R&D_PREVIZ_TATTOO PROJECT, LoÔc e338 Zimmermann (3D)

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  10 October 2007
Thumbs up

a great man make a great job```
the tatto is very nice```
5star for u
  10 October 2007
Amazing! And I'm talking both about the realism, and the tattoo design!
But, in the rendering, I think the tatoo itself needs to be first slightly blurred (due to colorbleeding in the dermis), then slightly bluish, and finally less black. Yes I know a fresh tattoo can be really dark, and if you prefer it that way, then keep it.
  10 October 2007
It must be somewhat freaky to see yourself in 3d like that! That is such a vivid image it is mind blowing.

It would be neat if you did a short movie render where the camera spins around the model. But I think the long rendering times would make it almost not worth it.

It is one of the best images I have seen!

  10 October 2007
superbe , i love our modeling and , z pass , the result is so natural ! ! , just excellent


best regards

France and around the world
  10 October 2007
hey cool the design looks awsome.

Nice idea to test out a tattoo
How many hours of pain will you be going through to get that tattoo completly done?
  10 October 2007

WOw! Truley fascinating and a very inspiring read! sounds like you have some very cool frineds and contacts. Well done on your work, everything is awesome. Design, execution and render!

Well done, cant wait to see the whole real model rigged. One of the most realistic pieces to date. What you have achieved is 'ART' and one of the hardest thing's technicaly to do. I hope you dont get any trolls or bashing for you work.

This more than anything truly deserves front page and an award!

Excellendt work dude!


  10 October 2007
Thumbs up

Mr Loic,

very, very cool (as I told you many times already). I wonder if anybody ever put so much work into a tattou - but it sure payed off . Can't wait to see the finsihed CG and real version!!

(brandnew and shiny!)
  10 October 2007
dude? where do you get to use a 3d scanner? and could you explain more of how you arrived at the current mesh from the scanned patches?
  10 October 2007
wow, this is just unbelivable work , totally photorealistic
  10 October 2007
yo bro.
i have to say, kick ass tattoo design. really impressive.
what can i say about 3d image.. hmm .. looks like you, but with less hairs
and im not sure, but i think so you improve a bit, your muscles in 3d

i like the making off its really cool to see 3d and later you with the tears in your eyes and butcher behind you

its cool idea to designe/prototype your self in 3d do you have in mind some further mods? iplants? metal parts, hydraulics ? maybe some "intel inside"??

great job masta LOIC

  10 October 2007
This is some crazy stuff right here!
Great work!
  10 October 2007
Well. Cool feedback so far.

Svenjorjensen. Thx.

Raul-Reznek : thanks killerman. Yeah, scans. Itís such a cool ref to have. Well, once you have one in your hands itís ok to decline to anykind of character. But stillÖ

Minminxu: thanks to you. Background is basically the tattoo itself. I may post it later on.

Butsa: Thanks. Iím still wondering if Iíll share the design in the end. May be cropped or in low res (1k max). Iím a bit paranoid on this. Eh!!! Donít pay attention and keep looking to the thread J for a potential update on this particular point.

Fluvirus, Pepius, Swag, Neni: thanks to you all. Glad you like both the 3D, and the tattoo design.

Scrimski. Do you mean you have one and you want to make another one as well?

Mamali132002, frebell: thanks.
HocusPocus, Litterz: I keep your stars. Thanks men.

Stahlberg: wooo! Look whoís there ! Thanks sir. Regarding the tattoo youíre perfectly right. I can see it happening in the real life, itís really dark first, then shitty, then it fades, then the brand new skin appears, then itís getting darker again, but not black indeed. The blueish effect does appear, but only after a year or so. For the CG version I wanted itÖ brand new J . Anyway. Glad you like it.

(itís the second time we work on the same project and still, we havenít met yet. What are we waiting? Hahaha)

Moonraker808: Yeah, thatís a bit freaky but I think itís even more for my friends. Youíre never really objective when it comes to yourself. Like seeing a video or something.

Iíll do a video but it wonít be a damn turntable. As I said in the post, a friend is working on a crazy rig. Iíll do a short animation for my upcoming reel in the next months.

Render time takes 10 min in 1K, with all at once (clothe, skin, fur); Iíll switch to render layer for animation purpose, itíll be even faster I guess, with more control over the render.

Malonet: Thanks and respect man!

Copain. Merci mec. Well, Iíve already spent 11 h under the needle. I think we have around 20 more to doÖ damn!

Infinite: So youíre the one who read it all right? Hahaha. Glad you enjoyed the process. And regarding the quality of your work Iím really happy that you like this one this much. Seriously.

Iíve really spend a lot of time on the tattoo design, it was a tough call and since Iíll have it on my skin forever, I wanted it to be neat.

The whole process after was more to convert this experience into something that would combine all my passions. Graphic design, character modelling, experimentationÖ

Cheers mate.

Sheb: Youíll see it finished in the true life, when Iíll come and visit you in Tokyo my friend. Itíll be cool to be seen as a bad ass in Japan and get myself beaten up by people if they think Iím some kind of gangsta. Hahaha. Ladies and gentís, respect for one of the best modellers I know!

Cooperunionstud : As I said in the post, i work (as a freelance from home) for Quantic Dream, a videogame company based in Paris. I do nex gen character for them (on a project called HeavyRain) and Thierry, the character supervisor, had the brilliant idea to buy a 3D scan for the faces of the actors he casts for the game. Weíre usually matching our cages on top in order to be as close as possible.

Because itís not a body scan, it creates tiny patches (letís say around 30cm x 30cm of clean scan per shot); so we did something around 15 to 20 scans for the torso + head. The tough thing was to assemble these patches all together (you donít really stay in the exact same position, breathing changes spin position too, etcÖ

When I was done with this, I assigned the scan to a frozen layer in Maya, and I imported my usual character cage. I matched it on top using NEX to soft select and move Vtx. When It was pretty close, I decided to upgrade the cage a bit, adding loops, removing others, sliding edges, etcÖ the idea was to have a clean, neat, but yet not too heavy geometry to start on with.

At this stage, it was enough for the tattoo process (UV layout, back and forth from Maya to Photoshop) to test, place, design the tattoo.

After a couple of days I decided to push the project further and go for a realistic render. It was time to do a little texturing and switch to Zbrush to sculpt the details visible in the scan, and even some that were not in it since itís always a bit grainy. I used a lot of references (photos, mirror) to go as far as I could. Not too much nitpicking thoí .

Does it help?

Fox. Thanks for the feedback dude. I do have less hair than when we met for sure. In fact I think the only time I had so few was when I was born. Hahaha.

Regarding the muscles, donít be jalous man! Itís just that after the scan was completed, I said to myself ďholly crap, you need to do something for this freaking belly, youíre too ďyoungĒ for this to happenĒ. And then I started doing a little bit of exercises. Not too much tho, I know I could instantly be tough as hell which could be source of a lot of problems (jealousy, you knowÖ).


Implants? Neh! But I could use a intern GPS for sure. I canít wait!

basic sss_FG_HDRI render, turned to b&w into photoshop.

Thanks again for the feedback. Glad you guys like it. When you put so much energy into something, this is the best reward ever, right?

i am Jack's complete lack of surprise
  10 October 2007
perfect work its amazing 5 stars !!

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  10 October 2007
this is totally front page material Loic! Awesome - love the tattoo!

  10 October 2007
Greatly executed project from every aspects, from thought to finish.
Thanks for the in depth description of the process.
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