Into Your Eyes, Linda Bergkvist (2D)

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Old 04 April 2005   #31
Thumbs up Another stunning painting

Wow, Linda, you got this done fast! It looks great. The colors look fine on my monitor, very bronze-brown and blueish-purple. I love the detail in the faces in the mirror, they are so creepy! I love them! The girls face is beautiful. There is true emotional pain on her face. You also painted the broken glass on the mirror really well. The dress patterns are gorgeous as always. Beautiful work!
Old 04 April 2005   #32
i like colors and specially dress and well, the pose seems strange, her right arm is getting up but you not painted it only hand, back look like rest pose not with arm getting up mmmmhhh seems that your to use different refs for the hand and girl body.
Old 04 April 2005   #33
Hi Linda, that dress is just amazing!! and those faces are very disturbing, straight out of your head I gather??

I think the top part of the mirror.. somehow looks a little flat at moment??.. sorry

hehe, It's GREAT!
Old 04 April 2005   #34
WHAAA?!!! Enayla, you doll! You've finished it!!! And what a disturbing vision it is, LOL! I love it completely. Oh, and the sreaming faces in the reflection... *shudder*, AND THE BLOOD! Jesus, girl... LOL! You do have a bit of a psycho in you!

I really like the 'looseness' in this piece. Leaving certain sections 'unfinished' really gives it an energy about it... alluding to some motion or act of violence. Beautifully dark. Again, you continue to amaze and inpire!

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Old 04 April 2005   #35
Whee, thank you :] I've hardly been sleeping lately. When I don't sleep, I paint instead. Way too much :}

Man, insomnia doesn't sound good at all :/ Good at least you paint!
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Old 04 April 2005   #36
Steph -- Heheh, I suppose I did. The backgrounds usually take the longest for me to finish, and there wasn't much to do with the background here... just textures and little patterns :] I' happy you like it!

Bellas -- Heheh, thank you :] Afraid you're wrong, there - there's only one girl who've been modelling, and I promise you... her back looks just like that when she brings her arm up. The fact that you can't see the rest of the arm is because it's behind her (and what little of it might have been showing, I decided to pull back on because it disturbed the flow of the piece). The pose is the only thing I sort of 'know' I got right in this one, as the light, the faces, the dress, the hair, the shading and the colours are all out of my own head, whereas her pose is referenced :] I suppose my light scheme might have messed it up, hm, I'm not sure. Thanks for the advice!

SpaceTik -- Hi there :] and thank you! You're probably right about the mirror, I ended up focusing so much on her face, her dress, and the faces in the mirror that some other stuff might have been forgotten about. I get stupidly focused like that :}

Artjunkie -- teeehee, I love how excitable you are! Am glad you like it, too, in spite (or thanks to?) its disturbing qualities !! (and yes, there's something of the psycho in me, too, heh).

AngryScientist -- yup, insomnia sucks pretty much. But I'm in a splendid mood today. *hugs her Gnomon dvds*
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Old 04 April 2005   #37
AngryScientist -- yup, insomnia sucks pretty much. But I'm in a splendid mood today. *hugs her Gnomon dvds*

My boyfriend just read that and died of jealousy (over the DVDs.. mostly). We've been wanting them for ages buuut I'll shut up now lol
It's all Pattern Recognition.
Old 04 April 2005   #38
enayla, the picture looks good to me. it is warm-bronze and purple-blue like you wanted. i think it is too dark actually, it doesnt look washed out at all. did your friend view the image in photoshop with a color profile? have them look at the image in internet explorer or firefox.

oh yea, it's beautiful! as always. she reminds me of natalie portman.
Old 04 April 2005   #39
Hey Linda, another fantastic piece. I love the mood in this piece. I am always very impressed at how you do your cloth and fabric textures.

Old 04 April 2005   #40
Excellent picture. It really tells a story. It's also a very nice contrast between the warm colors en the very dark purples in the mirror. The faces scare me by the way...
Namu Amida Butsu. ;)
Old 04 April 2005   #41
Looks really good. The details, colours and all.

With the d'artiste book, do you think the colours are messed up for "songs under the apple tree"? I think it looks too a bit too yellow in the book.....
Old 04 April 2005   #42
Originally Posted by Aloriael: With the d'artiste book, do you think the colours are messed up for "songs under the apple tree"? I think it looks too a bit too yellow in the book.....

Actually, when you printout a picture, the colors tend to become much more saturated then on the screen, so it's not necessarily messed up, just punched up saturation. So that's probably what happened. If you notice some of the other pictures in d'Artiste are a bit more saturated as well.
Old 04 April 2005   #43
Nice work Linda, the colours look fine to me and the pattern on the skirt looks great, I see some of it when I look closely. Overall quite a freeky picture, sent shivers down my back amazing work!

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Old 04 April 2005   #44
Linda, i could stare at this for hours. The look in her eyes and the hand on the mirror are so...haunting. Colors look great on my monitor....details of the fabric are amazing!
Old 04 April 2005   #45
When you first mentionned your new concept in your Master & Servant thread, i liked it. And now i like it even more after seeing it this way.

Her expression of almost helplessness (sp?), of almost despair mixed with a very calm attitude (well it seems to me.. and as always i cannot express myself correctly in englsih, ah well..), it really makes the picture alongwith the screaming faces in the mirror. I like the fact that you changed it hough, it has more impact this way i think. It conveys much more her feelings and all the related. I remember in your first concept that you wanted the mirror to have some sort of landscape in it or something..

The blood is a very nice touch too; it makes you wonder if she killed someone or hurt herself. Particulary because we on,t see any wound on her but she is almost stabbing her reflection in the mirror... Love the texture of the dress too (i want one like that! looks lovely [though i'd prefer to have one like that without the blood stains.. ;p]).

Finally, the colors looks totally fine to me. I don't see it too dark or too light but i think my screen is calibrated a bit too lightly but it still looks good.

Gosh i'm sorry, once again i wrote so much stuff.. D:
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