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Old 11-17-2002, 06:55 PM   #1
blasphemy3_d's Avatar
JJ Juan Jose Palomo
VFX artist
Big Lazy Robot Visual Effects
Barcelona, España
Join Date: Oct 2002
Posts: 391

Still: People´s car (VW Beetle)

Hi again.

It´s my last job.

Four days for the car mesh & paint, two days for the street mesh & paint and another two days seting up the scene.

Hope you like

Critiques are wellcome!!!!

Old 11-17-2002, 07:02 PM   #2
2cool's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2002
Posts: 77
Awesome !!! Great job !!Perfect 10 !!
You rock!!!
Use your imagination !
Old 11-17-2002, 07:04 PM   #3
Dr.Jones's Avatar
Olivier Couston
still looking
Join Date: Apr 2002
Posts: 137
I love it, I thought it would be "another new beetle" but I love the good old one. Looks almost phototrealistic

Edit: I give you 5 stars right now
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Old 11-17-2002, 07:10 PM   #4
New Member
blath's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2002
Posts: 8
I don't get it. Your showing a picture of your RL car?? Just kidding. wow GOOOD JOB.

At first I thought you were showing us some paint graphic work you had done on a real car .. and while thinking 'ya nice paint job I guess' (was expecting to see something like ghost paint or something but I did think the paint was nice) and other thoughts like well at least he gots work.

than I re-read it.. AND...

oH! wow. dang. it's a cg car.

heh heh very nice. good job!
Old 11-17-2002, 07:14 PM   #5
Neo85's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2002
Posts: 75
wow incredible job!!
post another pic...?
site :)
I love 3d! Lightwave r0x
Old 11-17-2002, 07:46 PM   #6
Abner Marin
last and least monkey
Murcia, España
Join Date: Mar 2002
Posts: 129
Oh my f@#€ng god!!! That's really impressive! And only a week to do the work... You are really a master. I only wanted to point up some things I noticed. The top of the car is too bright to me (but I'm unable to make that kind of GI, so...perfect anyway). The parachoques trasero (I don't know the word in english, sorry) is way too reflective and "new" may be.
The last thing I see is the sun is casting shadows not parallel... I mean the car casts a bigger shadow than the wall on the right... as if the sun was just over the wall. Maybe It really is like that, but to me it seems a bit funny.

Anyway, a PERFECT work. 5 stars from me, of course! God damn! Just photorealistic!

Could you post a wire or something more???? I want to see more.

Old 11-17-2002, 07:51 PM   #7
New Member
Graphic Artist / web designer
Join Date: Jun 2002
Posts: 6
Wicked car! I've been a veedub fan forever and have owned many. I only have 2 crits. There is no fender beading (the black rubber bead that runs between the fender and the body) and the bumpers you have on the car have supports coming off the top of the overrider bars that go through the fenders and attache to the body of the car. I only say this because I have a 64 in the garage that I drive every day... and you tend to pay attention to those things.

Other than that, superb work!

Old 11-17-2002, 07:58 PM   #8
Just H
New Member
Just H's Avatar
Unemployed (Just Finished School)
Join Date: Nov 2002
Posts: 3
Wow! That's amazing. A wire would be cool. I really like the leaves and stuff on the road. It makes things dirty and adds a ton of realizm. I just dont understand the little "1300" on the back of it... that's all. It's minor, but it just kinda looks like it was put on top of the entire image. Great work!
"Animation can explain whatever the mind of man can concieve"
-Walt Disney
H -
Old 11-17-2002, 08:06 PM   #9
blasphemy3_d's Avatar
JJ Juan Jose Palomo
VFX artist
Big Lazy Robot Visual Effects
Barcelona, España
Join Date: Oct 2002
Posts: 391


Thanks you all for the comments!

the time render is tto big, but I´ll post some more renders in a short period.

Someone ask about the 1300... it´s the model. Maybe also the size of the engine... I´m not sure
Old 11-17-2002, 08:35 PM   #10
Waiting on Shadow
wgreenlee1's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2002
Posts: 5,626
Great job!!!
The top of it really looks blown out by the light but everything else looks great!
Old 11-17-2002, 08:41 PM   #11
Guybrush Threepwood
Frinsklen's Avatar
Andrés G. Lázaro
student & freelancer
Madrid, España
Join Date: Mar 2002
Posts: 451

I cant add anything. superb as usual.

Andres G. Lazaro
· andytoons ·
Old 11-17-2002, 08:43 PM   #12
rock and scissors
rock's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2002
Posts: 1,180
Tremendous street and car and paint. We should name it "The street car named desire". It takes you faster to paint your CG car than it takes me to wash my real car.

Old 11-17-2002, 09:06 PM   #13
Will do CG for food
thx1138's Avatar
Richard Willkomm
Network Admin / CG Artist
The Hague, Netherlands
Join Date: Mar 2002
Posts: 1,187
Send a message via MSN to thx1138
8 days for this !!! Dude you have some serious skills !!

Love the mood. Car's color just fits right in. Excellent stuff. Don't know how you did it in 8 days, would've taken me at least 1 month and I wouldn't be anywhere near this quality. Please tell me you still eat and go out once in a while

Old 11-17-2002, 09:11 PM   #14
i dont know too..;o)
Join Date: Aug 2002
Posts: 115

damn beatiful...
Thrilling soon...
Old 11-17-2002, 09:22 PM   #15
Lord of the posts
stephen2002's Avatar
Join Date: Mar 2002
Posts: 1,798
I usually don't do a post like this but...


mind giving us a little insight as to how the lighting was done?
stephen2002 thanks you for reading another one of his posts!

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