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  06 June 2005
Originally Posted by MWarsame: p.s. I've noticed your avatar Supervlieg, it raises as soon as you enter the page, could be me

Yep, when the page loads, The Image fly’s in from the bottom of the page, bounces once, then sits still… But it has nothing to do when he’s on the page… Just reload the page and look for it.
  06 June 2005
Just a quick thought in regards to challenge topic. I have noticed a lot of noise being made recently about boxes being used as clutter in level design, mostly about how it is unrealistic and harkens back to the days of yore when we had not the poly count to make more complex items. A contest to design a repeatable prop that could be used as clutter, either generic or one that would fit with a certain building (ie a warehouse or a lab), could be fun. I think it might be a challenge to come up with something that is an interesting prop and yet would not look bad if it was repeated several times through a level, could just be me though.
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  06 June 2005
That's a neat idea, Alistair. The "crate" really is an overused filler. And sometimes it's quite out of place. I'd toy with the idea of different reusable/repeatable props.
  06 June 2005
I also like the idea of making props to replace crates.
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  06 June 2005
Don't forget to add barrels to the overused prop list.

I like this idea. Shouldn't be too big a task either. Very cool.

  06 June 2005
Less talking.. more starting-challenges?

Finishing old ones quickly. The jungle prop only need a few more judges. Perhaps people that enter can judge the other entries.

But what ever you do, don't stop the mini challenges.
  06 June 2005
The mini is in

I would prefer a mini challenge. Ideally the challenge would be, low texture res, low poly limit, and a very interesting theme to build off of. The more generic the theme you give, the less us artists will have to chew on. Limitations are what breed creativity. Give us a tight concept/texture res/poly count and you will get great responses with lots of creativity.

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  06 June 2005
It seems like the argument for more polys more texture space always comes up, and with the 360 and ps3 i can see why.
But let me remind you that the handheld and phone market is still huge! DS, psp, n-gage, gizmondo. A lot of companies still want people that can impressive the hell out of them with 250 triangles and a 128x128 texture sheet. That is the ultimate test of your polygon usage and texture sheet squeezing skills.

Just wanted to throw that out there.
  06 June 2005
I like the idea of coming up with an replacement for the generic crates we see in games. Though its quite hard. Since crates and boxes are so handy. So no crates/barrels. But just generel repeating chuff. Things you would have to pay attention to is to make em interesting from different viewpoints.

Anyway, can somebody do some judging on the previous comp? It only takes a little time, and we can get the next challenge rolling.

Oh, the avatar is a animated gif
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  06 June 2005
Some ideas for themes (pretty simple objects, low poly count, medium rez textures)

-Cyborg farm animals
-Chair of the endboss
-Two wheeled vehicles
-Retro or Futuristic Phone booth
-Personal Flying machines
-Space helmet
-Walking cacti
"Although all of this remains quite questionable"
[ Strange Behaviour ][ Sketchbook] [ Little Chicken ]
  06 June 2005
Those are all great ideas, I hope we can get around to 'em all.
I went brainstorming, here's a pile straight out of the brain, little damp...

Power generator
Transportation device
Medical personal scanning device
Mountable animal head wall hanging
Experimental Coffee Table (of the FUTURE!)
Next Next Generation Gaming Console
Forcefield Generator (and field)
Multi-purpose tool
Steampunk device of the FUTURE!
Child's Toy
Excessive Melee Weapon
  06 June 2005
I like to continue the props challenge. It didn't require too much time. This give people with not much time on hand to join. The idea of coming up with a replacement for crates and barrels is also good. These are generally used as cover points or just fillers, so something that would fit in a first person shooter game would be a good challenge. However, should we do this I think we should come up a specific environment that everyone can make props for like warehouse, jungle, dessert, city etc.

I also like the ideas thrown by Supervlieg and Kizza. They require imagination and could bring some interesting submissions.

  06 June 2005
Originally Posted by Kizza: Next Next Generation Gaming Console
Steampunk device of the FUTURE!
Probably my two favorite suggested topics so far...
It would be awesome to see what people would do, if given a chance to design their own console of the future...
And what can I say...
I am a sucker for those Steampunk Devices of the Future (like in the next Rise of Nations Game)

EDIT: It is June 12th, and about to be the 13th… Any word on the next challenge?

Last edited by DevilHacker : 06 June 2005 at 11:05 PM.
  06 June 2005
Originally Posted by Supervlieg: -Two wheeled vehicles

I like that idea, I hope you're not thinking of motorcycles

Because we did a jungle theme, how about a theme based on snow/ice prop, something you find in ice (can't think of any so far). If not then:

- Local shop
- Bus Station
- Modified weapons
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  06 June 2005
Originally Posted by MWarsame: - Bus Station (/Bus stop)
- Modified weapons

I like these suggestions.
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