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  10 October 2009
@VirusREdSox: I think this a great Idea! I did not do organic modeling in a long long time. I don't think that limiting ourselves to body parts and other type of living organisms is a good, since we have plenty of objects that have organic shape ( a computer mouse, for example). I agree that modeling swords, benches, phones, etc. does get boring in time.

Meanwhile, i took some time and went thought the object's list thread and here is what i have picked, i hope you guys would like it, let me know:

70-Office Chair
85-Fire hydrant
Thank you,

- stas
  10 October 2009
Smile Ocean life

What about sea creatures such as:

sea snails
open clam w\ a pearl
flounder from the little mermaid
chocolate chip starfish
angel fish (may vary)

These are small creatures with a variety of wonderful textures, shapes, and colors.

  11 November 2009
What about an abstraction? This could make for some interesting models...something like "the number 11" and maybe put some restrictions like "can't be obvious" or "must be original (as in can't borrow from existing media)." I suppose this gets close to a competition, though.

A few objects which might be fun to model:

Game Cartridge
Game System
Tree Branch w/ Leaves
A USB Plug/Cord
Small House / Shed
House Interior
KitchenAid / Food Processor
An SLR camera
Land Mine
Neon Sign
Power Saw

Some of these are fairly simple, I know. Just off the head.

Not to beat a dead horse, but I liked the idea of having a challenge where we model several studies of one object given 2 hours. Could be a list of a few simple objects (much like a typical SMC), choose one, and do as many iterations as you can in 2 hours.

Eh? Eh?!? :-D
  12 December 2009
I was thinking of modeling our dream workstations, from the desk up to the computer; or particularly the computer cases we would kill to get
  12 December 2009
Originally Posted by dmoreno: I was thinking of modeling our dream workstations, from the desk up to the computer; or particularly the computer cases we would kill to get

You mean like computer cases filled with beer? Heh heh.

This would be a pretty cool concept I think. It might make sense to give out a list of the elements your station must (or might) have (i.e. computer, chair, etc.) and give each element a certain time limit. Then you could have a "special" time limit to add anything else you'd like.

So for example:

Choose 3 of these 7 elements...

Desk - 60 minutes
Hutch attached to the desk - 45 minutes
Chair - 45 minutes
Computer / Workstation (tower, keyboard, mouse, speakers, display) - 90 minutes
Light Fixture - 30 minutes
Books - 30 minutes
TV/Stereo/Alternative Entertainment - 45 minutes

Additional time to add clutter/personality/misc. objects to your desk - 90 minutes

Just a thougth...
  01 January 2010
I was thinking that COMPASS would be interesting to model, the kind that is used in engineering, or any other complex set of rulers and tools used. Just a thought
Thank you,

- stas
  02 February 2010
this looks so fun, I can't wait to try this!

here's random suggestions of mine:

- hotdog stand
- plate of sushi
- cherry blossom tree
- cheetah skin rug
- the treehouse your childhood always wanted
  10 October 2010
Hey guys,

Could you please revert this forum the way it used to be.

Please please please bring back concept items and not too many of them.

I don't really like all the big list and never get to do any.

I would rather it be just the way we used to have it.

4 standard items
and a few concepts.

Big love as always with regards.

  05 May 2012
Maybe you should find random referance pictures off the net/google and get people to model them that way...might attract more attension from others as they would all be judged against each other for their likeness to the referance picture

Just a though
  07 July 2012
I like the way whom is posting now speed modelling challenges. Five items for each about an hour or for all one etc.
But I would also like (as shogun suggested) it if there would be an additional reference (a link or a picture) to model after. So people can compare each other and if you got stuck you can ask how someone worked around this and that. Would help to improve skills.
  12 December 2012
Post Suggestions

As an email marketer, here are my two cents on the format of this forum.

I'd like to see the week's topic in the title of the post. Dates alone aren't attractive and has no incentive to click. No click, no participation. I also sometimes forget which thread is what, and it will also help with search results as well. Example: SM 29 - 12-09-2012 to 12-16-2012: Video Game Weapons

Sample images of what the topic is about in the challenge would help. Not references images to use for the modelers, but as a "this is what I'm talking about" picture to clarify. Pictures are worth a thousand words, and can get the creative juices flowing.
  12 December 2012
I'm afraid that this section was a lot more lively just 3 years ago and the people posting in this particular thread are not frequent anymore so I feel there's not a aim forward anymore with the section. I took off where MSus left of and I hoped for his return, he was the most genious when it came to topics.
All in all though, I think we have covered almost everything and anything that is possible to even sculpt, model or practise with. There have been a good number of great ideas but I feel they usually fall short when it comes to the activity and participation. I am only human too and it gets tiresome to keep posting thread when there's no activity.

palf91, that sounds good actually, the sessions was somewhat different even the ones I made during the summer and with mixed items so it had no place for a theme in the title. Feel free to do the next session if you want.

Sundaynights, appreciate the words, I didn't see it until now though. You have been doing a great job pitching in here in the speed model sessions.
  01 January 2013
Hey, palf. That is a good idea! I will make it more clear in the next thread titels what it will be about - we just "invented" themes for the SMC.
Pictures always helps, I agree with that, but sometimes they limit the minds. E.g. when the theme is weapons and you would see guns and knifes and so on - you would propbably go on and do those. But people actually made mines and pokeballs and not the standard cliché weapons. I really liked that. So I don't think pictures should always be included.

Thanks for the kind words, whom. You also did a great job and it's really good that you keep an eye around here and help out if I don't have the time. Keeping this alive together is great (palf, you could also join!)!

I hope all of you had a good start in the new year. I will now go on and do the new 2013 SMC ^^
Seeking a job as 3D-modeller.

My Demoreel

  10 October 2013
I would suggest trying to do quick models of buildings from various times in history, or famous buildings. Like a modern day sky scraper, an Egyptian obelisk, a Japanese temple, Mayan Ruins, The Parthenon, or maybe Sidney Opera House.

Personally i don't spend a lot of time focusing on environments so its probably my weakest area, which is why I would try to speed model a few big objects to fill in an environment.
  02 February 2016
Does anyone still do these challenges? I think it would be great if there was a daily challenge set and people posted whatever they have made by the end of the suggested time period. Sorry if that is already what was happening, I'm new :P

I think it would be really good as an encouragement to create more models.
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