Machineflesh 2D Challenge Entry: Alex Kaiser

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Old 04 April 2004   #46
Coloring WIP: Progress

Progress on the picture, I'm not sure wheather to leave the right hand like that but I like the contrasting effect of it. Any suggestions? I'm thinking the lefthandside may be a bit schematic, while I'll add a backround to the righthand side.

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Old 04 April 2004   #47
Thumbs down WOW!!! Brilliant

Absolutely fantastic!!! Hey sir, you're one of the best, I'm sure!!! It's great to see such good artwork!!

I'm a beginner in the 2D Digital art stuff but anyway I wanted to try my first challenge to see if I'm really prepared. But looking such marvellous art I'm sure my participation is useless!!! Well, at least I can improve my level of drawing I guess.

I would like to know how you get those shadow effects on your drawings only using a pencil. What kind of technique do you use to have such a nice sketch in just 30 min? I can't believe that just with a pencil and 30 min yr art gets so good!!!

Please I just wanted to learn, but if you don't feel like answering my questions I'll understand. I just had to ask you this because I really deserve one thing in life right now: [B]to draw and make art like you!!!!![B]

If you want to laugh at my art u can look here:

Thanks for ur attention AlexKaiser and wish u the best of luck!!
Ravi Kamble Govind
Old 04 April 2004   #48
Line Art: Overall composition

Ok, this is what I'm aiming at, as roughly the overall composition, I'm just hoping I'm not going to make it to busy. I'm going to try tell the story of the charactor through the image, the backround is the environment, in the top part, you will see one of these guys hanging upsidedown like a bat,(I want to try siluette him hanging, so may have to change the lightsource.) and in the bottom part the process/operation is taking place on the wall. The environment will have colour, while the x-ray won't, I'll leave it black and white, and the top and bottom parts will run over the backround picture. I'll work with this composition for a while, but I may end up changing it completely I'm not too sure. I'm going to try a narrative on this picture (starting to finalise the story in my head, I should probably write it down), not entirely to sure how that is going to work, I may put one or two words on the picture.

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Old 04 April 2004   #49
I like the multiple backdrops idea i dont think ive seen one upto now using this idea keep going with it
Old 04 April 2004   #50
your image depicts a lot of bibical idea
its shows like a more futuristic design bout man that look cucified
soo am i right

anyways i really like ur drawing
Old 04 April 2004   #51
go back.......!!!!!

i gotta tell you the pic on the first concept to me was right on the money...though i love the arms and hand on the last pic
the first pis looked like the guy was free \ing himself/ripping away from a lower half....doing anything to be free from a machine even at the cost of a liittle flesh ....and ending up with the spine exposed...AWeSOME..!! also bloody nice
wings on the first pic ....go for the first concept!- as a rip out.......
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Old 04 April 2004   #52
heh , never saw it that way , but that's the first time
i think anyone here did , I think . Excellent idea to have
a machineflesh creature hate , reject its machine parts ,
trying everything to get rid of them

Old 04 April 2004   #53
Been looking at your thread, but wanted to enter in a comment. I really like your art and ideas. I'm not sure where you're going with it. I think the collage/storybard look is good but I think your earlier concept with him in a scene holds stronger. I kind of agree with CloneOps. Great exploration though into your ideas.
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Old 04 April 2004   #54
RVG, For the pencil sketching, I just add a bit more contrast, establish the lightsource and shade in the values, using hatching and crosshatching you can build up a deep shade very fast, quick sucessive strokes in one direction. Depending on the paper you can hide the brushstrokes with a little tortillion, or by just continuous working up of the pencil shades. (I've just grown quite fond of bristol board, no texture, but I usually use heavy weight cartridge paper as sketchbook to carry around) Feel free to ask me any more questions if you want (I'm not sure if I answered your question correctly.)

Sypherr, thanks, I was looking at the multiple backdrop idea at first with the evolution idea, I want to somehow try convey a story through the picture might be a way to subtly storyboard it maybe.

Pinokeo, I actually never was intending to have biblical ideas in it but I can see how many people could interpret that. (At one point Picasso's "Christ" charcoal picture was in my head when I had the idea for his head to droop down,a great picture I like the intense contrast in it, but along with many other pictures. It was still never my intention to have it religious)

Cloneops, Squibbet and Haven, Thanks for the suggestions, I think you are probably right, I may take it a bit back to the first concept again, the idea of the bottom section of the montage type picture was to show a human getting pulled apart, choiceless intergration with the machinery. But I don't think I have conveyed that enough in the imagery yet.

Some of the ideas for the backstory involve the way people love to be productive. Sleeping, quite unproductive one would think, for one third of you life you lie in a bed motionless (usually). So intergration of machines into you body that can control you as you sleep. They are passive during the day, perhaps helping your physical strenght, stamina etc, but once that time comes, when you must sleep, the machine takes over. You sleep while a machine runs your body, 8 hours a day saved, workers can go all night, sleep while their body is run by implants. Their brain is asleep, but their body isn't. The world becomes a metropolis, new things are discovered at an unprecedanted speed, but how long can this last? Technology has a way of advancing itself.

This is sort of the Bare bones of it, it's linked into the evolution stage also I want to make it a narrative on the page, with some words, the actual charactor telling of this anguish and history he is in, with few, few words. Got to get working on some vivid imagery I guess.

Thanks again for the suggestions.

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Old 05 May 2004   #55
Coloring WIP: Progress

Well, I haven't updated in a while, very very intense term for collage work (about 5 architecture progects, erkkk) So this was just a quick sketch to take a break for some things. I'm thinking of flesh and machine to use each other in this, machine is stronger, but flesh heals itself. So maybe flesh can heal machine perhaps. At the bottom or some sketches that I will add in as a type of montage to storytell. (life of this guy)The unwanted assimilation of machine into flesh. Any ideas?

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Old 05 May 2004   #56
Nice concept you've got runnig there!!! like the pose
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Old 05 May 2004   #57
Coloring WIP: Progress

Haven't updated in a while, college has been heeeeeeeeeectiiiiic! and had to finish another painting in the meantime also ( . I'm gonna have to finish this in the next couple of days, as the deadline is on the same day as a portfolio handin ack! Anyways.

I have added more movement to the picture, changed the wings around a little, still is quite a sketchy form at the moment. I'm going to add a draw border to the pic, to seperate the thumbnails, which will show is "change" into what he has become, and at the bottom a zoomout on him and the environment. I like the lit from the back backround but I may need to figure out what to do with it.... any suggestions?

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Old 05 May 2004   #58
I love your image bud, the movement in the pseudo wing things is awesome, looks very violent and angry. Pain is something that comes into mind. For some reason, the story of the Phoenix comes into mind when i look at this image.

Its as though your man has rose from ash and has been reborn but somewhere along the way his rebirth was manipulated and he has all these machanical artifical parts. Would love to see some colour in the image, that is if you had anything in mind.

With the background, to suit the story im picturing, there would be a of fire and ashy strokes flying through the air. Like a huge inferno of fire. Dont know, but thats what i see.

BTW i checked out your hydra too, looks amazing, absolutely beautiful. congrats

keep the updates coming, cant wait to see more, esspecially if youre able to find the time in your busy schedule. I completely understand, been there done that you could say. All the best.
Sketchfiends Machine Flesh Entry Thread

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Old 06 June 2004   #59
I'm very impressed. The emotion is very strong and the art nice ! One of my favorite in this contest
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Old 06 June 2004   #60
Coloring WIP: Runnin Outta Time

Well here is a little update. Time is a running out but I couldn't do any work on it in the last couple of weeks, because I needed to get my architecture portfolio finished, whew, handed in yesterday after 50 hours of no sleeping, so that had to take priority. So what I'm going to do with this image is to finish a crop of it at this size, because I don't have time to finish the whole thing the way I originally wanted to, but if anyone could tell me if the one before this looks alot better than this? Should I take my chances and try finish the larger one?

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