DSF 3653 "The Ray Gun"

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Old 07 July 2014   #1
DSF 3653 "The Ray Gun"

The Ray Gun"


To the new people reading this...
Tell us a bit about yourself.
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"A proper jewel"
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Old 07 July 2014   #2
I am so lame at drawing characters:/ I will focus more on them in following entries

Climb-suit up!

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Old 07 July 2014   #3
Myridiphis, here's the little tutorial I promised.

First step: use a solid brush and sketch your idea using three values. This is not a hard rule, just a general one. Don't think of details, but rather more of interesting shapes as you construct your subject matter. There should be a lot of variety of interesting shapes, both positive and negative.

Second step: Wand or cut out your figures or central objects onto another layer. Still using a solid brush, continue to develop upon their silhouette. Make things a little more complex and interesting.

Third Step: Add your lighting to the form and your shadows. Apply it using a brush and in subtle areas the gradient tool at low opacity. Also include "indications" meaning little bits of darks here and there to "suggest" detail.

Fourth Step: Flatten your image, you may want to save your cut-outs in a separate channel. With the flatten image have some fun by selecting the clone tool with low opacity and sample one area of the image and paint selectively around the entire canvas. Use various types of brushes. This step is just used to dirty-up the painting. Make it look used. Sometimes shapes will appear which you might want to enhance and play with. Also, use the smudge to soften a few of the hard lines.

Fifth Step: Color the image with a combination of modes "Overlay, Hard Light, Linear Light, Color and Normal". I use an airbrush and a hardbrush. For this piece, I chose a complimentary pairing, Purple and Yellow. I also added a few more elements, such as the helmet, backpack, etc.

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Old 07 July 2014   #4
Daniel, this is awesome, thank you very much! I will try your approach in following sketches.

(Usually my process is very different, I paint directly with the color, so often I struggle with proper values. Also, I am very lazy and impatient and I often draw everything in just one layer with single brush type)
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Old 07 July 2014   #5
Good run down Daniel. Maybe similar type of efforts can perk up this dying form. Maybe time-lapsed videos of sketching process. Good ambient music selection to have at background while sketching for specific topic. Got to keep up with the demands of fast paced, short attention span, wishfully multitasking times.

How would u make goldfish pay attention to anything longer than fraction of second? besides food.
Old 07 July 2014   #6
Myridiphis - You're welcome. Having strong shape relationships and reduced values is pretty important. If you get that portion nailed, you should have a pretty strong painting whether it's colored or not.

Some artists can work successfully doing both color and value at the same time. Not me, though, I just find it easier to problem solve the arrangement of values first before proceeding to color.

Gulkan - Thanks. Yeah, I always enjoyed this thread. Sometimes I wish it were it's own dedicated website but still under the CGsociety umbrella. I think if it had it's all cool page like the "workshops" page and member section and such would garner a lot of attention. In the meantime, I try and contribute as much as possible. Maybe I will do another step-by-step later or learn how to video myself. I have no idea how that works. Anyhow good to see you around! Take it easy.
Helzer's Sketches

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Old 07 July 2014   #7
So Daniel, I have tried your recipe. I have very loose hand and getting good shapes were pain in the ass to me, but yeah, that is just another thing I need to practice.

BTW, because we have mentioned tutorials - there is currently large hype around gumroad.com webpage with lots of amazing (paid) tuts from various artist. If you will prepare any video, consider, you could maybe also submit some... Anyway, list of all tuts can be found here http://www.kiwijuice.net/

And here is my latest entry to this topic:
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Old 07 July 2014   #8
Great work! Really like the composition and narrative. I hope the methods above can prove to be beneficial on you creative journey

That's an awesome tutorial site, I will have to download a few of the puppies!
Helzer's Sketches

HelzerSketch Blog
Old 07 July 2014   #9
Ok guys I posted this on facebook...
:Daily Sketch Forum:HCR Modeling
This message does not reflect the opinions of the US Government

Old 07 July 2014   #10
Myridiphis- nice composition and lighting. IMO Staying loose is good, facilitates spontaneity. Hard part is keeping the serendipitous moments to eventually have your own style.

Interesting links BTW. Beautiful cover images. I wonder how good the delivery is. I might have to check it out.

Daniel - I think your step-by-steps would easily be up to par with the tutorial contents at that links Myridiphis provided. Heck! I would be the first one to shell out X bucks to see if you would reveal some of your tricks-techniques makes you such a prolific contemporary of Frank Frazetta.

What a subjective piece of s..t, the art world is. Manipulated, commodified by financial puppet masters.

Robert- How do we get to the DSF FB page? If you may.

forgot the sketch;


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Old 07 July 2014   #11
between 1 -2h
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Old 07 July 2014   #12
hi guys!

Sazem - nice, I wonder what will happen as he presses 'enter'. I'm guessing by the distance he is staying from the instalation it could get quite ugly
gulkan - I realy like that goldish-copper armour and his dynamic pose
Myridiphis - your second sketch is very good, besides the composition I really like colors you picked
danielh - thx a lot for your tutorial! Awesome you took time to share your workflow with us. I always wondered how did you make your sketches maintaining correct values and such. Really great stuff. Thanks! Btw - used your steps with my ray gun and I think I'll be using this method a lot more.

Old 07 July 2014   #13
elmo3d - Wow! awesome work

gulkan - Thanks! Yes, maybe I will do a tut down the road. Just have to schedule time.

Great entries everyone!
Helzer's Sketches

HelzerSketch Blog
Old 07 July 2014   #14
Elmo3D - that collapsing building - superb!

And guys, just for the record - I am very excited about this thread with so many nice entries. I hope to see you all in the following ones
Climb-suit up!

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Old 07 July 2014   #15
Hi again!

It took me 20 minutes and was made with AzPainter

A greeting!
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