The Pale Voice, Linda Bergkvist (2D)

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  04 April 2005
Splutter.... flup.... drool... pfllpill...
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  04 April 2005
Ahahah, I was looking all over the 2D gallery for my painting, wondering if I remembered wrong between which other pictures it was. And here it is, elsewhere altogether.

noah-kh -- Thank you :] that means a lot, coming from you - I love your work.

Andy -- Thanks :D

Steve_sjbc -- Thanks :] I'm glad I didn't follow the advice of one of my friends and paint over the ghostly figure.

Garma -- Thanks :] And yeah, I know. It's got something of a story to it, really. The lighting of the character's face was different before I started to sketch the veil in. (the jaw was lit from below with gold, mostly, and the shading around the eyes was a little different), but the face became SO difficult to read once I added the veil. I tried it several different ways and then opted for artistic liberty and pretended that the yellow light couldn't quite reach the face *sheepish* It's the cowardly way to go, but I just couldn't get it right. Thanks :]

Giza -- Thank you.

Circumlocutious -- Thanks :} I'm afraid there's no uploaded high rez bigger than the one you see there, you'll have to make do with the close ups :] Sorry.

Divine RAiN -- Thank you :] I guess I'm just a little susceptible to criticism.

GUYJIN -- Thanks :D

Frameless -- Thanks :}

CoreyArtE -- Hahah, actually, I don't want to give all my secrets away ;] Thank you, though <3

lula_assassina -- Thanks! And, I'll be sure to, if I ever go that way.

Mindrot -- Thank you kindly :}

Paperclip -- Well... the only thing I can say is that I always start out by painting colours. I think that if you do that for a while, your eye gets trained to seeing colours in a slightly different way. As for my inspiration... well, weirdly enough my greatest inspiration is Tim Burton, but my FIRST inspiration was a Swedish painter by the name of John Bauer who illustrated fairytales. Current inspirations are a few too many to list - both contemporary artists (some of which can be found in this forum) and artists from an older era (many of which are listed in the 'favourite paintings' section in the art discussion forum).

Giad -- Thank you :D

Alice -- Thanks :} Whee, your avatar always makes me smile, I see it way too rarely these days.

Nottoshabi -- Thank you :] I like to think that rpg, as such, isn't so far removed from people who aren't involved in it: you just need that touch of humanity, and one can overlook all manners of elf-ears, wings and golden trinkets and see the real people behind.

Loocas -- Aw, thank you :D

Wieselmeyer -- Oi, well, thank you :]

Gord -- I don't mind anyone downloading my stuff, at all :] In fact, I've kept from getting one of those anti-steal systems on my site because I don't get why one should ruin it for the people who are nice and just want the pictures to look at, because some people are arses and like to steal. And - wow - that's probably one of the nicest comments I've ever gotten. Thank you!

Jan-Mark -- thank you :] and, ha ha, that's interesting. I still wish I knew 3D, though :[

Csmalfield -- hey, don't worry. I guess I was overreacting a little - it's just that I get vulnerable sometimes when a lot of people seem to be going for the throat at the same time (which you weren't, I understand that, but it's so easy to misunderstand things online. Nice, helpful things can be mistaken for sarcasm, especially since there were a few folks in that thread being purposefully sarcastic). I'm sorry for, well, everything - I appreciate your comments :]

Nascle -- thankee :}

-NG- -- Thanks :D

MWarsame -- Heheh, you make it sound like I'm a mutant or something. Whee, how I wish I were! Thank you.

Shin Chan Pu -- you know, now that you mention it, I see what you mean. I think I know what the trouble is - I did the painting before a friend came over and calibrated my screen. My previous settings were way darker and the surrounding eye looked, on that screen, much more fitting the colour and darkness of the pupils. I think I'll go back and fix that when I have a few moments to spare -- thank you so much for pointing it out. :D

NightCrawler3d -- Hahahahah, Linda as president, now that'd be the day. Thank you <3

AGU-ART -- Thankee :]

Daw -- Hey, I'm sure your concepts are gorgeous :D can't wait to see them (when you can post them that is). As for time, I really, really don't know. People seem to be clocking their paintings but I don't do that. I suppose it took a few days.

Flex Giddy -- Thanks :}

Sylanya -- Thank you :D !!

Oz haver -- heheh, I agree. I love roleplaying games, wish I had more time to do them these days. And, man, if you have a face like that - feel free to send me photos, ha ha :D Thank you!

Maskafly -- thankee :]

SiNo -- Hm, you might be right (about the neck). I'll look into it. Thank you!

Vex -- Oh! I'm so glad to hear that. I always worry that my pictures aren't recognisable and that I've lost the 'style' I used to have. I'm thrilled to hear that I haven't. Thank you :]

Pogonip -- thank you :]

Suwat -- Thanks :D

Phoenix -- Thank you kindly :)

Skytracid -- thanks :) Heheh, and I did it with a lot of work and love, and swearing when the folds wouldn't turn out juuust right.

DDS -- Aw, thank you. I used to sketch on paper, but then some years back, my scanner broke down and I couldn't afford a new one. Then I forgot to buy a new one because the work had moved entirely into the computer. So, that's how it goes, it's all digital now.

Marley -- Whee, thank you :D I wish I could show my more narrative paintings for the book because the characters there, I think, have much more 'interest' than this. Alas... :] And, yes, hand is much better. Still hurts if I paint for too long though.
I can resist everything but temptation.


Painting eyes
Painting hair
  04 April 2005
Argh! Aly! For shame, you posted JUST when I was posting!

Heheh, thank you for spluttering all over my thread, though
I can resist everything but temptation.


Painting eyes
Painting hair
  04 April 2005
People give you a hard time for only posting portraits? Bah! I suppose they are the same sort of people that give pilots a hard time for only flying planes! You go girl - the fact you are so fearsomely talented at this underlines your dedication to this line of art.

g x
  04 April 2005
I haven't read all the posts here ...but hey Linda....there is a man standing behind her (maybe the master?) i right? or my eyes are playing tricks on me?
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REEL (in

Last edited by DimitrisLiatsos : 04 April 2005 at 08:49 AM.
  04 April 2005
Linda : The feeling and texture and see-throughness of the cloth .. I really like it, it has a very fine arts feel. Cool expressive eyes as well, though I thought their colour was maybe a bit too much.

GoOd stuff!!

  04 April 2005
Originally Posted by Enayla: I still wish I knew 3D, though :[

C'mon Linda... forget 3D, please. Leave us something to dream on. Weve got enought with Stahlberg and Lunatique Chang mastering both fields.
Life is too short to be wasted in front of any screen.
  04 April 2005
WOW...5 stars from me!!!
you`re just great Linda!

  04 April 2005
very nice Linda. Excellent as always. Don't worry about posting portraits, we love to see your work as always. Your images inspire everyone to do their best.
it's not what we say that makes us who we are, it's what we do
  04 April 2005
i saw this one on your site a little while ago,
I'm awestruck by that face, really gives the mood of the background story

only thing that bothers me is the left side of the mouth, behind the fabric, but i wouldnt be able to point out what it is, and it's the last of the least details.

anyways, always love to see your work
"Never Argue With An Idiot. He'll Drag You Down To His Level And Then Beat You With Experience."
  04 April 2005
You know, the more I see of your artwork, the more I appreciate your imagination and creativity... I mean, at first I was just totally blown away by your technical mastery (which is STILL GETTING BETTER, GODDAMN IT WOMAN... HOW DO YOU DO IT?!! LOL)... ahem, but then I began to see your wonderfully complex and creative intuition are just as masterful. The backstory to your work, the themes, the narrative behind the eyes of those characters you paint... breathtaking. I respect that so much... and it makes me appreciate your work that much more, and then some!

(sigh)... inspirational, Linda... glad you're around to do encourage us to become better. I'm gonna go now before I start crying (LOL)

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  04 April 2005
I'm sorry, but that "brand idea" with tear, belt and ghost behind is just plagiarism
Here is my old work


Guys! I will not delete my post, but just add a little in continuation of yours replies.
First, i did not wanted to be rude. I suddenly have seen this work today, and wanted to say what i feel. I have no any special feel to Ms. Bergkvist to particularly behave myself or something. It's not about it at all. If it were another artist, not miss Bergkvist, I would say the same. I only have said about MY work and what I feel. Hope, you will undestand me.

Last edited by shserge : 04 April 2005 at 03:07 PM.
  04 April 2005
You are amazing, I love your work! this piece is beautiful. . .
  04 April 2005
The envy is a capital sin.
I'm a sinner.

(Pero es envidia sana)
  04 April 2005
Gary -- thank you, that means SO much coming from you :]

DimitrisLiatsos -- your eyes aren't playing tricks on you :] glad you saw the shadow!

Plaf -- Thank you :} and yeah, maybe the lilac is a bit too much, but I just sort of... love... violet eyes. *sheepish*

Shin Chan Pu -- aw, come on, I wanna! (though, seriously, I can't, it seems my creativity just doesn't reach into the 3D world *shakes fist at creativity*)

Tinnitus -- Why, thank you <3

Coldfront -- Thank you Lule, huh? Hur r vdret dr nu, lika grtt som hr?

Dies-irae -- Hmm? you might be right, I think it's the fabric causing the trouble, though - the mouth looked fine before I painted it on. scratches head Thankee.

Artjunkie -- haha, what a wonderfully vivid post, there. Lots of capital letters. Heheh, thank you

Shserge -- and here I thought you had given up, left me alone, and gone on to lead a nice, normal life. Only you could possibly detect any similarities between the images.

I N F I N I T E -- thank you :}

Egara -- hey, aren't we all I see lots of stuff I envy. Thankee :]

I can resist everything but temptation.


Painting eyes
Painting hair
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