R&D_PREVIZ_TATTOO PROJECT, Loïc e338 Zimmermann (3D)

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  10 October 2007
A few things here that jump out at me. One, scans can be helpful! People give scanning a bad name but like anything else its merely a helping device. Two, I've never been too big into putting something permanent on my skin. However, if I were ever to do it, that tattoo design would make the cut. Three, realism also gets a bad name sometimes, but frankly I don't understand why. It's a form of artistic expression as much as anything else is. Being able to recreate the human form correctly is a very rare task that only a handful of people can do well. By the way, how much did the tattoo cost? Lastly, it's rare somebody gives an extended account of what they were going through to make their piece of art. I wish this would become more of the norm and trend. I'm sorry but a one sentence description of something you put a thousand hours into just doesn't cut it. Thanks Loic for the extensive, detailed recount of your experience on creating this work of art.
  10 October 2007
Here is the design.

Basically, the subject is a classical “LongMen’s fall” thing. A Koi fish turning into a dragon, with stuff around; waves, flowers, my Logo on the clavicle, and modern shapes.

Here is a quick shot of where we are so far. I go for another round on Friday. We should do the halftones, and reach the head of the dragon.

And here is a shot of something at least as cool as a scan, that everyone should have to understand anatomy. C’mon, this is the perfect thing to ask for Christmas. Hahaha. His name is… Tyler; of course.

Cheers to you all.


Frebell. Ash-Man, bymak, Thanks

Intervain: thanks too. I love your “sculpture” miss.

Quadart: yeah, I thought the process could be interesting for the CG audience. Glad to get some feedback on that too.

Infinite: hahaha. An award? This could be sweet !

Ahtl: cool. Yeah, this whole tattoo thing meant a lot to me. Having the possibility to access to a scan “for free” was a chance which I couldn’t miss.

Jedi-juice. Thanks. Go for it man. Once you’re sure of your design, this become a crazy experience. Once the sleeve is finished, I’ll make a break for a while but … there should be a next step. The full back and the other arm. I already have a blurry vision of it J

Shimrodd: interior design as a tattoo??? Hahaha. Please, don’t do the “kitchen of my dream” on your belly then! Cheers.

Niklas Collin: I’m thinking of it since 10 years now without having a precise idea tho’. Felt it was about time to sketch it down. Glad you like my design.

Elnady. Hi Ahmed. Thanks fella.

Atl4antis, oliveira: thanks to you too.

stephaneD: thanks. Yeah, let’s use CG for funny applications from time to time !

thatoneguy: Hahaha. 40 years!? Gee… From a dragon to a whale, right? For sure it’ll be badass!! It HAS to be this way.

derbyQsalano: yeah, scan; I wanted to be honest on the quality of references I had. Still, it’s a huge work but you surely know it. Basically, it really helps saving time and approximations.

Gatlingg: Glad to see the suppaHighRes becoming the wallpaper somewhere

Afternooncoffeeboy. Hi. Beware of the dark side of the coffee. Thanks man.

DMNY: look backward if you wanna see some of my stuff; I need to switch to some more basic stuff before… the reel I’ll do next. Cheers.

Djampa: Oh my… what else to say? THANKS to you.

Ipereira: sweet. Cheers to you.

Shahabp: glad you enjoyed the process and the explanations, in addition to the pictures themselves.

LordDubu. This – Is - SPARTA !! well. Give a try, see if that works. And enjoy the pain.

Mindrot: you’re welcome to drop a line down anytime you visit my blog folk! Thanks to you.

Gpepper: salut mec. Thanks for the kind word.

Omega-Ond: Indeed, it’s a mix of traditional Japanese art, and modern design. Basically, the initial drawing is erased by part by elements of my logo. And wanted a combination of these too (plus halftones coz I’m fond on them).

Infinite: you again !?! Ok I promise. Next time it’ll be about chicks n inks! Thanks again dude.

Duke of Holland. Thanks to you !

jackZhang. “long speech”…. Yeah, this is how I am… When I feel passionate about something, I cannot count the words. I give workshops by the way, if someone is interested… hahaha.

Yeminius: And sick I am I guess. Take care.

RockstarKate: Yeah. I’ve been working for architecture in my early years of CG. Felt interesting to pre visualize something before it’s built. And, by the way, I’m doing the same for my “loft”. This must be a professional deformation. Although, for the tattoo, it was really a love thing since I dig characters a lot… Cheers to you.

Popol: ben t’es là toi??? Mais elle reviendra d’autant plus fort la petite touche e338 ; elle était juste pas necessaire sur ce sujet particulier. Compte dessus pour la démoreel qui risque de tapper du rendu méchant et du post traitement de bourrin.

Dalton- Muniz : thanks. Once again, glad to see people taking the time to read. It’s great !

Mr Positive: I kinda agree with a most of what you said. Regarding realism, it’s not my cup of tea when it comes to illustration… And basically I never did any for myself. In this particular case I felt it was a good opportunity. Anatomy is a trap I love. The more you go into it, the more you wanna know. It’s endless but really cool to master. I learn everyday about it.

Regarding the price, let’s say it’ll be insane in the end (since we’ve only done 30% of the entire piece), but the problem is not here. It really depends on the tattoo artist and the size/complexity of the artwork. Since this one is really full of details, it’s really time consuming and it requires a lot of precision. Just to explain. xK €.

kudos to you all...
i am Jack's complete lack of surprise
  10 October 2007
Beautifull tattoo! I am a chineese dragon fan. Great design
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  10 October 2007
Wow! Amazing work! A tattoo is a piece of art you have to live with for life, and that you wanted to explore your design this way before it is immortalized on your body is very clever. We 3D heads model our livingrooms in 3D before we redecorate, so why not our bodies before we redecorate them as well... lol!
And in the process you also created a wonderful piece of art which stands out in its own.

Award well deserved. Looking forward to see the finished tattoo!

Arne Kaupang - VFX Supervisor & Character Animator - www.akdesign.no
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  10 October 2007
Hello. I saw you work and just had to let you know that I was extremely impressed with your work. It is incredible. I love it. I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future. Regards!

  10 October 2007
congrats my crazy friend! man that must hurt
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  10 October 2007
C'est le truc le plus dingue que j'ai jamais vu
Standing ovation
  10 October 2007
Absolutly stunning...........
  10 October 2007
realy nice presentation on this ,I love the way you went about designing it.
you should also show it off to some of the tattoo magazines..I wouldn't be surprised if they made an article about it

  10 October 2007

I'm speechless.....!
  10 October 2007
your work kind of reminds be of some thing out of a Luc Besson film.
( big complement )
Fantastic Really nice extraordinary detailed and comprehensive work.
Well deserved award. 5*

  10 October 2007
ouaip, ca dechire...
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  10 October 2007
Hey Loic! How are you my friend? glad to see u finally had time to show the world that amazing work u did on both of u guyz (u and ur genetic modified 3d clone!) U already know how i feel bout wat u did, its just amazing, design, process, renders, modeling.. anyways, congrats for the awards and remember we gotta see each other next time u come at quantic! we will celbrate that over a good bottle and a big ass meal!

Peace out Mr. Zim.
  10 October 2007
wow thanks for sharing the design man!
now i know how will my tattoo look like lolz

i am doing both arms on the right symbols of the east and on the left symbols of the west, and somehow mixing them up in middle of the back...

anyways congratz on the front page u deserved it
oh and you will be watched closely from now on
  10 October 2007
Stunning Loic! Great work!
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