Post Apocalyptic Vehicle, Sigma (3D)

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  03 March 2002
This vehicle is just incredible. Glad you managed to texture it. I really dig this one.
And my avatar: Dont know if should say this, but it is me...
Ok and a tad photoshop work, at least the face is mine, and I dont have a musatche, thats my eyebrowes rubber stamped in place

  03 March 2002
mmm.... Impressive....

B R A V O !

  03 March 2002

Thanks for all the comments!
Heres an outdoor test. Im not too good with lighting so if someone has any tips on creating a more realistic feel please let me know. Too much contrast? does it need more ambient light? I think ive been looking at it too long . Some modeling still left to do on the left side, also some texture issues. I got 4 days left! I'll post the final on Friday.

Right side shot:
Left side shot:

  03 March 2002
wow very very nice, I'm loving the feel of this, now put a character in there

I still want that cloth texture

also the shadows are really light, there's not to much depth happening there, and it makes the image appear floaty and almost bare , also smooth those dang mountains will ya!! very very good job man, you got a vote from me

  03 March 2002
haha, yea i see the floatiness also. The landscape needs some SERIOUS work lol. Just trying to get a basic atmosphere for the possible 'PA landscape' entry. I stress the word possible. So your saying darker shadows? thats probably whats been bothering me. All this time i was worried the shadows were too dark on the vehicle. Its messin with my eyes I'll fix it up for Friday.

Thx LD.

texture: we will talk.
driver: coming soon. pirate from last month
your vote: thx bud!
  03 March 2002
sigma, your vehicle is excelent! really good!

but it doesn't fix very well with the environment, and I think it could be for these reasons:
-The vehicle is very textured and the floor very simple.
-The textures have a lot of shadows and in the illumination there is only one light
-It seems to be sticked, why don't you try to add dust in the wheels to disimulate the contact with the floor?.

It's an excelent model but I think you need add rubbish to the environment to complete the scene.

Could I explain it? :(

Good luck!
  03 March 2002
Hey sigma,
When in doubt use NO ambient light. and then work up from there. first add big light that covers the veiwable area. this light should be faint, cast no shadows or very blurry, and be the hue you would like your shadows to be. then add your MAIN object light. this will cast the shadows you want. then add a FILL light. this should be comming from the opposite direction of the MAIN light. Make the FILL light about half the intensity of the MAIN light. If needed, add a KICK or RIM light for extra descriptive lighting.
Here is a quick demo...

Basic, I know but some times it helps to reiterate some of these concepts. I hope that helps. If not go ahead and slap me.

BTW I really like this design. I wish I had the ability and patience to model like that! Very impressive
Kory Heinzen
VisDev Artist
My Blog
  03 March 2002
You should also add a bounce light thats the same color as the ground coming from right underneath the object with intensity about half the fill light.
  03 March 2002
Those lighting tips are, of course, if you're not using GI. Which makes my life about twenty times easier

Looks awesome, btw. Great work on the texturing.
  03 March 2002
Lighting update

Just wanted to get eveyones opinion on the new lighting setup. This ones Raytraced. Little better than the last setup . I dont think I will enter the Landscape challenge. Too much to do.

Once again, thx for all the feedback and especially the lighting tips.
pabbloz: Thx for those points. I appreciate the response.
KOryH: Thats a great little animated tutorial gif. It helped. I learned the three point lighting system in college but we never really studied Global Illumination techniques. Thx alot for the tips. PS. Your Soul Reaver work is outstanding.
psumo:Thx psumo. The bounce light/kick light issue... I think I might of added to much to my kick/bounce light, or maybe too much ambient.
timothy:Thx Tim. I just wish Maya had a GI system. Im experimenting with a couple plugins like raydiffuse. We will see how it turns out.

Thanks again everyone! Let me know what you think of the latest lighting setup. More shadows? Less ambient light?
  03 March 2002
kewl piccy. nothing to criticise. Maybe the background a little more subdivided, but else, great.

  03 March 2002
really really really really really really really really better illumination
Very good.
now is perfect!
If you are boring and you can add some bump in the floor,... would be greater
  03 March 2002

nice work. if you want to animate it, czech dis owt:
  03 March 2002
Thx guys!
Hey bentllama thats exactly what Ive been looking for. Thanks for the link!

Heres the final last shots for the challenge. So much for the Landscape but there simply wasnt enough time. Its a miracle I got this far in 20 days. It was fun watching it transform into this...thing. The textures still need some tweaks and maybe a little more detail is needed but its basicly done. The Engine runs on a mixture of Nuclear Waste Material (liquids) lmao it could happen. Guess you have to use your imagination. Theres also a high density Solar Panel located on the left side of the vehicle (second image on right). The weapon on the right is an Electric Magnetic Pulse Canon (to take out the enemies robotic vehicles. ha). Of course this is all fantasy . Hope you like my vehicle. Sorry there isnt more shots, I ran out of render time :(
Next project: Animate a high speed chase!

Thanks again for all the feedback these past weeks. It really helped.
Good luck to all!
  03 March 2002
I know those pics are final but if you ever feel like coming back to it, you can never see the entire wheel when it's on sand, i think if some of those dunes slightly obscured the bottom of those wheels it would be a lot more realistic.
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