Alien Mayhem In Amsterdam, House Of Secrets & Soulbase (Animation)

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  08 August 2004
great job!

all comments have been already been said.
  08 August 2004
Now that was fun movie clip.. all the old desing UFOs flying around, and the gigantic robots look funny in the downtown.. made me laugh!!!

Great effects you´ve made up to it... love your stuff!

  08 August 2004
Poor old Bessy!!! Why is the cow always the first one to get it?
You did a good job of blowing up buildings without actually blowing them up.
I love scenes with giant robots stomping around in cities. I hope Sky Captain is at least as
good. What part did Lightwave play? Just modeling or more? Is it possible to see some images of just the robots and a wire or two?
  08 August 2004
Reading the intro text in the site helped a lot. I think the bad comments you got, -that really weren't bad, they were just suggestions and thoughts about the work,- were because you were trying to promote the trailer as something that it wasn't.

On the very first post you said: "clear up the common misunderstanding - once and for all - that smaller studios in Holland indeed have enough experience and expertise to fulfill the task of doing realistic animated 3D."

Instead you should say something like: this is our effort to create a short stylised clip in a limited timeframe.

Now people can understand that the problems that we can clearly see in the clip were because of the short timeframe. And now we can appreciate the work you've done and the effort involved to do that kind of thing.

The realistic comment is also a little bit too extreme. If you used the term stylised or that you were going for a style that resembles "sky captain and the world of tommorow" then we wouldn't expect to see a realistic animated 3d from a company that has enough experience and expertise to fulfill the task.
By hyping your work you set certain expectations that you have to meet. If the expectations aren't met then you get a really dissapointed crowd.
Not to mention the contradiction of a studio that has experience and expertise, and enters in to a non pro contest.

Promote yourself right.

And please don't take my comments as bad critique or being b!tchy.

Now that things are cleared up, I can say to you.
Job well done!!
Congratulations and keep going!!
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  08 August 2004
Originally Posted by bobster: ...and clear up the common misunderstanding - once and for all - that smaller studios in Holland indeed have enough experience and expertise to fulfill the task of doing realistic animated 3D.
My thoughts exactly! Is the 3D industry in Holland then finally maturing? Let's hope so!

Fantastic work, guys!!!

PS. Als jullie ooit nog eens vacatures hebben daaro in Nederland, geef dan effe een gilletje, want in ben Engeland goed zat!

Oooo spooky... I just noticed this is my 666th post on CGTalk!!!
  08 August 2004
I was just gonna say that!

That's one evil post you have there man!!!
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  08 August 2004

We don't take comments as bad critique or as being bitchy, so no worries there! We received lots of "great"-s and "wow"-s (which is very cool, many thanks everyone!) but offcourse it's also nice to hear some real critique. We're not perfect in any way and therefore would love to learn from others. But then on my turn I would like to give away that critique is only critique when you know the story behind it. Otherwise it's just ramblings. Pretty sure you agree with me on that.

Where I do have to disagree on partly is that you mention "Promote yourself right". I totally agree on that statement, but I would say we did! We've set up a site stating exactly how the clip evolved from start to finish, what we have set as our own goals and what the outcome in the end was. We thought things over and pulled a hype on it for exposure. Again, us being small (but confident ;-) studios can use the extra publicity.

The one thing that was a misjudgment was indeed the contest (that turned out to be "non-pro"). But I think that is also typical for the "Dutch 3D idea". They present the contest as top-of-the-notch, state that they want to show the audience that Holland also can make convincing effects and in effect pull a "too profi stunt" on us. (Another thing I totally agree on with you: Realistic is indeed a bit too extreme and therefore incorrectly used as a term)

Lastly I dont see a contradiction in the fact that we have experience and expertise and followingly enter a non-pro contest. That, once again, defines the Dutch 3D market. We as small studios have enough experience and expertise in 3D but the Dutch market won't let us (talking about more Dutch studios here, not just us) do projects because they all (read: mostly) go abroad. Leaving the Dutch 3D level at a seemingly low level cause of contests, promoting themselves as top-notch to the public, show a much lower quality of work. It's not alone the case of us entering a non-pro festival, it's the fact that the general mentality is that the work regularly shown on these festivals IS the pro standard when in fact at the moment even smaller studios are able to perform at a higher standard. That combined with the fact that "everything" goes abroad or to the (very few) larger studios in Holland leaves the market puzzled and thinking that they actually _do_ have to go abroad. That was the largest drive for us to create something like this! The fact that the development period was rather short also helps to show that it wouldn't have to take forever, seeing a smaller studio means a smaller team works on it... So that drive, the general mentality surrounding the Dutch 3D market AND the given background of the project convinced us we could try and hype this thing for the statement of it.

Having said that I think we did an ok job on setting an objective and reaching that objective. That being: "Our personal aim was to totally blow away the audience and clear up the common misunderstanding - once and for all - that smaller studios in Holland wouldn't have enough experience and expertise needed to fulfill such a task"

Okido, throat cleared! Thanks for the flowers and critique! We definately will keep going, we learned a lot and - I promise - never will stop learning!


P.S. How about them Olympics 'ey!!
  08 August 2004
THis looks really nice. Great job
"Art is a lie that helps us understand the truth" - Picasso
  08 August 2004
Wohooow great jobs you guys did

heey Arjan, wat was jou aandeel hier in?
  08 August 2004
Fantastisch werk! Ik vind die retro-look fantastisch!
  08 August 2004

Awesome Clip... Great work !

Only comment is that on the scene with the cows although the robot that steps on the cow makes a hole on the ground , all others just step on the grass without making any holes.

Anywayz .. It's very impressive... Hope to see some more soon!!
  08 August 2004
Hi Koen

Mijn aandeel hierin was het modelen, shaden en renderen van de robots en het shaden en renderen van de ufo's. Verder het maya gedeelte van de explosies en nog wat andere dingetjes.

Hoe gaat het er verder mee? Ik heb net je site bekeken en ben erg onder de indruk van je werk.

  08 August 2004
Very,very nice animation, guys!

Hi Floris (one of the animators). Long time no see. How is the south these days?

Dit is ook een trotse kaasdrager!
  08 August 2004
It looks very cool, even though you probably would like to hear otherwise, the 50s propaganda art style graphics design was my favourite part of the movie. That's not to say I wasn't impressed with the rest too though, especially for a dutch company - and I know you don't like me saying that but I wasn't convinced of any dutch superiority yet - it looked tight. I still have to agree with Phobos to some degree though, it didn't strike me as professional in every aspect.

Personally my main problem was the animation of the robots, those simply didn't move in a convincing way in most of the shots, especially the large march at the beginning. The foot rotation was the most obvious thing, and besides that the entirely rigid spine (I suppose that doesn't make it a spine anymore, but you get the idea) that did have a lot of rotation at the hips made them look very jerky, something that doesn't fit a mech that big, imo.

Other than that, I really liked it. While there are many complains about those explosions, I personally liked them give or take some of the pixellation. Especially the 2D animation feel they had while retaining a pretty convincing and realistic character impressed me.

By the way, Bobby the Groot, you're the animatronics teacher at the HKU right? I did animation last year (quit halfway through the year though)... never knew that course housed such a talented 3D teacher :)
  08 August 2004
oooohh..that's huge man.....awesome it a lot
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