Hope Springs Eternal Rev, Jose Pardo (2D)

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  09 September 2004
Hope Springs Eternal Rev, Jose Pardo (2D)

Title: Hope Springs Eternal Rev
Name: Jose Pardo
Country: United States
Software: Photoshop

Hello All,

Here is the revision to the original image. I implemented almost all the the comments. I even tried the lizard, but it just did not work for me.

Thanks again to all who posted I like the revision much better.

Tomorrow I will post her counter part "Abandon all Hope"

Jose Pardo

Massive update to my site, tons of new art!

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe.
Roy Batty, replicant.
  09 September 2004
Really nice job on the woman's/fairy's body. Her face and right arm are little on the masculine side, or maybe you were going for a degree of androgyny?

I would work on your textures, like the tree bark and the rock formation. It's all just detail stuff, like the grass coming straight out of the rock. Maybe layer the clouds a little....some in the distance...

the light source on the tree limb above her head seems a little weird....
hope my comments steer you towards working on it some more. Trying to be helpful.
  09 September 2004
Hey - interesting colours - reminds me of earlier fantasy art a bit... A couple of points :

- If the figure is a woman - I think you need to thin out her shoulders and work on the anatomy a bit... Her arm is way muscley !

- I think the rocks and the toadstool look a bit flat - they confuse the eyes when comparing them to the tree.

  09 September 2004
That is the most muscular fairy that I have ever seen. She could proabably beat me at armwrestling.

I like your painting alot, when I saw it I was reminded of boris vallejos work. I am looking forward to seeing the dark version.
"Art is a lie that helps us understand the truth" - Picasso
  09 September 2004
Beware the Wee Folk!

It has a kind of Boris Vallejo feeling to it! I do like the wide color range and I must agree the fairy is the fittest thing I've seen outside of Muscle Beach!

Keep up the great work!
Beyond the Sun!
  09 September 2004

Thanks for the comments, I guess I over-stated her musculature. Funny, cause I dont like muscular women. I am not a huge fan of Boris, I prefer Frazetta's work, but I could never be that painterly.

The grass does have some dirt to grow under it, part of the idea of the image is that life, like hope can cling to some pretty desolate places like this boulder.

I should have put a bit more thought into the whole image before jumping into it, but it is rare to have a chance to just do what I want. Sometimes if I incubate an image too long it looks stale to me. Anybody else have that problem?

Anybody have any suggestions on the leaves of the tree?


  09 September 2004
It has a very 70's - 80's airbrush feel to it. Not just because of the gradients, but because of the gradients across so much of the spectrum. Both in the background and especially in the wings. Did you listen to a lot of Yes! as a child? Cause those could be Roger Dean wings easily (see House of Yes-Live from the House of Blues or Gravy Train, Staricase to the Day). It also feels a little like retro SF illustration from the 80's, maybe for juvenile lit, like Maddy Engle. If that is what you were going for, you've hit it on the head. Such a throw back piece it really seems kinda novel :-)

If you wanted to "modernize" it, you'd add some subtle noise into the colors, esp. the gradient areas, and desaturate the overall look of it for something more natural and less illustrative. But given the design and color of the wings, that would really be going in a different direction. Especially, since your using starburst sparkles that really evoke retro. That particular shape isn't so much old time victorian fairy (Arthur Rackham) as it is psychadelic hippy fairy since it really stems more from optical effects work of early SF (Star Trek or even Space 1999 type stuff-- see the episode with Peter Cushing).

(BTW, from this post, you'd never believe I'm less than 30, but I've been exposed to some real odds and ends in my short life. Known too many people with serious nostalgia issues amd my local library was behind the times as a kid)

Given the centering and framing of subject, it really looks like it wants to be a book cover. With the strongly evocative background sunset contrasting with the brooding cloud bottom on the right, you're achieving an intriguing mood. I think you could give the piece much needed mystery if the figure were looking off to the right of the image, contemplating whatever is out over where the dark bit lies. That is my biggest recommendation as to what would really improve the work.

Finally, that solid black spot in the hollow of the tree really disrupts the composition. Consider how much it attracts the eye and disrupts the flow of attention away from points of true interest. An easy fix-- paint in some vauge detail in grey and brown until it stops yanking away all the attention.

Oh, and every fairy portrait needs a lizard. Not on the tree. Climbing up the rocks near the bottom. Tiny. Not green, reddish brown. Not pointy like a skink, blunt like a gila monster (everything else in the pic is roundish), but small.

Hope something in here is useful. Good luck and cheers,
  09 September 2004

I don't mind the musculature. Adam Hughes, Dave Stevens, etc. all give there babes a healthy athletic body. I think it is fine.

Sleep is for the weak.

Last edited by theCloudmover : 09 September 2004 at 11:10 PM.
  09 September 2004
WoW .. an awesome image.

Anybody have any suggestions on the leaves of the tree?
Well, I think it's perfect ..
  09 September 2004
Conceptual refinement through iteration

I can relate to the dilemma of whether to get an image "out there" or to process it internally, and hope the idea/image doesn't lose its freshness while it is being rolled over in the imagination.

Just what approach to take is a very personal one. Having said that, I do see merits in getting an image "out there" - out of the imagination, and onto a piece of paper, into a cg program or whatever. If the core of the idea/image is substantial, there is no reason why it can't go through many iterations. Images and ideas resident in the imagination are by there very nature, more vague than those which become expressed in a drawing or whatever.

Once and idea/image is committed to a drawing etc, the artist can be more critical of it. The Drawing can be used as a intermediary step in refining the idea.

Gord MacDonald
  09 September 2004
I like it.

The arm and face is reasonably physiological (anyone seeing fairies we don't know about?)
reminds me of some early Michael Golden works.
  09 September 2004
But I really like what I see here.... esp the compostion and layout of the piece. I love the colours, and how the clouds and the tree framing the char into the picture. But I feel that the tree stands out more than the fairy, maybe the way it was coloured, or the leaves that hold the details, that distracts. You could use some motion blur. And also add more rthymn to the jagged edges of the rock, some edges point out of the frame too.

It is fantastic work overall and I thank CGtalk for featuring your work on the frontpage...that was how I found out!
  09 September 2004
Great work.... I would suggest bringing more attention to the fairy by darkening the area behind her.. Right now her values are about the same as the clouds so she doesn't stand out.
  09 September 2004
usually i dont write anything in the 2D-gallery (quite simply because im am much more interested in 3D than 2D)... but this time - oomph - the overall mood and feel of your image is so great and inspiring - i love it ! especially the fairy including her musculature is beautiful and fits well in the whole image !

simply a great piece of art youve done there - thx for sharing it

regards and best wishes for your future work...


theres one thing that i forgot: the wings of her look a bit like paper ! i think this is mainly because of the white "outlines" and no translucense (dunno if this one is spelled correctly )...

maybe you could refine this area to get a great image a tad greater.

Last edited by valentine : 09 September 2004 at 11:02 AM.
  09 September 2004
Once again thanks to all for your comments, I find a lot that I can use in them.

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