Machineflesh 3D Challenge Entry: Alex Dahm

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  03 March 2004
Machineflesh 3D Challenge Entry: Alex Dahm

Alex Dahm has entered the Machineflesh 3D Challenge.
  03 March 2004
Concept Sketch: What price beauty?

An operating room where a woman gets high tech skin, eye, breast etc implants which control her appearance, the ultimate fashion victim! Soz about the stick figures but I'm hopeless at 2d and it was done in ms paint :D
  03 March 2004
The basic idea is as stated above, the layout of the pic probably needs some explanation though!

The woman is lying on the operating table actually getting the implants. In the background we see 2 surgeons discussing a closeup view of the operation as transmitted by a small cam the doc doing the surgery is wearing on a headset with a torch.

The trolley down the front will contain various bits he's(she?) got waiting to install, and perhaps a few empty containers from parts already installed, so the viewer has a better idea of whats going on.

There'll be various med equipment in the room, heart monitors, aneisthitists (sp?? lol ) gear fitted to the woman etc.

The lil note about posters was just a side thought to make it even MORE obvious what was going on...not decided about that yet...and i'm contemplating changing it to one of those round operating theaters with the glass roof and the people outside on a viewing platform, not sure about that though.

Comments appreciated!
  03 March 2004
hey, very interresting idea, with solid roots in reality. I like how you managed the concepting part . Maybe gathering photo ref about surgical rooms/instruments etc.. could complete it?
keep it up!

  03 March 2004
Concept Sketch: New idea!! Does it qualify though?

Does this qualify?? I had the idea the other night and thought it was pretty funny. This is just a quick job of it, in the final thered be a kid standing on a chair holdin the rams feet, and thered be alot more detail where the ram edge goes into the sheeps back, with wires and circuitry etc Whaddya think?
  03 March 2004
er...obviously the box on the table is meant to be an open i said, this was just a quick stuff around to get the idea out there and find out if it qualified or not

If it doesnt i'll go back to my original idea.....see above...but i was thinking of changing from an operating room to a poster advertising the product, not sure if that qualifies either though
  03 March 2004
Modeling: 'shroom!!!!

Hes a 'shroom with a plan! Hes going to have arms and legs built out of scrap pieces of softdrink cans, old radios, toys and the like, and hes gonna be running! Running through a field of non-enhanced 'shrooms to escape a large ( and thankfully outta focus :D ) pig on a leash snufflin' for fungus. I really like this idea, and dont think anybody else is doing a biomech plant, specially a fungus lol. Anyways, ignore the other 2...the sheep I'd been awake for 'bout 30 hours and I decided I didnt like the first one...will submit my sketch for the shroom in a day or 2 when i get a chance to scan it...thoughts and comments appreciated as always!
  03 March 2004
better describe MY plan as i havent got my concept sketch scanned in yet

As i said, hes gonna have biomech limbs made out of scrap, with wires and things going up into the gills. More roots, even though i dont think shrooms actually HAVE roots like that, call it poetic license...with some chunks of dirt hanging on/falling off them.

Cant decide if i should go with human style legs or chicken legs though

As for the scene, like I said hes going to be running through a field of normal shrooms, up close and in focus using a tight fov, with a dirt forest floor and some leaves scattered around. I'm going to fully rig him to make posing nice and easy as i cant decide how to have him, at the moment im thinking arms and legs pumping like a sprinter, with his cap tilted back from just above those toony eyebrows, with maybe a slight torso twist a bit below the mouth/cheeks and his eyes looking sideways like hes checking how close the pig is. If i get it all done i might stick a small lady bug or something on his cap at the front, holding on for dear life.

Anyway, **I** like it and its what I'm going to do ( no..seriously this time ), so any thoughts would be appreciated. Im thinking make him kind of cartoonish in a semi-photo realistic way, using some digital snaps of coke cans or whatever for texturing, but doing a nice bright red/white/brown etc traditional 'toon toadstool for him.
  03 March 2004
I think your last concept is a good and funny one, post us some sketch with the mushroom mechanical part. I'd like to see those soft drink can leg and the evil pig running after him.
  03 March 2004
Modeling: Some gears and stuff

First work on the gears, bolts, nuts and stuff where the leg goes into the shroom. Just shonky basic textures atm.

Do you think there should be more puckering and bulging at the steel cap on the body where the bolt goes in?

As to modelling the bolt, any tips for doing the thread, or should I just do it with a bumpmap? Im thinking bump cause getting a nice winding single groove like that without deforming the rest of the bolt during smoothing would suck. heh.
  03 March 2004
Modeling: nuts and bolts

from back to front...the rod, gear, washer and split pin. Note the groove inside the gear with the corresponding extrusion on the rod to make it spin! Prob more detail than will ever be needed givin its size and placement in the overall image, but who cares!

Its been fun, if a little frustrating, working out how to do the mechanics of the leg rather than just keeping them well hidden and letting the viewer guess how it all goes together lol

At this point theres going to be 4 rods in total for each leg, one for the large gear, one which holds the actual "hip" with the smaller gear, and 2 with pulleys on them that will have black rubber bands like fan belts running through the leg to operate the knee and foot joints. The foot is gonna be hinged where toes would go with some sort of spring contraption to make it bend. Promise i'll upload the concept sketches as soon as i get a chance to scan em, hopefully this weekend.
  03 March 2004
Modeling: Top of the leg

Started on the top of his leg, so I can get proportions and placement of the pulley system right. Its damn rough at the moment, in the top right pic you can kind of see how its going to be made of tin/aluminium cut from an old can and bent into shape.

I'll have some small bolts holding in the folds at the top of the bottom and ding it all up a whole lot more, make sure its NOT nice and straight and smooth.

Only prob I'm having is getting an object to be nice and smooth, yet still have really sharp bits. This is in max6, any pointers on how to achieve this, short of collapsing meshsmooth and doing it manually, or subbing right down to a buttload of quads? Im not talking about sharp bits in the middle so much, as sharp corners on the edge, as I'm trying to achieve that sort of rough, torn look to the aluminium.

Last edited by AlexD : 03 March 2004 at 06:09 PM.
  03 March 2004
Cool cute

The game Mario brothers !
  03 March 2004
Modeling: Steam power! Really want some c&c please :)

Seriously thinking about making him steam powered, with wooden limbs. This is a test of the knee joint, with some standard mats applied just to get a feel for it. What do you think? Really looking for some constructive c&c, as I have a feeling that in a final render its going to be so small that it will be inefective. Not sure though as most people are going high tech without actually trying to show any detailed mechanism ( i think? lol ).

Anyway, if I do go with this there'll be puffs of steam comming out of the appropriate pistons ( the cloud in this shot is a test of that ), and I'll make the wood more roughly cut, with a grey, untreated wood texture.

I'm thinking the shroom could have a grate in his side, between the arms and legs, for the fire, with a filler cap just above an arm for the water, and a chimney in the middle of his cap. Does all this sound ok? Perhaps the sorta thing YOU'D vote for a place? lol
  03 March 2004
Modeling: Tankstool??

Hmm...maybe steam powered tank tracks? Or is that getting to silly? I'm not sure I like it as much as legs, kind of loses the humour.
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