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Old 02-26-2005, 04:10 AM   #61
Eduardo Mangual
Join Date: Feb 2005
Posts: 157
Originally Posted by Jake
Nah, people are probably posting here because they really like the image. Who knows, maybe a lot of people hate it too but they have more tact than you and Preacher.

I like it because it's well executed, playful, and a bit different than the usual frontpage stuff.

To be honest is the most tactful thing a person can do imho. Everyone perceives art differently. Maybe it is best to keep quiet but sometimes it is too difficult not to say that an image of young animal-girls in a sexualized pose is disgusting. Just an opinion and that is why we have these discussion forums. But don't mind me, I've said my peace - let the worshipping continue.
Old 02-26-2005, 04:38 AM   #62
New Member
Mike Newton
Join Date: Jan 2005
Posts: 12
Its good, but not transendent or anything. Much better than i can do though, mouses face looks a bit flat is all i can see askew.
Old 02-26-2005, 04:55 AM   #63
Freelance 3d artist
Jinian's Avatar
Jin Hao Villa
character artist/digital sculptor
Join Date: May 2004
Posts: 534
Looking great as usual Stahlberg.
My 3d works thread
Old 02-26-2005, 06:25 AM   #64
The Challenger
3d Learner
Kelly Smith
Join Date: Feb 2005
Posts: 68

Like the style and the overall work is top notch. Great work!
Old 02-26-2005, 07:30 AM   #65
Turbonium's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2003
Posts: 82
It's artists of this calibre (and there are many of you on this forum) that make me depressed.

Yours truly, a young adult stuck in the beginning of a string of long, boring monotonous university classes for years to come, destined for "success".

I wish I could work pixels like some of you guys and girls...
Old 02-26-2005, 07:51 AM   #66
New Member
Shen Yong
United Kingdom
Join Date: Apr 2003
Posts: 27
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Fantastic Image.

Excellent 2D image. Now when can we see the 3D version ?! drooling ....
Old 02-26-2005, 09:01 AM   #67
Kirt's Avatar
CGSociety Member
Join Date: Apr 2002
Posts: 8,609
I'm not going to give you the fanboy treatment Steven. I like your work, but this one kinda freaks me out. Furries ... I don't know ... I just don't understand whatever it is about them that makes them so popular (although that Blacksad comic looks really fantastic!). I noticed the eye reflection seemed a little high as someone else mentioned already.

Also, I think the teal color looks too flat, which is why it may have appeared weird to some. I really don't understand the teal color anyway. Is that for contrast to the red in the image or actual observance of cat eye reflections? I don't own a cat so I wouldn't know.

There are a few good things about this that I do like (just to show you I'm a partial fanboy). The lighting on the mouse's face is very soft and pleasing to look at. The environment and antique-like photo coloring really set the mood of the image well.

I guess it's all fine and well as a "for fun" image ... I just prefer to see stuff like Squishy, One Last Time & The Queen of Faery on the Eve of her Wedding.
Old 02-26-2005, 09:09 AM   #68
flyingP's Avatar
Brian Read
Freelance Illustrator
Join Date: Jun 2003
Posts: 4,229

Originally Posted by Jose Pardo
but the cat and mouse look more like people with fake animal ears at a costume party

does a bit actually, nice idea with the reflective eye though just I would bring a 'slight' reflection into her other eye too too help the connection, and at the moment I have the impression they are looking in different directions (the eyes that is)

also find the cigarette a bit distracting

Old 02-26-2005, 09:42 AM   #69
send2raj's Avatar
3D Freaky
3d artist
Hyderabad, India
Join Date: Jul 2004
Posts: 102
Very Nice. I liked the lighting.Need not say about stahlberg..........he rocks
Old 02-26-2005, 09:53 AM   #70
Rene Berendsen
Wijk Bij Duurstede, Netherlands
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 108
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Really nice style, like it very much!
Old 02-26-2005, 10:27 AM   #71
peteb's Avatar
Peter Butler
Warwick, United Kingdom
Join Date: Jan 2005
Posts: 264
This is a stunning piece but there are a few things that bother me like others have said.

I agree that they're not animal looking enough. I thought they were just woman in fancy dress. I don't really think this should be a crit though as it's more a personal taste thing.

The eye thing I think could be solved by just taking a lot of the colour out. and maybe not making it one solid colour instead make it more like a lens with depth to it but still reflecting. A bit like those Xenon lights you get on nice cars, kind of like glass balls.

The one thing that bothers me is that they both look identical. It's only the second ones stance that makes her look more in control. I think it would be nice if she had a different face even if it was to prevent them both looking like twins.

Other then that it's amazing and deserves the praise it's got.

Pete B
Old 02-26-2005, 10:44 AM   #72
marzipan...its great!!
mushroomgod's Avatar
Matthew Dartford
illustrator and lazy git
MDI Digital
Norwich, United Kingdom
Join Date: Apr 2002
Posts: 1,926
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this image and the girl on the swing (in the sky/clouds) are my two favorite images of yours. original and intresteing
Monsters! Monsters from the id!


MDI Digital
Old 02-26-2005, 11:57 AM   #73
Child of the Night
coCoKNIght's Avatar
Fabian Hernandez
Screen and Motion Designer
coUNDco AG
Basel, Switzerland
Join Date: Aug 2002
Posts: 1,794
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Ok Steven, wehen I first saw the WIP I almost freaked out. I thought that it was so gorgeous and I was happy when I saw on frontpage that you're finished however, now that I look at it I don't like it that much as the last pic from the wip...

  • I think this is mainly because it's not b/w. b/w really fits very vell to this piece...
  • As some have already pointed out, I think, the left cat's right eye looks strange. At the first glance I thought it was a very clever addon but then again, it looks too disturbing. However I've looked at the pic in grayscale and it looks awesome!

    But then again, on the wip image she's really staring right into the viewers eyes, so maybe I'd change her right eye a little to regain that feeling. But keep the glow, it's really cool!
  • I think the smoke from the ciguarrette is missing... it helps identify that it's a ciguarrette and it keeps the eye moving through the pic. Without the smoke it seems to me almost like she's trying to hide that she's smoking and WITH I've got more the impression that it's a really cool wo... CAT, cat...
    edit: the smoke is also an indicator to show that it's night and cold and adds to the feeling that the bad cat has just been defeated.
  • I just noticed the shaved tail and I must say I prefer the furry one though I think this is just a personal thing. There's nothing wrong with the new tail.
Well, whether you change those little tiny things or not, congratulations to another stunning awesome piece of work! Are you gonna remake it in maya?

Last edited by coCoKNIght : 02-26-2005 at 12:01 PM.
Old 02-26-2005, 12:14 PM   #74
celticdog's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2002
Posts: 118

If I said it once I must have said it a thousand times; "When is someone gonna post some anthropomorphic, inter-species, lesbian stuff?" Seriously, this is quite amazing. I love the poses/ body language.
Old 02-26-2005, 12:42 PM   #75
SubDs are the Way
dotTom's Avatar
Tom Kirby-Green
Software Developer
London, United Kingdom
Join Date: Aug 2002
Posts: 609
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Wow, stunning . Hope you're going to take this further and develop this concept further!
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