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  03 March 2004
silly question maybe ??

Quote: Originally posted by zero2zillion
What about concepts?

hi guys ^^

as it s my first challenge ever, so even if this question may be silly i ll post it ^^'

how can i post my work ? is it just by clicking on the post a repply like i did for my other post and put a link to my word online or is there another way to do it ?

thanks for the futur answer ^^'

SHAAAMMEEE on meeeeeee sorryyyyy

good luck for the challenge anyway
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  03 March 2004
::Can we incorporate a scene or environment with the character?::

Yes. The render final image must be an ENTIRE COMPLETED SCENE. Not just a model.
It must be a COMPLETE artwork.


Well, its a 3 month 3 months from now?

::What about concepts?::

Concepts are always part of the WORK IN PROGRESS.

::Is it possible for us to team up with a buddy for a double entry? i.e where a 3d entry could use my 2d concepts and stuff::?

It does say tht this must be an individual challenge. Of course somebody else drawing inspiration from your work, but putting to gether there own concepts would be acceptable...

::Hmmm seems no one has asked this question but... can we enter both 2D and 3D sections of the challenge?::


::I want to know if we are allowed to put any post effects on the 3D section image and if so to what extent or if it has to be a straight render.::

Most of the image has to be 3D. Taking a photo, and adding in a 3D Element is not allowed. Say 3/4'th of your image has to be 3D. Use your own common sence and judgement.
Post effects arent only allowed, but encouraged! No work is complete with out post work IMHO.

::1. Can I have maybe 2 or more characters in a scene ?::

Yes. You could populate your scene with 3000 characters if your PC can handle it.

::2. Does everything in the scene must be "modernized" ?::

Nope. Go 'steampunk' if ya want!

::3. Yep, same question about environment, it`s better to have it, right ?::

The scene is going to be judged on the ENTIRE scene, characters, environments, textures, lighthing...

::4. It can be everything from worm to some T-rex ?

And all the aomeba's inbetween... Basically-yes. Anything, as long s it fits into the 'Mechanicle Flesh' idea.::

::5. Must it be a real lifeform, modernized, or can it be a little bit cartoony ? ::

The example of Wallace and Gromit is given-so anything goes. Serious, cartoony, etc etc etc.

::what is the deadline for registering.. is it the same for submitting ?.. i.e 18 June 2004 ?

In the AW challenge, people where entering in the last 3 days of the challenge...::

::I have a question about plugin restrictions that have applied to previous challenges eg. the one on having to model hair rather than using a hair plugin etc.::

I would assume its a case of use any and all tools that you have at your disposal to create your image.


Bear in mind that these answers are just assumptions. I could be wrong-but alot of these issues have been answered in previous challenges.
  03 March 2004
The rules wasn't very clear on who owns the final artwork. In the last challenge you had no rights at all to your work. But this time it seems like there is a possibility that you might retain some rights.
Could someone clarify, please.

  03 March 2004
does it have to be mechanical parts?
or can we use any other material, such as wood,bone,rock or something? any of these are harder then flesh, and would make you more durable...
  03 March 2004
langue ?

hi again ^^

would like to know if i can post my explanation comments in french for my one work ? it would be easier to explain what i did want tot to ^^

bref en bon francais koi ^^
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-CgTalk 2D Machineflesh Challenge
  03 March 2004
Please everybody, read the brief. Almost all of the questions in this "issues" thread have been answered already.

  03 March 2004
Pyke: Are your answers official?
In any case thanks.It's appreaciated from my end.
  03 March 2004
Not at all. Im just a user-but alot of these type of questions were either addressed in previous challenges, or are in the FAQ.

The mods must feel free to clear it all up!!
  03 March 2004

My thread disapeared! I just did a search!

It was called Ari M. Robbins.

Do I have to sign up again?
Due to power conservation, the light at the end of the tunnel is temporarily turned off.
  03 March 2004

i checked the it right the the 2d section has more than the 3d (which only have the boxx workstation)...if so....why?

  03 March 2004
Question What about sculptures???

I was wondering if I could do a sculpture, out of clay, for the 3D part of the contest? Does it have to be a completely digital creation or can it be a finished and painted sculpture set in a diorama scene??

Just wondering...
  03 March 2004

what if i want to combine 2d/3d? i mean this topic (machineflesh) tends to become realised that way (at least for me )...
where to categorize? or simply not possible?
  03 March 2004
need some help.

i dont know where my other post went, but i have joined this forum and saw a recent challenge. However i had difficulty entering. it just said that i was not permited to post.

anyone want to help please? and thanks.
  03 March 2004
2D CHallenges...HELP

I am unable to post a new thread to be entered in the CHallenge. WHat am I to do? Please help. If I am doing something wrong, plpeas elet me know, this is my first post in the challenges. Is there a different procedure???

thanks in advance.
Ryan Bramwell
  03 March 2004
Quote: Originally posted by Mikael P.
The rules wasn't very clear on who owns the final artwork. In the last challenge you had no rights at all to your work. But this time it seems like there is a possibility that you might retain some rights.
Could someone clarify, please.


If you are referring to the Alienware challenge, then you are completly mistaken. They only had the nonexclusive right to use the images for their purposes. That means you still owned the rights to use your image, and could even sell the rights to others as well (as long as it wasn't exclusive, of course).
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