My Shortmovie The Gear Prevue, Zengning (Animation)

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  08 August 2004
My Shortmovie The Gear Prevue, Zengning (Animation)

Title: My Shortmovie The Gear Prevue
Name: Zengning
Country: China
Software: 3dsmax 5.1 And Combustion2edu

Now I submit the 3mins prevue of my shortmovie <the gear>

Whole Story:
Yulanggu,the city teems with weapons and machines,forbided the roses enter into for some reason unknown.
Az, a robot,whose wife broken her legs,wish to carry some roses into Yulanggu to sell,and buy the new legs for reason of he consider that the rose can sell a good price in the city that roses are forbidden.
when the roses were eventually carried into the city,Az found that the resident in Yulanggu had no interest in those flowers at all.he was growing impatient,so he decided to sell his flowers in public.but no one want to buy all the same,and the guards were called.the guards rob the roses,and Az risked his life to protect
his only hope.the roses were sprinkled onto the street during the dispute,and the residend gathered round.
Az was beat down,but a residend picked up a rose and give him a gold coin.and more and more residend did the
same thing.the guards want to stop them,but the residend were armed and strong enough to fight.a war broken out.and Az,held a handful of gold coins,ran across the road towards the shop sold that time, he met a contingency,just a suddenness,he was killed.
after the civil war,a mass of hands,arms,legs were carried out the city to throw away,including the hand of Az and the Legs he want.
When you do something, Something can be change, but fate had decided otherwise.

you can download it at

some screen shot there


  08 August 2004
Screenshots looks stunning, but I can't download animation. Maybe there's something wrong with your server. Check it out

EDIT: I'm downloading now, but it tooks a looooong time to start downloading and download speed is not very impressive too But I can wait - I think it will worth it.

Last edited by INTiE : 08 August 2004 at 03:23 PM.
  08 August 2004
Screenshots looks very promosing, but i can't download the movie, try to find a better host.
Don't tell me what I can't do!
  08 August 2004
cool image .
  08 August 2004
OK,I will find another host.
  08 August 2004
Well, I got to download it. It took ages, partly because it's 140mb big! That is way too big for what quality it comes in. A lot of compression blocks floating arround and weird flickering. If you had made a sorenson 3 Quicktime You probably could have made it a 40 mb or less clip with far better image quality as well.

The short itself is really, really impressive. A lot of nice animation, character and camera wise. With all the beautifull animation going arround it was a bit of a shame to see bits of metal change into roses in such a blunt fashion. The roses seems badly placed and the flow of the falling bits of metal did not match that of the roses. It also felt as a cutframe blend between the two, which means no blend whatsoever.

The storyline is an absolute mystery to me. Something dramatical with different sides of robots and the revolt against supression, but how, where and why........ I'm still not sure about.

There was a lot of nature surroundings being matched with metal robot stuff. So much one gets tired of it. Everything seemed reflected, making the animation very hard to look at at times(the bad compression did not help either in this case).

Not every metal object has to be a mirror when it comes to reflection.

Overall It's is an really big effort you've made and in a lot of it you succeeded, but a good animation needs a good storyline and a good story needs to be told properly as well.
There was so much of certain things you wanted to show that those qualities seemed to get lost in all the reflections and drama provided.

Nevertheless A real good animation when it comes to character movements and camera work.

Hope this helps and alll the best.

"Creativity is found in Unlikely places"

Last edited by UnlikelyCorny : 08 August 2004 at 05:47 PM.
  08 August 2004
Thumbs up

I must say sorry for the big file.I am compressing a small one now.And your critique really hit the nail on the head,the story-telling is the death-wound of this edition of my shortmovie.Thanks a lot!
And other critiques like superfluous mirro-reflection, lacking of motion-blur,physics-simulation of rose......I will improve them at next edition.But ,the story-telling is the urgent affairs,any other stuff is aroud it.

the story of this prevu is:
A robot,her wife (or lover or girlfriend...) had her leg broken.He carried some rose into a city that roses are forbided for the reason of selling them to buy the new leg for her. and the process is to wateriness,I will cut those clips all at next edition and redo some new.By and by ,he enter the city and found the shop selling leg(a price list:women leg 300).he begun to sell the rose to the resident(the yellow robs,I wish describe them as some miner,but they look too brilliant,hum..).the resident refuse him,because the prescript of"rose are forbided .A spirit of hopelessness pervaded that time ,two lawmen appeared and destoried his hope,they threw away the the resident got together.they drived away the lawmen and buy some roses(the clips of give money is too short to understand).The robot hobbled to the shop,when he reached there,A mysterious man killed him from back,Who is the mysterious man? I don`t know ,he maybe everyone in this short-movie.

the topic of this short-movie isn`t Love or resisting.
the topic is:If you are infatuated with your inflexible attitude,your ruthless wooing can fill your appetency,andthen destroy yourself.
In this short-movie.Everyone do their right thing,but the rule is callous,so the offend-man will be punished.
apparent, I can`t tell the story clear at this prevue,I will perfect it at next editon(7mins or more),because I am crazy about it,maybe the topic match me too,Hummmm..
  08 August 2004
the small one you can download at
  08 August 2004

Cant wait for this to be downloaded................
  08 August 2004
I test to download it,it took me about 10 mins,maybe there are some problem about transfers between different country?
  08 August 2004
Wow, the animation is really great, and convey the story very well. I like it, and definitely deserve front page.
  08 August 2004
I've always liked that song. And I very much like the visuals in the film. As for its meanings? It's a music video. And a good one.
  08 August 2004
Thanks Redwing for the explanation, it all makes sense when you tell the story. Maybe you should go about it the oldfashioned way and add text between scenes just like in the old silent movies. The price of a leg on the sign I thought was what a bountyhunter would get for a women's leg, hence the aggression towards her (but I guess it's a him now) by several different robots.

If the theme isn't love or resistance, your soundtrack is a very misleading one. 'Everything I do I do it for you' performed in the overdramatical ballad-ways of Brian Adams definately points in that direction.

Looking at it again there are a some key scenes that do not work. There are a few scenes which supposed to make clear what the reason of it all is. With a lot of hands touching and rubbing of a leg. If those scenes were clearer, the entire story would make a bit more sense.

Also if it is a shop selling legs, make it look like a shop. Not for a moment did I think there was a shop somewhere.

Looking at it again I definately think it's worth pursuing, because there is so much good stuff in there, but keep some people arround to tell you back the story (without telling them the story first) to check that what you want to make clear is what communicates to them as well.

A (animated) storyboard may help here. That way you don't have to animate and render everything before working on the visual storytelling.

Best of luck.

Ps: in average any download from asia takes a lot longer for me so geographical positioning does seem to influence downloadtimes.

"Creativity is found in Unlikely places"
  08 August 2004
excellent work, thumbs up to you. Wherer are you in china, because im in shanghai now!
  08 August 2004
Great work, but the download was crazy.
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