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Old 07 July 2005   #46
Try this...

Do a search for:
CgTalk Daily Sketch xxx

and just enter the number of the older thread you want to see.
:Daily Sketch Forum:HCR Modeling
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Old 07 July 2005   #47
Originally Posted by hologlyphic: Hi. Where can I find the older daily sketches? sketches from 2004, for example. Is there a way, other than using the search box, to find the older threads?

I'm not sure if this is what you want but anyway... From the bottom of the forum page you can find Display Options. The default is that the threads are shown from the last month, but you can change that to a longer time or set it to show all the threads if you want. After that just press the Show Threads button and you should be able to see the older threads.
Old 07 July 2005   #48
So what are the time limit rules? I read the posts, but I still don't get it (maybe it's because I just woke up.. *yawn*). Let's say today at 11am a topic is posted, when is the deadline to post for this topic?

That's what has stopped me from posting.... I just don't get it


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Old 07 July 2005   #49
You can reply to a topic whenever you want. If you want it to be considered for voting it has to be entered before voting begins.

The important thing is to participate - dont worry about the rules
Old 07 July 2005   #50
Hmmm... interesting. So to be entered in the voting I would need to submit my work by the day's end? Then at the end of the week, the winners from each day of that week are entered in a different voting, 'sketch of the week", right?

Sorry AndrewLey, I just want to know how things work, I feel better when I know

- Leo

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Old 07 July 2005   #51
You don't have to post your sketch on the same day the topic is given. If you want to get into the voting, you need to post before people start giving their votes. So you can submit your entry to today's topic today, tomorrow or whenever you feel like it. If you want to get comments on your work, it's probably best to post on the same day the topic is given because ppl are most active on the current topic.

Edit: Check the previous page of this thread. Squibbit explained the whole system there better than I did.

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Old 07 July 2005   #52
ok thanks! I can't believe I missed that post Cool, I will try my best to participate!

- Leo

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Old 08 August 2005   #53
Originally Posted by Squibbit:
Yea, I found it way confusing at first , too. I think many
people do, but it's actually quite an easy system, I'll explain:

Every day a new topic thread is posted by Roberto Ortiz on
the forum. The topic is named and numbered, for example:
CgTalk Daily Sketch 352 "pocket sized monster"

People do their sketches during the week , based on the
topic, each sketch taking anywhere from a second to many
hours to do, whatever you feel like, but usually half an hour
to three hours.

Then after one week , 7 topics, people get to vote their
favourites for each of the last weeks threads and those who
get the most votes are mentioned in the voting thread as
winners of each day. In addition the sketch of the week is
announced, as well as the 'level upper' which is a person
whose skills have seemingly improved in the eyes of the
fellow daily sketchers.

so again: a topic appears each day and you can take part
in it any time of the week to get in the voting, some people
even reply to older threads, as the forum is really based on fun
and learning

any part u still don't understand just ask

I think your description is the only post where it explains how Daily Sketch Group works. Perhaps you could have a FAQ sticky with rules and description of how it works.

Few more things could be added:
-Who can participate? Anyone?
-What medium can we use? 2D digital, traditional, 3D, etc.

Old 08 August 2005   #54
Hi, I was wondering about the mediums we are allowed to use in this sketch forum. Can I sketch with pencil and just scan it in and colour? Also, can I join in the middle of a daily sketching week or do I have to start on the first day?

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Old 08 August 2005   #55
Yes, you can post pencil sketches and post only one or any other amount of sketches in a week.

Posting on every day of the week was just a special event during the last week if you wanted to participate in "The pledge". But you still could post as usual too, if you didnt want to take in this challenge.
Old 10 October 2005   #56
how it work ?

1) is there a new topic everyday ?
2) when is selected sketch of the week and how much time I have to vote ?
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Old 01 January 2006   #57
Sorry guys I noT understand.. :(
If I want partecipate to the sketch of the week where I must put my drawing??
any help

Old 01 January 2006   #58
Originally Posted by alexfalchi: Sorry guys I noT understand.. :(
If I want partecipate to the sketch of the week where I must put my drawing??
any help


at your own web space, and then link it from there.... you can use some of those free web hosts, or image hosts like photobucket and others.... I think RebeccaK explains it nicely here.... http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?t=267104

...and good luck getting lost in madrid

@hindus: probably it's too late for answering, but..... yes, there is a new topic every day, and for voting you have the time until Roberto counts up the votes and displays the results.... 3 or 4 days more or less I think

....and this is my 600 post!!!
Old 01 January 2006   #59
Tanks a lot Elmasfeo!!??¿¿ ahaah good nick
tanks for help bro.

Old 02 February 2006   #60
Hey guys,

I am very keen on participating in the daily sketch forum, mainly because I can't draw well at all (yet) and I'm a multimedia student and feel I should be able to draw well! Especially when it comes to coming up with concepts and so forth. So I am going to try and participate in the daily sketch 2-3 times a week.

I just had a question... I noticed someone saying in this thread they had to wait till they had posted 30 times before they could post here. Is that something to do with posting images? Or am I still able to post images now while I am below 30 posts since you can't add images anymore? It's all done by adding the link to the image now isn't it?

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