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  12 December 2008
Well I think the only way that this will get off the ground again is if we start doing some things, right?

Any ideas to get it kicked off again?
  12 December 2008
Quote: Well I think the only way that this will get off the ground again is if we start doing some things, right?

Sounds like we've got a pretty good response from the Vote of Interest thread so I reckon you are right on the money. Lets get this thing started.

More details in the Vote of Interest Thread in this forum.
  01 January 2009
A speed model for intermediate users, characters can be a bit advanced for a speed model.

just a suggestion
  01 January 2009
ok guys, why not do something small and quick where we can finish a few variations/studies of the subject.

things like make 5 noses in an hour. make them good studies,and perhaps take it further.

mouthes ( with or without expression )
or feet

stuff like that.

how would that sound like a start?!

and also perhaps start this thing next week or so?! ( or on friday of this week?! )

the issue with these things is that they take time away from other things so keeping these smaller would make it a lot more manageable.
  01 January 2009
Yeah that sounds much more practical.

Are you going to be taking control of these speed modeling sessions now? As I really don't have the time over the next 3 weeks.

Its good to see someone a little higher up the chain showing some interest.

  01 January 2009
While I agree, I would also like to point out that it seems a lot of the focus is usually on organic character modeling. I, myself, am more of a vehicle modeler, but I do "dabble" around in the other areas... But taking the time to do studies on things is a good way to get things going in other areas. I think the problem, though, is that it will further intimidate people from participating if you start making it "scary" things like studies and more formal challenges.

Trying to keep the same structure, maybe we could do medieval era buildings or weapons, futuristic vehicles, etc.

I know you probably didn't mean to model mostly organic things, but I thought I'd bring this up for those of us who don't have the wealth of knowlege when it comes to modeling such things. I know it has been mentioned from other members before that some challenges when it comes to characters are overwhelming, intimidating, and keep them from participating because they feel that too much is expected out of the entries and that it is above their skill level. So having some sort of universal feel would be the best. Afterall, speed modeling is usually more focus on the practice end than the showcase end.
  01 January 2009
good points.

I've always personally thought that speed challenges were always about solving challenges quickly while achieving a certain quality in the final result within the time the artist is given.

so quality does matter in the end in some respects.

we could also do mechanical type stuff, i dont mind but mechanical by nature is a lot more planning and usually less freeform, so if we did do mechanical type stuff it would have to be focused on smaller things. ( think about things like certain mechanical parts, or fancy door handles. or if people want to get more elaborate, try making a handgun within 5 hours.

its still very possible, so theres no need of only focusing on organic .

for a start though, i think that making smaller studies would benefit people more. ( and in the end could make some fun collages if people were to share these umongst each other, to make random mr potato heads )
  01 January 2009
ah, the "mr potato head" idea is great. we should just take all of the final entries and collage them together into the item, regardless how the voting goes. that would be awesome.

those are some very good points. I just think breaking it up makes it a lot easier to keep peoples' attention spans in it.

Maybe one day go from modeling something organic to mechanical, to something environmental etc.

Maybe we could take a vote before hand to get everyone's opinion on what we should do the next week (while the challenge is going on) and then take that highest voted project for the following week.

and on a personal standpoint, i tend to go more for the mechanical things because I'm a cad student who has way too many years of drafting beaten into their skull to think outside of "exact". But I did go to Full Sail and learn 3d there, I just now apply it in CAD and have 3d as my hobby. Which I never rule out trying to get a job as an artist even though I had to quit just shy of getting a degree at FS.
  01 January 2009
we could also do other things like make a tree trunk, while recording the process to see peoples different approaches to the topic. or modelling a rock/stone. youtube makes sharing easy, and having a theme going could be fun.

but i really want to stress this, if we do this, id only want to do really short bursts of speed challenges. after all we already have hardcore modelling sessions to compete with, and these would have to have a very different feel for it to take off.
  01 January 2009
What kind of time constraints? I'm up for anything. I don't really have the time to devote to the HCMC's so I think these will be easier for me to do and build up practice in maya with.

I'm on board for anything.
  01 January 2009
i guess in the end it depends on the user, but perhaps 1 hour per part tops. that way quality doesnt have to suffer, and people can make multiple parts should they choose.
  01 January 2009
well, i'm ready to tackle this whenever. Are you going to kind of take the leadership role of this thing?
  01 January 2009

You've got some great ideas, much more simpler easier to manage and probably more helpful for participants. I've got an urge to join in on some of these. They would be great skill tests for myself so I can see where I'm at.

Lets keep this thing rolling.

  01 January 2009
alright guys, I created the thread. I will participate as well.


Get your friends in on it too and if there are enough people by the end of the day, I will plug this on the front page.
  09 September 2009

what about a SMC about organic modelling, something like insects, cartoon characters(very simple), plants, trees, body parts; since a long time ago I only see SMC about objects, that's OK but I think that will be interesting to change a little bit for a while.
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