Game Art Competition #6

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  03 March 2004
Game Art Competition #6

*Link added below
*Texture guidlines clarification below
*Please keep checking this thread, just in case something is added or changed to the guidelines*


THEME: Bring an Actor or Actress from a movie into the Game world!

Imagine you are working for a Game company that is releasing a movie-based videogame. You are in charge of modeling a character from that movie, and are expected to make the model look exactly like the character from the movie. The actor/actressf likeness must be accurately recreated in 3D within the given guidelines; the costume, hair, make-up, etc. should also be accurate when compared to the actual movie. Remember this game would be sold to fans of the movie, so the character should look believable.

You can pick any actor/actress from any movie. But, because the most challenging part (and most judged part) will be successfully capturing their likeness, the chosen character cannot have their face covered. So, batman, daredevil, Robocop, etc. will not be allowed.
Characters with Major facial Prosthetics, that do not allow you to recognize the actor, are also not allowed. Example: Cornelius from Planet of the Apes.
Actors with full face make up and/or MINOR prosthetic facial features ARE allowed. Example: Jack Nicholson as the Joker, his face was fully painted, and had fake cheeks. But, his whole face was still very recognizable as Jack Nicholson.
If you have any doubts about a character that you have chosen, post in this thread. Sorry to anyone who had their heart set on any of those excluded character types.

Please be courteous to others by not choosing the exact same character that someone else has already chosen. It is Ok to pick the same actor, but from a different movie.
So, If Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator is already chosenc It is Ok to choose Arnold Schwarzenegger as Conan the Barbarian.

Front & side photos of the actor's face should be easy to find on the net.
Good places to start are:
* (biographies/galleries/filmographies for pretty much every actor and actress) - thanks dudeguy
If anyone knows of any good sites with movie star galleries feel free to share those with everyone.


I felt the guidelines of the last competition could also apply to this theme, as well as todayfs game engines. So here they are again:

Your content will be used for 3d realtime engines.

Models cannot exceed 4500 faces (triangles NOT quads). Make efficient use of your faces and make them count.

* New texture Limit: 1 512x512 & 1 256x256 AKA (5 256x256). (Diffuse)
*<edit> for clarification...
Alpha-, bump-, normal- and spec maps are also allowed. These are optional. If you are planning to use any of them, please note that each follow the same size limit as above.
1 512x512 & 1 256x256 for Diffuse
1 512x512 & 1 256x256 for Alpha
1 512x512 & 1 256x256 for Bump
... etc

A WIP thread is required so everybody can watch your progress and offer any crits.

Your WIP thread should be named as follows:

Game Art Comp 6: (Actors real name) / (Movie)


Game Art Comp 6: Jack Nicholson / Batman

Your first post in your WIP thread should include pictures or links of the actor in the movie. This will help others give comments and crits during your progress.
Use that thread for all of your updates, and comments about your work. Others should feel free to post in said threads with comments, crits, questions, and advice. Any questions regarding the contest in general should be posted in THIS thread.

The contest begins as soon as you read this post. The deadline is April 16 - 18. I'm giving everyone the weekend to get their entries in so we can avoid late entries.

On April 16 I will create a thread titled "Game Art Comp 6 Submissions." It is here that you should submit all of your final work for judging, IN 1 POST. This will give everyone a chance to see all participant's work side-by-side. No comments or crits should be made in that thread, save that for people's individual threads.

I need 5-10 volunteers to participate as judges. If you want to be a judge, say so in this thread, the first 10 will be chosen. Once the deadline is reached, each judge will award points to the top 3 entries they like the most.
3 points for 1st
2 points for 2nd
1 point for 3rd
Judges are instructed to make their decision based on mesh construction, poly density/topology, UVW mapping, and texturing. But Above all, The Actors Likeness!
The main reason I chose this theme, was to challenge everyonefs ability in accurately recreating an Actor/Actress in 3D. So the judgefs first priority is to make sure the actor/actress looks believable.

It's easy to pump polies into a character... but it's difficult to make very good use of the polies. The same goes for texturing.
So, if an entry looks like it could have been done with fewer polies than what the artist used... then they will be knocked points. The same goes with the texturing. You can often times get away with using less than the texture limit. If you're going to use the full texture limit, try your best to make use of all that pixel data. The polies and texture size you use should be justified.

Judging will take place April 19 - April 24. The Winner will be announced on Sunday the 25th or earlier if all the judges have given their points.

The winner of this competition will get to choose the subject and terms of the next competition!

Thank you CgMonkey, I borrowed big parts from your text from Competition # 5.

I hope everyone has fun with this theme. Good luck to everyone!

P.S Any issues are resolved in this thread, there's room for change in the rules! So voice your opinion if you have any problems with the rules.

Last edited by happosai311 : 03 March 2004 at 04:24 PM.
  03 March 2004
Yay, I'll definitely join this contest too.
Now, I'll just have to choose my actor/character, this will be Fun!
  03 March 2004
Fabulous! This'll be fun!

Great contest hopposai311!
  03 March 2004

Dunno if im good enough for this yet, but i may try.

  03 March 2004

Yeah, I sure hope to get something done for this one. Sounds like alot of fun!

I would like to be a judge in this one (if it´s ok with everyone )
  03 March 2004
I would ask to judge but after looking over the last one i dont hink i would have judged fair heh. I woulda voted for a few other ones, just cause they looked cool lol, i dont have the eye some off those guys had for quality i guess heh.

  03 March 2004
I think this will be fun, if no one else has decided to be a judge I would like to give it a shot. If not then I'll try to make something for the competition, but being that I'm pretty new to 3d it may not turn out the best :P.
Someone Inspire Me To Start 3D Work Again Please!
  03 March 2004
This sounds like an interesting comp. I have one question about the texture size, can we up the size to 1024 x 1024. It'd be a shame to have a fairly detailed mesh with such a modest texture limit.
  03 March 2004
Yeah I´d prefer that too!
  03 March 2004
I dont care for a higher resolution map. I think 512² is decent enough. Perhaps a better solution would be one 512² and one 256² map.

How about props though. Will they be allowed? Are they included in the 4500 tris? Are they to be included in the map or can they have a seperate map?
"Although all of this remains quite questionable"
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  03 March 2004
if you need Judges count me in... I still owe you guys for the last challenge
  03 March 2004
I think it'd be nice to have props too, but i'd include that in the 4500 polys. I'd still like to go with the 1024 x 1024 texture size though, and the texturing of the prop would have to be on this texture sheet also.

Another query i have and its fairly important for this competition, - are you allowed to use photographs on the texture sheet? Obviously if this is allowed, then getting a likeness will be more easy. Personally, i think it'd be a nice touch if the texture had to be hand-painted. I realize that if this was a real brief, the chances are that the actors would be getting scanned specifically for the game models. But i still think it would be a better exhibition of skills if the skins were painted by hand.

Last edited by RampanT : 03 March 2004 at 05:36 PM.
  03 March 2004
Aaaah *ahem*. Damn newb question: What do u mean with props? PLZ dont kill me
  03 March 2004
4, 512 sheets would be good but anyone who does a 1024 rgba should be shot lol

think i may have a go at this depending on a few things
Environmental Artist @ Frontier Developments Ltd

  03 March 2004
Quote: Originally posted by Miguelito
Aaaah *ahem*. Damn newb question: What do u mean with props? PLZ dont kill me

Props are things like guns, bows, hats, etc. Basically all the things that are not usually attached to the body
"Although all of this remains quite questionable"
[ Strange Behaviour ][ Sketchbook] [ Little Chicken ]
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