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  03 March 2004
[reposted from the challenge announcement thread]

So, the milestones...are they due on specific dates? Can you just upload all the images the last day? It doesn't seem to make it clear.
  03 March 2004

Can one incorporate a generic model pre-made or does one have to use solely objects that are made from scratch?
  03 March 2004
Re: Hi!

Quote: Originally posted by cafe
Can one incorporate a generic model pre-made or does one have to use solely objects that are made from scratch?

Just read the rules here

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  03 March 2004
how do i enter? i tried to start a thread got some doohickey filed it in but my authisation hasn't arrived =/ so what more am i suppost to do?
  03 March 2004
Okay loads of questions to answer.

I just wanted to emphasise that a LOT of the questions being asked are indeed mentioned on the actual contest page so please guys, read the rules and tips on the contest pages properly before asking questions to avoid any confusion.

Quote: - What are the rules on photomanipulation in the 2D challenge?, mostly on these forums its you should only use photos as references, and I was just wondering if the same rule applies

No photos. You must create the painting from scratch please.

Quote: -You say that it needs to be mechanically enhance and CAN be joined to something larger, but can you join two different lifeforms for mutual gain, in a way that is mechanical?

There is no limitation on the number of characters you create or how they interact with one another so go wild.

Quote: Can we incorporate a scene or environment with the character?

Yes, although it will not affect the way that we judge the entries. The important thing is that you create a character. Anything extra is entirely up to you.

Quote: Is it possible for us to team up with a buddy for a double entry?

No, single entries only please.

Quote: Whats the deadline?

Please read the contest page. The deadline is there - 18 June 2004.

Quote: What about concepts?

Please read the rules regarding required milestones. All entries require a concept as the first milestone. This is compulsory.

Quote: Can we enter both 2D and 3D sections of the challenge?

Yes, but the two entries have to be totally different (ie not based on the same concept).

Quote: Can I have maybe 2 or more characters in a scene ?

Yes, there is no limitation on the number of characters.

Quote: Does everything in the scene must be "modernized" ?

This is mentioned in the contest tips - you can go with whatever style you want, as long as the character has mechanical parts. Even in the middle ages there were mechanical things, even if they were primitive.

Quote: It can be everything from worm to some T-rex

Yes, as long as it is an organic lifeform it is acceptable. But remember that the mechanical parts must serve a purpose.

Quote: Must it be a real lifeform, modernized, or can it be a little bit cartoony ?

Again, this is mentioned in the contest tips. There is no restriction regarding the style of the piece.

Quote: what is the deadline for registering.. is it the same for submitting ?

This is a WIP challenge so you have to post the work as you do it. This means that you need to register as soon as you start working on your piece so that you can post your progress.

Quote: The rules wasn't very clear on who owns the final artwork. In the last challenge you had no rights at all to your work. But this time it seems like there is a possibility that you might retain some rights.

Actually, this was a misunderstanding in the last challenge that was clarified as soon as we realised there was some confusion. Please read on the contest page for this particular contest:
  • The sponsors of this Challenge may use shortlisted and winning artwork for marketing purposes only in the context of the Machineflesh Challenge, and will clearly credit the artist.
  • No artwork will be used in any fashion without credit given to the artist.
  • No artwork will knowingly be sold, in whole or in part, by the sponsors.
  • It is not any of the sponsorís intention to keep any of the non-winning artwork other than for purposes of deciding a winner and longer than the length of this contest.
  • The artist will be asked permission for the use of their artwork if outside of the scope of the contest or the above mentioned purpose(s).
  • The artist is allowed to use the images created for personal promotion. E.g. submission for EXPOSE' and other galleries.

Quote: does it have to be mechanical parts?
or can we use any other material, such as wood,bone,rock or something? any of these are harder then flesh, and would make you more durable...

I did make a mention of this in the contest tips. The parts can be made out of anything as long as they are plausible in terms of durability.

Quote: would like to know if i can post my explanation comments in french for my one work ?

Please keep things in English as much as possible.

Quote: I was wondering if I could do a sculpture, out of clay, for the 3D part of the contest? Does it have to be a completely digital creation or can it be a finished and painted sculpture set in a diorama scene??

This is a digital contest. Please read the information regarding contest milestones - concept sketch, modeling, lighting, texturing, rendering. As CGTalk is a digital site we only run digital contests. You will be required to produce a wireframe of the model when you have completed the challenge.

Quote: what if i want to combine 2d/3d? i mean this topic (machineflesh) tends to become realised that way.

Please stick to one or the other.

Quote: I am unable to post a new thread to be entered in the CHallenge. WHat am I to do? Please help.

You cannot create threads within this forum. Please go here.

Quote: So, the milestones...are they due on specific dates? Can you just upload all the images the last day?

We are still debating this, but since this is a WIP challenge, the whole spirit of the challenge involves posting your work as you go along.

Quote: Can one incorporate a generic model pre-made or does one have to use solely objects that are made from scratch?

Absolutely NOT. The challenge is a work-in-progress challenge and everything must be made from scratch. Entries found using previously made/commercially sold models or elements will be automatically disqualified. This has always been a rule in our challenges.
  03 March 2004
Should the entries be accessible to any audience? Should we stay away from nude, gore, and violent subject matters? Will judging of the entries reflect in any way on whether or not the sponsors can use the art commercially?
  03 March 2004

Question: What if I were to reconcept and redesign an exsisting character from a game/ movie / book? Is that ok to do?

Yo Bruticus ! hahah
  03 March 2004
With regards to subject matter, please simply adhere to the usual policy of ours when it comes to matters of taste -
  03 March 2004
Quote: Originally posted by swampbug
Question: What if I were to reconcept and redesign an exsisting character from a game/ movie / book? Is that ok to do?

No, that is not allowed. The character has to be 100% original or it will not be eligible to win any prizes. I did make mention of this in the contest rules somewhere:

Quote: Remember to use your imaginations and have some fun! Please avoid recreating themes, designs or concepts that have been seen before.
  03 March 2004
For God's sake people read the rules before posting here.


  03 March 2004

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  03 March 2004
If I wish to change my concept design, is it as simple as editing my post in my CGTalk thread? Or will I have to go to CGNetwork's submission page and do something there? Thank you in advance.
  03 March 2004
Question Cant Reply

Well, I tried to post to the threadthat I would take this challange... but it told me I had to submit to get permission or something to reply....something would be sent to my email... but that was last night and I've recieved no email....



Subsito Stabilis, Abeo Edurus
  03 March 2004
Can a tree be used as the subject matter?

This might be a stupid question, so here it goes...

I was wondering if it is possible to use a tree or plant as the subject matter that has mechanical modifications? The contest description says it doesn't have to be human and trees are not static objects and they are made up of organic tissue.

Thank you for your time.

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  03 March 2004
Still one thing can`t get in my head.
If I`ll model character (even good one) how will it make any use to sponsors on black/white background, and thought I model environment, nobody is going to "look" at it, right ?
That doesn`t sound good, I think...
WIP ---> VW Beetle

When you`re viewing WIP you except to see some pro works ?
And you post : Awesome bla bla bla. But have you ever thought that some new young guy is working his ass off perfecting his skills as he can on his own.
And when he posts a WIP and asks some question you simply **** him. But he`s the one who really needs you...
Think about it When you`ll be viewing another thread like that...
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