Attack Of The Fishpipes, Domen Lombergar (2D)

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  12 December 2004
Ive seen 2D works that have been on frontpage and are more stunning then this one.

All this image do is giving me tears, violence, torture and terror on X-mas hollidays. With is not a good thing. A sad x-mas. .

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  12 December 2004
I think this piece meets social repression with the ability to flash ones though into a piece of art...and that's admirable...doesn't matter what the technique looks like ....but it focuses on getting a point across and it does it gives you to think about, as well as a pretty good poetic piece of information about the content ...I believe it's good art ...doesn't mean because I don't like Botero or Giger that they are bad artists...just not my type...or that they do not deserve criticize you need to let go your personal artistsic inclinations
  12 December 2004
Constructive Criticism

Ummm... regardless of whether you like it, think it's frontpage material or not could we be a bit more constructive in our criticism?

An explanation of why you don't think he hit the nail on the head would be a bit more helpful than "this shouldn't be frontpage."

This is Lombi's picture after all and we're trying to help him make a better picture.

Sleep is for the weak.

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  12 December 2004

i like it, but i have to admit, i like some other creations of lombergar better.

furthermore, i think that the discussion this piece has created is worth the frontpage plug alone. seems as if cgtalk is discussing some very vital things at last. most interesting thread since a looooong time, imo.

  12 December 2004
Originally Posted by SpeccySteve: I'm afraid you do sound just a bit pretentious although I do take your point. "Presumptuous" might be a better word as you seem to make the assumption that most cg-talkers have no real knowledge of any art forms other than cg-ninja elf babes, not necessarily the case.

I do see what you're driving at, though I still think that regardless of its "originality" or not, it's a nice change to see something a bit different from the usual content on the front page.

( not having a go honestly, it's late and I'm tired, if this reads as a flame it's not supposed to..)
Ok, I'm sorry for the "pretentious/presemptious" part... But apparently you understood my point, so that's what matters.

Originally Posted by Mahlikus: This is the thing about this being front page, if this is so..based on whatever else might be considered for frontpage, then hundreds of other users have been robbed blind from FP Glory. I mean, yeah, its a cool image..but...I have seen way better in both 2D and 3D forums that never get plugged. But, I really don't think his image is anything to celebrate IMO.
I don't really agree with you. I mean I made my point, so you know I probably feel the same way as you about this image. However, it is a matter of taste which is subjective, so if anyone thought it was worthy of frontpage, then it is.
  12 December 2004
AH! The magic word. Subjective. *nods*
You do not deserve to know who I am.
Peace out, Bitches!
  12 December 2004
Originally Posted by Mahlikus: AH! The magic word. Subjective. *nods*

Hehe, yeah I know how dull my comment sounded...
But my point was just that I think it's really interesting to criticize the image itself, the work itself. And it isn't really important to question its "plug".
I mean awards, nominations, plugs etc... are always questionable (everybody said once in its life "That movie got the oscar ??? No way !!"), whereas different points of views are inspiring and chalenging.

Didn't mean to sound all "truth bringer" at all, sorry if it was the case
  12 December 2004
cool... we should see more surrealism / explorations like this.
Live every week like it's Shark Week
  12 December 2004
I like it. It struck me and made want to look more into the piece. As far as I'm concerned, that's art. No need to be technical all the time.
  12 December 2004
Originally Posted by Rio Yeti: Ok, I'm sorry for the "pretentious/presemptious" part... But apparently you understood my point, so that's what matters.

Yeah, I get you man, just pointing out a slight generalisation, that's all.
  12 December 2004
I like how this board is catching up with other boards when it comes to art.

This board used to be the place that I used to come to see the newest plugin shader that someone used on their "photo-realistic" half naked elf woman, but now its a place I can come to see creativity as well!

Good job on the plug Cgtalk!!!
  12 December 2004
refreshing work lombi.congrats on the plug.
  12 December 2004
wow I just read through the entire thread and its funny that you guys compair this work to Dave Mckean. I can tell you that there are billions of photoshop collage artists out before Dave Mckean. Its rediculous to think that a photoshop collage work looks like a single comic book artist because that all you know of this genre. Dave Mckean is just a product of the entire genre that has been out since digital photo manipulation programs have existed. He is not all mighty inventor of this style of work. Look further than the comic books and see an entire world of art! (sorry to sound so harsh, but enough with bashing this guy saying he is like a single artist because his work fits in an entire genre)
  12 December 2004
I like it and would like to see more work like this here.
blah blah blah
  12 December 2004
thxs Robert Ashley

I was a bit upset nobody made that point yet, and felt I just HAD to write something to this effect. Glad to see you did it; saved me the trouble...

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