Its A Hard Rain....., Shane Purcell (3D)

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Old 08 August 2004   #1
Its A Hard Rain....., Shane Purcell (3D)

Title: Its A Hard Rain.....
Name: Shane Purcell
Country: Usa
Software: 3ds Max, Vray, Photoshop

A render from a trendy home Im visualizing using 3dsmax 6 and vray. Some post work in photoshop. Render time at 640x480 is a little over 8 hours due to all the refractions and glossy reflections. Any crits and opinions are appreciated
Old 08 August 2004   #2
Quite nice, the ground texture with the water is repeating itself quite a lot, and matrix 3 is a good movie 8)

Old 08 August 2004   #3
A nice atmosphere you've created overall.
Crits: The drops on the glass are too alike and even and should be running down the window more.
Also, the ground doesn't look wet enough. Need to see some puddles and some shine and reflections to give the ground that wet look. Keep pluggin.'
Old 08 August 2004   #4
thanks for the replies. I agree with all of them. Heres a greenish version the folks at the vray forum seemed to like better. I was more going for a warmth look, but i like the cold look too. tell me which you prefer.

Old 08 August 2004   #5
wow very nice. I would go with a blue green if you want cold but more of a warm gold in general. The idea is kindof your out in the rain and you want to go into that nice room and watch matrix revolutions so i go for the gold. Great work. I love the rain on the glass and overall lighting. I think the tiles outside look alightle off in the first pic. My only other crit would be that the matrix is in pan scan. Especialy with a wide screen go for the 16:9 format and whynot show the end sscene between smith and neo. I that would be cool becaus the rain would be outside yet on the screen its raining too. Dunno just a though. anyway realy great work. Very nice. Maybe show the wire on the computer screen on the desk in the hires version just for fun. Realy kool. Great work i love the feel.
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Old 08 August 2004   #6
thanks for the reply bestrin. your right the scene with neo and agent smith would be cool, ill keep that in mind. Was thinking about putting a screenshot of the scene on the monitor, but didn't as I kind of thought it was amateurish. You dont think so? I was hoping I was finished with this as I was planning on moving on to another room of the house, but I cant quit fiddling with it

I think Ill redo the ground so the displacement isn't so tiled looking and make the ground more reflective. Also thinking of playing with a particleflow script that makes little droplets when the water hits the ground. Should add to the realism.
Old 08 August 2004   #7
very atmospheric
i enjoy these types of serene scenes
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Old 08 August 2004   #8
thanks subculture. I like and replied to your thread
Old 08 August 2004   #9
may be there should be just someone wathing the film. you could try to combine warm and cold version. the fireplace doesnt look so good in the green one.

Old 08 August 2004   #10
That sounds great with teh partical flow and all. Cantw ait to see it.

Was thinking about putting a screenshot of the scene on the monitor, but didn't as I kind of thought it was amateurish. You dont think so?

it would look amaturish if the screen were i huge part of the scene but i think with it so small and far off it would kinda be cool. Most people wouldnt notice and when they did it would be cool. Not like a picture of a computer on a desk with the wire on the screen where its obvious to anyone. But what do i know.
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Old 08 August 2004   #11
Thanks for the crits guys, heres an adjustment. I sweat this isn't a WIP. hehe

Made the ground mre reflective, though might have overdone it. Also color corrected to make the outside colder, and the inside a LITTLE colder then the original.

okay Bestrin, the next version will have the scene on the computer, and still planning on changing the tv screen to the other matrix scene. The pflow idea might not make it, since this scene is really hogging my machine memory.

Old 08 August 2004   #12
kool stuff. I think you went either allitle to cold or too green on the inside. Its close but just a bit to green. I love the new ground. Its to bad to here the pflow idea probly wont mak it but i cant wait to sse the new adjustments.
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Old 08 August 2004   #13
Hey, I like this one a lot, very nice lighting. It makes me want to be in that room because from the view it seems I'm out in the rain. I like the greenish one better but maybe it's a bit too green overall, especially when there could be a warmer light coming from the fireplace. The green light makes it look a bit "unreal" if you know what I mean, but I like that and you don't have to change it really. It seems to me that the image on the tv is a bit stretched wide but maybe the dude just has a really wide head, not sure.

Suggestion: maybe some smoke coming up from the cup on the table.
Suggestion#2: maybe put something on top of the tv.
Suggestion#3: maybe make some of the drops on the window run down the window and leave trails behind.

How did you make the droplets on the window?
What is that black line across the middle of the tv?

PolyBoost Tools for 3ds max
Old 08 August 2004   #14
there are lots of rain drops runing down. Thats what the balck line is. But come to trhink of it it realy shoulnt be there. I cant believe i didnt see that. Hmm.
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Old 08 August 2004   #15

I would be more then satisfied with the results of the first picture, so i cant say there is anything wrong with it. But I do agree that the water on the window should look like its running down and not just sitting there.

The ground on the last picture is perfect, looks like its been raining a while.

keep up the good work

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