The Tale Of Kar, Lildragon (3D)

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  06 June 2002
Great attention to detail!

Love that just as much detail was placed on the ground and rock textures as there was to the character.
Stan Slaughter
We have enough youth, how about a Fountain of Smart?

  06 June 2002
Great stuff, LilD. G'luck on your job hunt, I'm sure you'll find at least a few.
  06 June 2002
Yo! Great work! You send your posters overseas to Europe?

I´m gonna give you some crits, good ones! I´m not that good of a modeler... but I know picture composition!

First picture:
Agree on the pose, he´s falling over to the left. move the body to the (picture) right so his ankle straightens up and leave the feet where they are.
Loose the grass. It looks out of place. It´s too dry for green grass to grow there.
The edge between the rock and dirt is to sharp. you know what to do.
Make some impressions in the ground around his feet, it looks lie he´s turning in place and that would make marks in the ground.
Dirty him up abit.

Second picture:
Loose the grass on the rock. Grass don´t grow on rocks!
The sword, how would it look if he held it uppright? Have you tried that? I don´t think it will look better but... it might? Maybee place the sword in the ther hand... naaah! never mind.
This pose would be an EXELLENT chance to do a siluett of him against that sky! Just use the sunlight and make an epic siluette pose! I think that would be a killer!!

Great pictures! Love ém!
Anyone who has imagination but lacks knowlege have wings but no feet.
  06 June 2002
i've read em all and all points are pretty much on in my opinion. the top one in terms of pose balance. another thing i'm not sure if it was mentioned or not. he comes off as a pretty tough warrior guy...but his is tenderly holding his weapon and stick or whatever.....he should have a good solid grip to match his character....think sounds. everything else is pretty awesome.
  06 June 2002
you guys totally kick butt, thx

Most of you are mentioning the balance of the character and I totally agree, I didn't put as much effort into this pose as I did the cliff scene, BUT I can go back to it later maybe I'll have time, but I have to press these posters out with some T's e.t.c but at least I know what to do now in future composition, thx to Anticz especially for that crit..

I'm somewhat new to composition but I tend to hit something now and again...

Henrik: awesome those extra small details really shines in a scene, and I'll see if I can do something if I have enough time.. under a month argh and grass can grow in patches on cliff no? hmm ah well heheh

fluxgrafx: I'm extremely glad you brought this to the table, why? because this is Kar's personality, he's a gentle giant, but only when aggravated enough will he get extremely aggressive.. I tried to convey his intellect in these images, he's not just a great warrior, but a compassionate one, he has a very calm side, notice his hands like you did in the second pic, see the right hand how it graces the stone? it's showing yeh he's stalking BUT he's patient, calm and knows when to strike, he's background states he's not a young spear headed warrior but a very intelligent beast..

and for all who want posters, just drop me a line I'll hook you up even if you're not at Siggy..

  06 June 2002


Hope we get to see him animated on day.
Looks like he could kick some serious butt!

Chris 'sigma' Smart

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  06 June 2002
Great stuff, especially the second (as been said )

one ity thing to do if you can, just add some dark spots (in PS) to his belly to break up the mass of white.It's subtle, but will draw att. away from that part (which was actaully the very first part of him I looked at) and make it blend into the rest - Like you did with the bottom of the legs!

Best of luck on the job-hunt! I'll be ordering one poster of the second

see you,


(back online!)
  06 June 2002
Sigma: you most def will

l_farley13_l: cool which poster are you referring to? and thx I'll need it

Kerlin: you remember SPARKS!! that was like 4 yrs and some, you peaked my curiosity, cause that means you knew me from my truespace days do I know ya?

  06 June 2002
Quote: Originally posted by lildragon

Kerlin: you remember SPARKS!! that was like 4 yrs and some, you peaked my curiosity, cause that means you knew me from my truespace days do I know ya?

Indirectly. Only as list subscribers. I remember your work, though. Sparks is still in the gallery, btw.

You've come a very VERY long way.

So, what are you using now? Lightwave?
  06 June 2002
a crit

thumb is dead on with all of his crits. listen to him...
I cant stress enough the importance of making believable and "correct" models. you and others have said time and time again that this character is a product of his own reality, a fantasy reality. that's all well and good but that doesn't make it "ok" that areas are poorly modeled and textured. and it really sounds allot like an excuse.

it looks like you were going for the blizzard type feel with your shot, and if you compare it to a blizzard shot, say the one with the knight, you'll notice the areas where you could improve your work.

the warcraft image has a very stylized and fantasy feel yet its full of apparent realism.. the rock looks like a rock its not all smooth and blobby, the ground and the grass show a good level of visual interest. the knight has correct looking materials and textures giving the illusion that his various parts are made of various materials. you would do well to try and mimic this image and bring some of it into yours

that may sound a bit harsh, but if you don't pay attention to details you'll likely never progress as an artist. or more immediately important, get the job that you want.

if I were you I'd take thumbs advice to heart, then rethink, redesign, and remodel.. you still have time before sigrraph to redo this stuff and i think you would be much happier with the results. i know it may be hard leaving something behind that you have worked on for so long, but if you start over it will only prove to make the final piece better and make you a better artist.

  06 June 2002
chin why do you always insist on riding my back? seriously do you get of on this? Anyhoo at any rate I've already stated thumb's crits were excellent, and I know areas that need improvement, I'm far from being a pro artist but as long as I'm happy with my projects I feel good Also the fact that you compare my art to that of Blizzard is quite an honor, I can probably muster 10% of their mastery, so that's cool

Anywhoo thx for your concerns

  06 June 2002
LilD, that looks great man! Pay no mind to the jealous dissertation of a member cloaked in anonymity. Jealousy is ugly!What you have accomplished, while not perfect, was a big step forward in your work. You seem very proud of this, and you should be!
  06 June 2002
I've got to give you props for the second image; it is a great pose and has great colors!

I don't know what the history is between you and chin, but I just thought I would point out that when you do a piece for your portfolio, you are actually doing it for an art director you don't know, and who will know nothing about your character. He will look at it with preconcieved ideas and you probably won't get a chance to explain to him what your intentions were.

For example if you made a guy with one leg longer than the other because he lives on a hill, the art director is just going to think that you modeled the legs wrong, y'know?

Anyhoo, hope you're not offended, just trying to help.
  06 June 2002
OK I culdnt help myself. I just had to see what the second picture looked like in siluette. Just some very rought PS-edit.
Hope you don´t mind. It´s just that your lighting is very hollywoodish. Unless he´s got a reflective screen between him and the camera it dosn´t look right, too polished. It culd work if you put some watery reflections on him.
If you want more realism I think this would be more realistic and it looks somewhat more dramatic too.
Just my opinion. Do what ever you want!
Anyone who has imagination but lacks knowlege have wings but no feet.
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