Kingfisher Cockpit, A.baldasseroni (3D)

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  04 April 2003
Looks great, excellent amount of detail! I notice you even did the little wires around in the back

The dash material seems just a little bit too specular in the one shot. And the baseball has got to go unless it is bolted in place. Wouldn't want that thing bouncing around the cockpit during some cornering and flipping switches or bashing you in the face.
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  04 April 2003
Badass modeler you are

Wooow !!! great great work, do i smell material for a Tute ?
Believe you can, believe you can't ... either way you're right.
  04 April 2003
A stupid crit I know, but the rest is so nice... it's the baseball, it's too small. Compare it to the hand grip on the joystick. the baseball is only about three fingers in diameter. Pretty small.
Russ Schwenkler
aka Dangeruss
  04 April 2003
All around very nice work.
  04 April 2003
holy f... damn thats real looking.
  04 April 2003
Great job! This looks really good!

My only crit is that the textures seem a little too worn. I think real wear and tear would be a little more subtle...
  04 April 2003
It looks great but I want to give some crit other than, looks great.

This is mostly based on the center image, from inside the cockpit.

What caught my attention was that some items are aged and others look brand new. Mostly it was the things that I would expect the more wear that were clean and smooth.

the handle the buttons the window latches etc probably should be be worn down.
The pedals on the cockpit floor are rusty from rain and moisture and heavy boot work, yet the handles and buttons on the right are perfectly clean and smooth.
by the time the floor pedals rusted, those should have been worn down and that M worn off.
also the padding on the top of the dash may have cracked faded and peeled in the sun. OftenTimes this opens up and the foam underneath is burnt orange by the sun, and may have chunks out of it.
I would also add rust and paint chips/bubbles to the edges of the cockpit where the glass meets, ( that water had to get in there some how to rust the pedals.) show it!

When knobs are turned on metal they generally scrape away the paint, leaving the bare metal underneath. They look like arcs of silver underneath the knobs. Anything that moves or is touched leaves a history. I noticed in paticular the "stick" right where the hand would grip it, is has a nice even specular highlight, I would break this up and fade the paint around it. or at least make some destinction from parts that are worn by hand( somtimes polished by use) and parts that are less worn.

Unless the togglers were freshly painted with a can of 50% flat gray , I would spruce them up too, I would expect them to be more of a dulled bare metal. Maybe an anisotropic shader , or perhaps chipped of paint.

Ok so this is sounding a little heavy. I think it looks great and obviously its an excellent job. I just think it needs more, and some of these things I think detract from the whole.

keep up the awesome work.

just watched the trailer, terrific work.

btw: is the cow noiseMaker a tribute to the THX trailer or does it have other meaning?
  04 April 2003
It looks like the pc game I-L2. Great job. I cant remember where I keep on seeing all your work on this guys project but keep it up. waiting to watch the trailer as I type.

Above & Beyond
  04 April 2003
Great work man, I love the photo and baseball, heh :]
  04 April 2003
The Moo-Moo Gizmo (the cow sound maker), actually is not a tribute to THX intro, but of course it's quite similar.
I have one of those gizmos on a shelf nearby my computer, and it was some kind of inspiration for me.
So now it's a sort of 'brand' to introduce my short movies, and more generally, my work.
  04 April 2003
Hi Ale!
really really great work! you are a master of PS and texturing!

nothing crit to me, this is your stile and i love it


Character The Orc
  04 April 2003
Yikes, reminds me of the type of detail I used to put into models before I got fat and lazy - Really nice work and a good example of how much difference the small details like modelled rivets and panels make - Only crit I have which has been mentioned before is that the windows are far too specular - they look quite plasticy compared to the rest - a bit of smudging and dirt would make a big difference.

Any chance you'd post some of the reference images or textures? I'd appreciate it as I'm doing some military stuff at the moment.

Great work.
  04 April 2003
Some of the best textures I've ever seen..nuff said!
In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king
  04 April 2003
great job. nice cockpit. avionics are very good.
  04 April 2003
Everytime I see a post by you here in the gallery I know it's something to do with this awesome project you're working on. Just like the med truck your attention to detail and aging is really impressive. I'm not sure about all the plane type talk but I know what I see here is stellar. One thing, how the heck is that baseball going to stay put during barrel rolls and such?

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