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  05 May 2005
Cavematty, don't worry about how some of the people around here do full-fledged digital paintings with insane amounts of detail instead of a quick little doodle. (you know who you are!) You do whatever you want. The real point of the DSG is to improve peoples' skills by having them do a sketch (or many sketches) a day, it's not just about competition or getting the best one in.

The reason I started coming here is that I've not really done any drawings or sketches in around three years and I want to get back in the habit, so this is a really good way to do it. I also get to do fun stuff like this!
3D Artist
  05 May 2005
I agree with Sonia, Stepington and Swizzlestick, DSG is fun and a bit of practice that's all, no one cares if you post a 10 minute doodle that you drew on the back of a fag packet, a 9 hour Painter masterpiece or anything in between..
Yes there are some posters who can knock out a fully rendered painting in the time it takes me to draw a stickman but that's not really the point, for me the idea is to doodle, try out ideas and (hopefully) inprove.

I wouldn't worry too much about competition, it's not like you can win a renderfarm or anything.

  05 May 2005
Quote: I wouldn't worry too much about competition, it's not like you can win a renderfarm or anything.

lol. true true
  06 June 2005

Yo people,

Just found this thread this morning, (insomniac dazed trundelling through CG Networks.)

I'm really up for this as it is something I try to do on my own every day, but to think of a new topic and then actually do it is getting a bit much for the hour or two that I can spare.....

I just read through this thread and only have 1 question that someone asked, but no-one seemed to answer -

How do you actualy post on this site?

I've never done it......yet.

Do I have to have a reply rating or something before i can post? If so I will burn through stuff today commenting on EVERYTHING until I get to the limit I need.....
  06 June 2005
You just posted. If you mean posting images then you press the button and type/paste the url to the image (that you will have to have hosted on the internet)

You don't need a reply rating.
  06 June 2005
I would love to partake in the sketch of the week. But I seem to have trouble navigating through the treads to find the current topic, please post the method of finding the current topic. I feel the forum will be very good for all of us. But its hard to find it. Maybe I missed the thread somewhere, but please clearify this for me thanks!
  06 June 2005
I'll cut & paste this from a mail I sent to dunkelgold ,
I hope it's as understandable to you as it was for her

Yea, I found it way confusing at first , too. I think many
people do, but it's actually quite an easy system, I'll explain:

Every day a new topic thread is posted by Roberto Ortiz on
the forum. The topic is named and numbered, for example:
CgTalk Daily Sketch 352 "pocket sized monster"

People do their sketches during the week , based on the
topic, each sketch taking anywhere from a second to many
hours to do, whatever you feel like, but usually half an hour
to three hours.

Then after one week , 7 topics, people get to vote their
favourites for each of the last weeks threads and those who
get the most votes are mentioned in the voting thread as
winners of each day. In addition the sketch of the week is
announced, as well as the 'level upper' which is a person
whose skills have seemingly improved in the eyes of the
fellow daily sketchers.

so again: a topic appears each day and you can take part
in it any time of the week to get in the voting, some people
even reply to older threads, as the forum is really based on fun
and learning

any part u still don't understand just ask
  06 June 2005
thank you for all your help i understand now how the sketch of the week works! and two last questions! when I see the sketch of the week image on the banner, I click on it and enter the forum? And how will I know what is the current topic. It sounds like fun and I would love to improve my skills I'm rather new to computer graphics. but anyways thanks for your answers.
  06 June 2005

Originally Posted by Supervlieg: The section is a bit swamped by other threads, so it might not be the easy to figure out where to start.

The easiest way to spot the "open" thread is to look for something called CgTalk Daily Sketch XXX ... where XXX is the highest number. This is the most recent thread, and posting there that day will get you the most feedback. You can also choose to do those from a few days back, since no topic is every really closed. But if it's feedback you're looking for, join in on the most recent one.

And the link to the forum is: http://www.cgtalk.com/forumdisplay.php?f=130

I've been intensely busy: work, website, personal forum, car accident, portfolio..... but after seeing this on top of the DSF for the first time and reading it thorougly, I can agree with the "pessimists" and those that back up what the forum represents. Because of these pros and cons thrown out in front of me (like my own inner thoughts being typed by others), I feel more comfortable in posting (somewhat) my etch-a-sketchs.

I had thoughts such as StupidKiwi, but Sonia (the unred one ) mentioned "I usually post some really crappy sketches and I'm still around". For some odd reason, I felt proud. Maybe because she worded the "underdog speech" that fit my mood. Who knows....

Besides using the excuse of being suicidally busy, I've also wanted a reach-out for comments/critique, which I don't really receive (two so far). I take it as no one has an opinion on what I do or it just sucks. That sinks me. I get so much criticism and ... what's the word.... "praise?"... in-person than I do on any online forum, it makes me wonder if it's true what people in-person tell me. I guess I wish to get the attention of fellow creators. But, in the past, two of my entries actually got a vote each. One person, each sketch, months apart. Something as little as that made me proud. They never commented on the pieces, but I'll be damned that my heart didn't grow three sizes those days!

I just wish I can find the stones like Sonia has, to say "screw how mine looks and what others think... I just want to get used to this and have fun" (not an exact quote, but you catch my drift). My stones tell me, "well looky there... yours looks like crap... why bother wasting bandwidth? keep it in the drawer, fool" (my stones don't actually talk... they whisper).

Oh well... what do I know? I just enjoy looking and laughing (come on, there's some hilarious comedians here!).

  06 June 2005
To Funeral

I can understand your feelings but don't let things like that bring you down. We are all here to learn. And most people are at different levels. So keep moving on! Thanks for all your help on the topic to you and squib!
  07 July 2005
I just got my Wacom today (YAY YAY :love I'm going to jump right in and join the daily sketch group so I can get used to using it and to devlope my style a bit more. Awsome forum idea
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-Thomas Edison
  07 July 2005
Hi, my name is Steve and im a student.

As i drew more and more with pen and paper, i became interested in CG.

I want to do something like 3d with maya but people i know suggest me with continueing with my drawing for now. Therefore I would like to participate in this daily drawing but Im very bad at it so i problery wont post everyday.

I just have some questions to you all. Since I dont have scanner, i would like to buy something like tablet from wacom and sketching/drawing/painting software for PC.

Can you guys suggest me with the tablet and software for me to draw on my computer just as easy as on paper with my pen?

I'v been wathing this forum for while and I see alot of great sketches/drawings on here.

I thought maybe it was time for me to join the fun as well.

Any comment/answers will be very helpful.

Thank you all.

  07 July 2005
Hi there, I've heard people mention the DSG a few times, but this is the first time I've properly checked it out, and it sounds like real fun, aswell as a great learning experience ^_^

Just the one question...do I have to "join", i.e. e-mail the leader or something, or do I just start posting?
  07 July 2005
Originally Posted by Elsie: Hi there, I've heard people mention the DSG a few times, but this is the first time I've properly checked it out, and it sounds like real fun, aswell as a great learning experience ^_^

Just the one question...do I have to "join", i.e. e-mail the leader or something, or do I just start posting?

Just start posting. Hope to see your sketches!
davidthany.com Portfolio

davidthany.com Blog
  07 July 2005
Hi. Where can I find the older daily sketches? sketches from 2004, for example. Is there a way, other than using the search box, to find the older threads?
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