Semi Futuristic Car Design, Spirit2029 (3D)

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Old 10 October 2002   #46
Live Life, Take Chances
Reap the Rewards or Suffer the Consequences
Old 10 October 2002   #47
I love the design...

It would be amazing if you had a wide panoram shot, With like 6 cars all wicked colors, rendered in global illum, and lined them up on a slight arc.

Can we see a closer shot of the interior it look like some nice detailing.

Live Life, Take Chances
Reap the Rewards or Suffer the Consequences
Old 10 October 2002   #48
wow great job, i want that car

-alberto sigismondi.
Old 10 October 2002   #49
Man this car is awsome, i LOVE IT!!! i want it, it should be realised by peugot and it will sell to.... great job man!
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Old 10 October 2002   #50
i always loved your work dude,now,more respect! 5stars!!

you da man!
Old 10 October 2002   #51
Quote: Originally posted by CHRiTTeR
What? ... That shader looks great! Noooooo, don't change it.
Sorry, but just curious... What do you not like about it?

Well this obviously isn't fair, since this guy is a demi-god come down upon us, but take a look at his shaders anyway:

Now take a look at this car again. It looks great, but it doesn't look real.

Not that I could model a better car, lemme tell you
Regards Michael Heilemann
Old 10 October 2002   #52
Hey thanx for all the replies again. I've noticed a few people mention the fact it isnt photoreal. Well truth is I wasn't trying to make it photoreal. I like my art work to have a little bit of a cg look to it and a little of my own style. This isnt a cop out of doing the hard work of making stuff look photoreal, I just like this look better. Anyways ill have some more updates up in a few days most likely, im actually waiting on a job possiblilty right now.

You will understand the Null, once you realize there is no Null....
Old 10 October 2002   #53
fantastic car....
Thrilling soon...
Old 10 October 2002   #54

Quote: Originally posted by Mangaka604
AWD rules. RWD generally have more oversteer than a AWD car.

Exactly ! That's what you want in a sportscar. You want to be able to go sideways through corners, wich is way more difficult with AWD. I still agree with my comment that it should be RWD instead of AWD. Fighting the car with oversteer is what it is all about...

Quote: Originally posted by Mangaka604
Besides, AWD is more practical in the real can drive quicker on a greater variety of conditions compared to RWD.

Sure, but who needs a practical sportscar? Sportscars need to take you to the edge, to drive to the limit.
The Subaru 2003 Impreza WRX is a great car, but it is built for rally sports.
Those rally cars need to drive different conditions like gravel, stone, grass etc. AWD fits the needs of these drivers.
Why are all the great sportscars such as : Ferrari's, Lamborghini's and ofcourse Porsche's RWD? They are built for speed on ordinary roads. The feel of the car is much more important.
This weekend I drove a Maza MX-5 again with RWD (okay, not a typical sportscar like a Porsche, but it will leave some track marks...) and it is some much fun.

Just an opinion.

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Old 10 October 2002   #55
oh yea, that's more logical futuristic design, it is like a lotus race car future design.

Oh yea, XSI (ah, i should blame mental ray instead of XSI) depth fading and depth of field is bad. i suggest you to render out a separate pass as z-depth. and use that as an alpha channel to do the thing you want. like fade out or blur it manually.
Old 10 October 2002   #56
Wow look what I was missing out on, Really great design, I like all the mixtures of edges and roundness, Also I like how the seams all tie the car together in an odd way, and that interiror is way impressive.

Good luck on the Peugeot contest, I also entered, but still trying to nail down an idea for it.
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Old 10 October 2002   #57
First let me say that this car is really cool. I like the style and the look. It's a realistic view of a futuristic car.

now the critique .... The only thing that bugs me are the seams in the body panels, they look too far apart and rounded. It gives it a "scale-model" look. Like it's not full size.

Just an observation.

Now - like many people have said, I couldn't even get close to modelling something this good. VERY good job. Looking forward to seeing you finish this one!
I got a sweater for christmas .... I wanted a moaner or a screamer.
Old 10 October 2002   #58
still working away on an update, proubly tomorrow. Anyways wanted to thank everyone for their comments. Also I have noticed a few people say they could never model something to this detail. Well dont say never, this is my first car, and really its just alot of hard work. There isnt really anything challenging about it, just coming up with the idea for the design. The actual modeling part was easy. The main tip I can give anyone is rough out the model to begin with. Decide where you want the seems to be, then just start from the front and work to the back. Make sure all your points line up at your seems, and dont be afraid to use a fair amount of geometry. Anyways ill have more soon. Thanx again.

You will understand the Null, once you realize there is no Null....
Old 10 October 2002   #59
great design dude!! very good modelling as well!! the materials & render need some work, but defenitly great design & modelling!!! :airguitar
Old 10 October 2002   #60
Spirit2029 this is a great design
Looks really hot and where can I get one (with the small tailfin )!?

Just one little thing: this is 3D so it should be easy to put the camera on the place of the driver's eyes. It will probably show that the bars between the front and the side windows are a bit thick and it's a little hard to look outside. Maybe make the side windows a bit bigger.

Anyhow... 5 stars from me
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