Machineflesh 3D Challenge Entry: Bob Estrin

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Old 06 June 2004   #16
Post Effects and Compositing: First of the last

here it is the first of the last. the beggining of the end. I have lighted the scene and composed it. I placed the camer to accentuate the focal point of His eye and his oversize head as well as his pose. as if he has just seen you and is eyeing you with fear contempt curiousity anoyance and suprize. Thats about it please do coment.
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Old 06 June 2004   #17
I love the way you have kept the proportionas from your concept sktch. Very charicatureish.

I would definaly work on the texture of his head tho....right now it seems...well....untextured.

I also think that his face could do with some expression....and open mouth in a snarl....widened eye at a surprise......etc etc etc.

Old 06 June 2004   #18
thanks for the sugestions. I like the gray skin but the lips should have some color. thanks for posting.
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Old 06 June 2004   #19
Rendering: a few roblems

i have done some more modeling of the parts worked on the skin and rendered this realy hi res 3000x2500 image which took so long i eventualy cut it short. Some problem areas are circled. Like wires that dont conect mistake in modeling. Texturing problems. things that need work. Pyke, i am working on those sugestions but spliting up the mesh to conserve memory has come around and bit me in the but making it a real problem to uv map the texture or anything. Im trying to find a way to join the parts back together but for now i dont think it looks to bad. The skin now has a slight kind of sss effect which makes it look softer. Comments are apreciated.
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Old 06 June 2004   #20
Rendering: fixed some things

okay i fixed some of the circled problem areas. I figured out how to reconect the parts of the mesh. Im looking into some other texturing options linke u mapping for alltle more detail (not much) but i ran into another prob so and im running out of time. Comments wlecome. Oh and do you think he should have any hair im thinking a thin beard and realy short buzz on his head with just a very few hairs.
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Old 06 June 2004   #21
I like it very much. The mechanical linking between the arm and chest is very... hmmm... eye-catching
Yeah, some hair would do great. I'm thinking of a few longer strands on the back... emmm like a long-haired person balding... can't express my idea properly... and maybe some thin beard would be fine.
Do you plan to alter the background and composition?
Have fun and good luck
Old 06 June 2004   #22
damaged, thanks for the input. Good idea on the hair. becuase the mesh is so detailed ive made a cage and have started to work on the hair in his beard. I might add another background depending on time but for now this is good (lets you focus on character) Thanks for the input not quite sure what u meant about the conection to body im not even sure if its on this one. thanks for the input good idea on the hair.
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Old 06 June 2004   #23
Rendering: erosion material test

I was aiming for a dirty (on skin) and eroded (on metal) look. I used dirty nuts which uses basically the same algorithim as stochastic radiosity. It didnt turn out the way i wanted but thtis is a test. Any coments. I also changed the skin texture. I might use this in the final. Coments Apreciated.
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Old 06 June 2004   #24
Post Effects and Compositing: almost there

here he is. I combined all the parts gave him a snere and modled out some weird teeth put a kinda yellow white fallof in the color chanle made them kinda shiny and made a llitle sumthing for the gums. Now he has a sneer. I am rendreing out another one now thats gonna have realy thin sparse hair. long on the top ;) but not that visible and a thin beard. Ill update soon. Comments apreciated.
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Old 06 June 2004   #25
The eroded material looks nice and the teeth are giving the character a wicked expression the skin needs more work, though. Your posting speed is incredible...
Old 06 June 2004   #26
Post Effects and Compositing: hair

Here he is with hair. modeled a cage and made polygonal hair with a special shader so it renders like hair (cant use hair renderers with gi). To acomodate the beard whirch was right in front of the left arm (i originaly thought this would be great because it was the only way for the dark hair to show up against the dark background)I changed the camera and background allitle. Dont like it quite as well so im working out a compromise. Comments and Sugestions apreciated.
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Old 06 June 2004   #27
Post Effects and Compositing: new camera new composition

the beard has caused me to look for sum new camera angles, and new composition. Not big changes just some litle stuff. Getting close to final image. Here is a coloage of diferent angles. Coments and crits greatly apreciated.
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Old 06 June 2004   #28
Post Effects and Compositing: title

heres another update. The rocks are gonna go. and im gonna work more on the terain. and fix the lighting. Coments are apreciated.
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Old 06 June 2004   #29
(JPCohet again)
It's not an ordinary style !
I like the mood; perhaps you can reinforce the "hard life" side orienting eyes toward the bottom.

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Old 06 June 2004   #30
Rendering: almost final

here it is. This is pretty much my final image. Im gonna start a hiresolution render of the same scene tonight. I might add some depth of field in post but this is almost final. Please share any last sugestions. Not like i dont like how he has mechanical parts on him cause im not going to change the whole thing but if you have some sugestions. Im having trouble with uv maps because of software and hardware. The mesh has huge polycount 3,450,893 so doing anything at this point lik uv map is a problem on my system. Comments apreciated.
see my machineflesh entry
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