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  09 September 2004
Great idea Andy! Im all up for that.
Would be a great exercise, and also a fun thing to show in a demoreel.

Also, I keep getting this wierd thought about putting all the completed models into Sims 2 and watch them hang out.
  09 September 2004
Unhappy Maybe next time...

Unfortunately, since I'm going to be too busy with work to setup/run the next challenge in the next couple of weeks, I'm asking KWAK (2nd place winner) if he wants to take it over.

If KWAK does take it over it's up to him what he wants to do for the challenge. He can either go with what I had going (Mechanical Object, moblie cannon/gun, either sea or air, sounds kinda boring at the moment still I know), or take on Andy's suggestion of modelling a representation of oursleves in our dailylives, or completely come up with his own idea.

In any case I hope the next one will be a fun one and I hope it starts soon for you guys since I unfortunately don't have the time for it at the moment.

//EDIT: Alright I asked KWAK and he can't either. So... I guess I'll be asking Sysop.

Last edited by Serul : 09 September 2004 at 07:45 PM.
  09 September 2004
Aw - thats too bad
And its too badder that kwak cant host the comp either!
Its like the prize is unwanted!
Ah well - its over to you sysop - please say you can host the comp!
  09 September 2004
sorry bout that guys, would've liked to have helped but i just got a new contract, plus i got my full time modelling gig, i'm not going to have free time for quite a while
  09 September 2004
Andy H: great Idea, mecha would be cool though ... I would join this comp making my self any day, I'm the coolest guy I know!.. loo

In any case I think, and hate that Serul couldn't plan this one, we should stick to cgtalk tradition..

It's all up to the next in line I guess..

Last edited by hanzo : 09 September 2004 at 09:30 PM.
  09 September 2004
Sysop, the responsibility is being handed to you now. Do you accept?

Here's is where we stand...

Serul's idea was to focus on non-character objects for the next challenge. I love this idea because character creation, or re-creation, has been the topic of almost every challenge so far. Modeling other aspects of modern game engines, such as armed vehicles (land, air, or sea...fact or fiction), would be a pleasant change of scenery allowing for a wide range of entries. Character modelers could have a break from organics.

Andy has proposed to have a challenge involving designing ourselves as characters. This is also a great idea but would need to be expanded on. This same concept has been tried twice at Polycount already. I believe the second round had a small turn out. It may be possible for the guidelines to ask for unique 3D self portraits, meaning the artist would design an exaggerated representation of his/herself. The results would focus on the areas the artist find to be their best or worse qualities. That would be asking a bit much, but this is suppose to be a challenge. The simple "make yourself" would show many generic human models with photo and paste textures. Effective, but difficult to judge individual efforts. vbmenu_register("postmenu_1584606", true);
"Progress is man's ability to complicate simplicity."
  09 September 2004
Yes, I accept hosting the next Challenge. But I'm probably going to need all the help I can get from you guys. It's sad that we'll have to break this old tradition, but hopefully something good will come out of this as well.

I like both the suggestions we have so far, it's true that there's been a bit to many organic characters so far. I'm currently playing with the idea of mixing the two suggestions, but I just makes me think Machineflesh (not that always is a bad thing).. It would be nice making stylised versions of ourselves, but Im currently leaning more towards the non-character option.

Please feel free to continue this discussion here so that I can get the next challenge up and running as soon as possible.

Thanks for your support,

Last edited by vrapp : 09 September 2004 at 07:50 AM.
  09 September 2004
Aw man, I was kinda hoping Serul would have decided. Kwak, congrats on your scoring extra work besides your full time gig, you are crazy; living 3d (make sure you take time to eat and sleep)

I think the last mini challenge had a lot of great ideas going, maybe you could expand on that idea, Sysop? Or you could do like a self portait, but totally non organic, for example as a robot kinda thing.(yeah I just saw GITS2 Innocence today) I think you where kinda getting at that, and it would be open to interpretation.

Just ideas
  09 September 2004
I like the idea of environment design of some sort. The last few Challenges I have seen are mostly character stuff models with a set theme. Making an environment might be really cool change to do instead. I have seen some cool environment examples from good modelers here and I think those guys would like to be able to enter a competition such as this. Modeling is not just making character designs. And many modelers do not do any real amount of environment stuff. Like I as Level designer and level artist do not do much of character stuff although I am slowly getting into that.

I had an art test which is linked on my sig... The art test was to make 1920's NYC so I had to get a lot of pictures, buy a book, and get The Godfather collection to check out the feel of those times... All the textures and models are mine with the exception ofa few things like wires and pipes... But those came with the UT2k4 game so why remake something so simple to make if you have it...

  09 September 2004
Well, another idea would be to make yourself in a vehicle of some sort.

That could get intresting, and those who want to push their skills in making mechanical non-character objects could focus on the vehicle while does who would rather practice making characters could do that.

Not sure, but it's an idea.
  09 September 2004
1. Don't do environment art for a main challenge. If you give the kind of polycounts and texture sizes you need for an entire environment, you'll just scare people off. I think it worked well for the mini challenge, because it's mini, but once you say an entire room, there's a lot more work thatn people are willing to put in. I say this because when I won the challenge at Polycount, I chose an environment challenge, and we went from 40 contestants to like 4. The traffic on the challenge page died too, so those 4 got hardly any comments, and only 1 actually finished the comp. Learn from my mistake.

2. Vehicle, tank, plane, imaginary - sounds like a great idea, I'm not sure if we've done that at CGTalk yet, but they've had similar at CGChat, and Polycount, and had great turnout at them. If we do imaginary stuff, like crazy Miyazaki inspired stuff. He does a lot of planes that maybe could've existed, WWI, WWII styling, but they never did. That appeals to me quite a bit, and I think it would make for a really great comp.

3. Modeling ourselves - I'd be interested, but only if we can do stylized versions of ourselves. Otherwise it becomes merely an exercise in accuracy, and not really all that fun.

I'm going to be quite busy in the next little while, as I have been for the past little while, but if it's a vehicle challenge, I'm just going to have to make the time, there's no 2 ways about it.
  09 September 2004
Just a quick visit... It's great Sysop that you can host the next challenge, good luck with that.

From what 've read from the suggestions so far, I put a few things together and, what about ourselves (maybe slightly stylelized) as pilots of our own mech/vehicle?

Anyway I hope I can join this next challenge sometime after all this madness called work.
  09 September 2004
Serul: Yup, just the same thing I was thinking of.

edit: Anybody got an idea about what name we could give a challege with this topic?

Last edited by vrapp : 09 September 2004 at 12:44 PM.
  09 September 2004
just a thought, but has anyone tried hosting a team challenge ?!

maybe smaller groups of 3 so that people can gain experience not only on working towards a team effort, but group management and all that good stuff...

anyways, like i said, it's just an idea...

modelling Mechas sounds good, modelling ourselves not so...last year i had to model myself for a uni module (apparently, we were supposed to be game characters from a sci fi film... we had been "digitised" and imported into a game, think Tron) and i thought it wasn't very imaginative, because you have so much source material at hand, it's hard to make yourself exciting, and anyone doing an exagerated version of themselves either ended up with a body like Arnie Schwarzenegger or in some sort of Sam Fisher getup...

good luck with what you finally decide upon

  09 September 2004
Stylized pilots AND vehicles would be like two challenges in one. Maybe too difficult for most. But it still involves vehicles. Try a topic that will bring the most effort from many members.
"Progress is man's ability to complicate simplicity."
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