very foresty person when I have the opportunity. I'm clumsy as you wouldn't know, when in the woods, but I love it to death. I just wish there was more time to bounce around among the mushrooms, dragonflies and iddy birds.

Mindrot -- Thank you! And yeah, I'm aware of the paw. I just don't know if I want to change it, even if it's wrong. See my reply to Samanthie. It's sort of an inside joke, as such... maybe I should edit it so it just 'looks' better even if he has little, clumsy feet instead of paws.

NOOB! -- Heheh, thanks.

Bao -- Aw, thank you. Not sure about the book, I lost a lot of stuff when the hard drive burned out a while ago. I'm working on it

Andy -- Hi there, and thank you :] Photo ref was sort of used for the background, but it didn't really look much like that at all. I just wanted to make sure I got the right mix of different trees (so, yes and no - more no than yes). Heh, and it's awesome to hear that someone FINALLY noticed the size issue. I've shown it to a fair amount of people and you're the first to see it. Yes, Azrael is big as a bear, and yes, I'm small as a little fairy, the dragonfly is almost the size of my head. We're all big and tiny at the same time. It's a subtle little thing I threw in. Again, thank you, and big hugs for noticing!!

D-NA -- Thankee :] Summer was what I was going for. Wanting to catch a feeling more than anything else, and taking big liberties with pretty much everything, from lighting to anatomy to composition.

Peachysticks -- Thankee :] Yeah, you're right... the hand and feet do look realistic. It's got to do, I think, with my hand-and-feet-obsession. I hate drawing both, and yet they're very characteristic of me - my hands and feet are very easily recognisable. I suppose that I wanted them to stick out a little though they are, admittedly, my biggest dislike about my own appearance

Chavarin -- Thank you! :]

Vaniljus -- Aw, tack! I'm glad you like it.

Skurai -- Tack, raring <3

Deniss -- Thanks :]

Phospt -- Cheers :] It IS quite unlike most of my work but it sort of ties in with some of my more sketchier stuff as well as my comics. I did a sketch of Azrael a while back that's very reminiscent of this sort of style... but I've never finished an actual, 'complicated' painting in this manner.

See? Almost the same sort of style

Bcairns -- You're absolutely right :] It looks much more catlike that way, and I think that's how I'm supposed to do it... I'm just so loathe to go away from the more footlike paw he has now. I'd prefer to change the angle of it or something if I change it - I just don't want his feet to look graceful and catlike. He's everything but. He reminds me more of a clumsy bear cub than a cat Thank you so much for taking the time to do an overpaint. As for the challenge, no, I won't be entering this time around.

Tai324 -- Aw, thanks!

csDevil -- Heh, thank you kindly :] I've never tried to make something 'cute' on this sort of scale before so it was a real challenge. I'm just glad the feel of it seems to have come across well

Rokxal -- Thankee :]

Navate -- Hiii!! Long time no see. I'm glad the picture brought a smile to your lips... that's what it's here for. I needed to remember how much I've enjoyed the sunlight and the woods this summer. Physically, I feel terrible right now, awful, awful cold. Heheh, sorry, I shan't whine, it's just hard not to. Did I tell you that I burned my arm pretty horribly earlier this week? Anyway, thank you, as always, your words mean a lot to me.

Demeye -- I'm glad to hear that! Mission accomplished.

Rblitz7 -- Thank you very much :]

UrbanKunoichi -- Phew, I hope I spelled your name right, heheh. Thank you - very good piece of critique there. I wanted the eyes to look big and sorta freaky, but not bulgy. I'll see if I can get around to reworking them (as always, after finishing a painting, I'm loathe to touch it again for a few days, heh). Anyway, thank you again <3

Soul)S(urvivor -- Whee, thank you!

Renderwhite -- Hahah, thanks! I'm glad I got to you! :] And thrilled you like the piece so much.

Kico82 -- Harhar, I just wish he knew to appreciate it. He's sitting here, glaring at me because he wants to cuddle and I'm typing up replies. He's got this, cuddle or die look on his face that I'm trying to ignore. Thanks!

Ianex6 -- Thankee :]

BenDstraw -- Aw, thank you :]

DepleteD -- Cheers :]

Joss -- Hehe, yeah, monkey feet = me. I think my magic cat powers might be getting myself mauled and injured. The cat scars are now covered with splashes of second degree burns from wrist to arm pit, hahah... I'm so pathetic.

Ashakarc -- Yep, that's what it is! Thanks!
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  08 August 2005
Congratulatiosn Linda, your work amazes me. I try to convey the same kind of mood and atmosphere as you sometimes do, of course to no avail... yet. Anyway, I have been keeping an eye on your works and I must say it's very inspirational.

Looking forward to see more.
  08 August 2005
Azrael's face looks absolutely amazing. I love this piece, as a whole of course! Your work is so awesome, as always.
  08 August 2005
Hi Linda, Thanks for letting me in on your kitten's personality. I'm glad you take liberties. I do too.
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  08 August 2005

I was wondering, how did you do the texture on the tree?

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