I am Captain America, Victor Hugo Queiroz (3D)

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  07 July 2011
Originally Posted by zokana: Wished my English was better when writing such explanations, but hope it’s understandable..

It would probably help if your english was better yes. The thing is, even if your premise was true and it is Barrack Obama (which we can all agree at this point is just what you've projected) there is still nothing racist about it.

Anyway congrats on the award Victor!
  07 July 2011
Thumbs up

Lovely work !!
  07 July 2011
Q. Do you watch a lot of Fox News (US)? Because these are the ramblings of a mad man.

This sounds like the paranoid delusions of Glenn Beck or something. There are plenty of places you can go online to find crazy racist propaganda and racial arguments but this forum is not one of them. This is a place for CGI Artists and animators, this is a place to come and see how much talent is out there in the rest of the world, and what their Artwork looks like.

Originally Posted by zokana: Seeing my opinion obviously not very polpular here, here a more detailed explanation of my very first unfriendly impression of this work. Thoughts which didn’t ran through my head this much defined, but more or less my point of view:

At first about the specific genre used here: Definitely illustration style, featuring not simply sweet characters as self purpose, like saying, “look how cute”, but telling a story. So it can be regarded as an editorial cartoon, which is always wanting to entertain by making fun out of something by exaggerating reality, having always a context to real actuality. Seeing just a simple statement in the picture like “Protect the weaker, even in the face of a greater danger”(as stated by the posting author) is IMO a sort of a naive interpretation of the sketch (and of the 3d adaptation here), the more when knowing that S. Young is illustrating also for the New York Times, needing then definitely a closer look at the content before giving such easygoing statements.

A short look at Captain America comics proves the original Captain America to be a most national US hero, whose adventures are traditionally supposed to help the nation to digest their actual political conflicts. Captain America has been shown always white, very tall and muscular.

Knowing all this, one might find it easy to see the political context in the picture: the weak little black guy is symbolising Barrack Obama, the big basher represents his conservative political opponents, while the little white guy stands for the socially disadvantaged part of the nation, who Obama would like to help, trying to get a social welfare state.

Saying the original sketch has a rassistic undertone, comes from having seen publications which attack the current US president by irreal, simply just populist statements, addressing some more than a few reactionary feelings among US folks. (Sorry for getting this much political, but there is no other way to explain my position about a political and further on awarded cartoon).

So my very first impression of the picture of seeing here a simply populist message, something like “What does this little black guy care about white people’s business?”, has its justification, most especially when seeing tall B. Obama depicted as the otherwise white Captain America, and further more as a small little guy. Absolutely not understandable for me the simple white little boy without any attributes referring to actual problems of the States, having just the only reason at first glance to separate the president by his skin colour.

Wished my English was better when writing such explanations, but hope it’s understandable..
  07 July 2011
stop it guys, everyone can have different opinion. With full respect to all artist here, Zokana just said what he thinks, and its his right to do so. Every artist gets negative comments sometimes, even the best of us. And I know Victor can take something usefull of it and throw away the rest. So lets get back to topic.

For me, this is very nice piece with story, and its also technically very well done. What I especially love is lighting, that really makes some strong eyepleasing atmosphere.

Well deserved award! Congratulations buddy.
  07 July 2011
Edited ... Thanks for your clarification Viturogo
  07 July 2011
I would like to thank everyone who gave me congratz about my award, it was a great personal and professional achievment for me!

Reading all that discussion about "racist" or "offensive" or even "political" or if zokana it's wrong or not I've decided to share some more info about my work:

For those who don't know, the original artwork created by Skottie Young was one of the "I am Captain America" cover variations, published by Marvel on FF No. 5 "I Am Captain America" - all these artworks were created to celebrate the Captain's 70th anniversary. The theme that was given to artists for it's creation was "everyday heroes", so artists like Joe Quesada, Marko Djurdjevic, Ed McGuiness and Skottie Young created those covers with medics, cops, nurses, firemen, soldiers and others kind of everyday heroes. You can check it out here.

And hoping to end this discussion, here's a text displayed right over the text box for comments:

  1. Be courteous and polite. Show respect to the opinions and feelings of others. Use of the forums is a privilege, not a right.
  2. Engage your brain before your mouth. You are responsible for your own words and any harm they may cause.
  3. Don't dilute the forums with irrelevant and unnecessary fluff. CGTalk is a professional, moderated forum. It's a place to talk about all things related to computer graphics.
  4. Critiques and responses to images are to be constructive and related to improving the quality of the artwork.


Online Portfolio

Then you better start swimmin'
Or you'll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changin'.
  07 July 2011
.... Still can not believe this same discussion?
What do you think we focus on the work of art? After all this is the purpose of the forum.
A council, politics, religion, race .... leave that to another forum.... let's talk about what's cool!
Nice work Vitor, congrats!

  07 July 2011
zokana, you seem to be trying REALLY hard to see some negative things on this, in a very cynical way.

For example, let's say for a second that the black guy does represent Obama (which in my opinion is ridiculous, but I celebrate everyone's right to speak his/her mind), he's being portrayed in an heroic way. The little black guy is willing to face forces beyond him to protect the weak, but all you can see is, "little", "black" and "weak". Plus it's funny that you insist to put this in context of editorial cartoon, where does that come from?

If you want, you can make ANY image have a really negative message. And this is a good example. Hell, I could take offense of the picture for being a white guy who represents violence and abuse. See?

The image is awesome, and the concept looks great. Appreciate the link with the "everyday heroes", that was pretty cool. Congratulations on the award, well deserved.

If you allow me, I'd like to make a tiny critique, and that would be the nerdy guy face. There's something that makes it look a little old, I think it has more detail that needed, but that just me.

Awesome image!
  07 July 2011
I just want to say this is an awesome piece of work. Saw it on Zbcentral ( And it should've got top row there too!! )

Now to clarify a few things:

I'm black. I don't find this racist. Load of other races use this forum and they don't see any undertones of racism. I haven't seen a single post of racism on any other forum. It's all about the art. Lets leave it there.
  07 July 2011
Vitorugo, You know your stuff is good when it impacts the way people think. And sparks debate... and thank you for being so open and sharing your workflow. I really dislike it when a great artist will post and forget.... after all art is about communication, right?

Zokana I don't fully agree but totally respect your view..... along with everybody else's, as our "view" is a collection of experiences and how they impact us.

Personally, I welcomed a change in the typical Captain America theme. As with all heroics being a hero is a matter of thought not physicality.

  07 July 2011

Your works are always awesome! I really envy you
  07 July 2011
Great work man, keep it up!
  07 July 2011
Amazing, great work.
  07 July 2011
Stunning work, i love it! Congrats for the award, well deserved
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