Into Your Eyes, Linda Bergkvist (2D)

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  04 April 2005
OmG! another Linda's work ? are a machine!

Increedible quality, like always
delicious ice creams for cold times!
  04 April 2005
Wheee! I've been really excited about this one since you mentioned it in your M&S thread. I really like the idea behind it.. I'm pretty sure many people are haunted by none other but themselves.

The colors look perfect on my monitor Seems like you've been using more vivid colors lately - I love that. Haha, here's some stars for you
  04 April 2005
I kept checking back to the M&S thread to see if you would be posting more of this so its a joy to see it finally finished.

The image doesnt look washed out on my screen. It looks just fine, although thats difficult to tell without seeing it on your screen.

The girl is extreamly well realised, the anatomy and porportions look fine and the dress is wonderful. The pattening is excellent. Do you ever paint plain fabrics? I bet you couldn't could you! I love the freaky faces in the mirror, they add so much to the image. The blood splatters are well done, if slightly freaky. What has she been doing exactly?

This is a wonderful and Dark image, Very well done. I cant wait to see more.
  04 April 2005
haunting and disturbing, I like it
  04 April 2005
Yay, thanks everyone - I'm thrilled to hear that the piece looks good on your computers. I was so worried my screen was completely screwed up.

Tyin -- Thank you

Pene Menn -- Thank you :}

Wildsheepchase -- Thanks :] I'm glad to hear the lighting came across well. It's been quite some time since I worked with light like this - I usually prefer bland lighting to the contrasting kind, but I thought this would work well with the theme

The_nr -- thanks :]

Keight -- yay! thanks :]

Cgkrusty -- Heheh, well, who knows - maybe I'm not. Me being an alien or just Azrael's puppet has been suggested before Thanks!

Andy H -- Thank you :] I would love to paint more pieces like this. I used to do lots more blood and gore when I was younger, but I suppose I've managed to get commercialised in my 'old' days... which is a pity. I'll have to get back to my roots. Thank you :]

mazz[CHN] -- Thanks

KEEKWAH -- Heheh, most of my pieces are much happier :] I hope the occasional not-so-happy picture doesn't grate too much. Thank you :]

Erliaz -- Hi Martin :] You're probably right about the blade. I worked on it in a number of ways, trying to get it to be visible enough - I suppose I overdid the effect. *scratches head* I'll try to get around to changing it. Thanks! :]

Sandsekh -- Yay, thanks :]

Darkone2652 -- Heheh, I rarely sleep, I have lots of spare time (though I'm quite zombified). Glad you like it :]

Digitalhadz -- Aw, thankee

Olijosman -- Heheh, maybe that's what I am Thank you - and MAN, I looked at your new picture this morning when I was too tired to write anything... it is SO good (I'll go comment on it after breakfast).

D-NA -- I've been working quite a lot on it ever since I first posted the concept, but decided rather early on not to go for a challenge piece, but instead just do it for fun. I'm thrilled you like it Thanks!

Anarky -- Hi Andy :] I finished it in secret... partly because I didn't feel like doing line art for it - that step really messed with my mojo on the other piece, took lots of time and I just ended up painting over it anyway, heheh. And, er, I very rarely paint plain fabrics, for the same reason that I rarely do pieces without lots of details in them: it's SO MUCH FUN! And, yes, it's more difficult to give fabric form and shape without the patterns to help me out.

And what was she doing? your guess is as good as mine. (well, not really, but I*m going to leave that one up to the viewer). Thanks

Solothores -- Thankee :} !!

I can resist everything but temptation.


Painting eyes
Painting hair
  04 April 2005
A beautiful machine, indeed I love the color use of cold and warm tones...and the painting is really suggestive(the mirrors have something disquieting)
delicious ice creams for cold times!
  04 April 2005
Nice work linda as usual
i do not know if her right arm postion ok!
  04 April 2005
Wow! I didn't expect something from you so soon! Truely beautiful work!
It's all Pattern Recognition.
  04 April 2005
well im gonna be original again and say, blah it sucks, it is like sooo bad, man i could do better with a blindfold, and the colours... ok big angry lookin angel hovering over my shoulder, so i best stop lying my ass off it is decen...AWWW OK OK it is mmajestic, there... stupid winged thing.. having a sword thinkin that its all that, well anyways, i for one was glad u went back to ur old master servant work, this one cant hold a candle to it, dont get me wrong, this is great but the other one is a thing of perfection
  04 April 2005

Dear Linda .....i m speechless....we all are very very lucky to have u here
obviously 5 stars....
  04 April 2005
Hehe, if you just had your monitor calibrated, it should less, not more messed up! The colours look nice and rich on my monitor here.

Wow, those faces *are* freaky. Especially the one sticking out her tongue, eeeek. Lovely pattern and texture work, why didn't I think of using Painter's watercolour brushes that way? hehe. Was going to ask you to clear up what exactly she's doing, you might have said that in the M&S thread but I wouldn't be able to find it there anyway... :P
  04 April 2005
Once again, you have inspired me.
I remain undaunted, who the hell needs daunts, anyway.
  04 April 2005
Hi Linda!

Great work this time around, I still prefer 'a pale voice', I think that's my favorite of your works... such genius.
I love her night dress. It has this great solid, crumpled feel to it.
May I ask what you learned while doing this one? As I recall, you said you learned a bit more every time you do something...

Keep it up!
  04 April 2005
A couple more closeups, just because I feel like it (none of these are at 100%, except for the last one which I included just to show the size of it :] )

Anyway, to the replies...

HankLAu -- Thank you :]

Olijosman -- Aw, thanks <3

Ahmed Hosny -- Thank you kindly

Angry Scientist -- Whee, thank you :] I've hardly been sleeping lately. When I don't sleep, I paint instead. Way too much :}

Nebezial -- heheh, you had me there for a moment <3 I was all, "aw, gee, what did I do to make him hate me?", heheh, thanks for the good laugh I'm inclined to agree, by the way - I think the M&S entry is much better, too, which is why I pulled this one out and finished it for fun, so I can focus my competitive skills on the other one. Thankee <3

Shyam -- Thank you

Peachysticks -- Yeah, I knoow... I'm thinking it was just my other friend's screen that was messed up. Poo on him!

Hm, what exactly is she doing? Well, the thought I had behind the picture was someone who is a slave under her own urges and thoughts, and she's done something horrible, absolutely horrible, now staring at herself in the mirror and seeing only her master (and the knife, of course, is a useless tool against your own mind, unless you intend to kill the body along with it).

Circumlocutious -- Eee, your username was so difficult to spell! Thank you very much :]

Paperclip -- Hi Theresa :] I'm glad you like the piece! What did I learn with this one? Well... I learned that it can be a lot of fun not to over-work something. I honestly released this one at a much earlier stage than I usually would have. The skin is still heavily textured in places and it's nowhere nearly as, er, 'perfected' as my pieces usually are. The perfectionist in me wept when I posted it before I had managed to get every widdle detail the exact way I wanted it - but I think it's a good thing... just letting it go. Overworking can sometimes remove the emotion of a piece, I think, and in this case... it was all about emotion, I didn't want to lose that :]

I can resist everything but temptation.


Painting eyes
Painting hair
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