The Tale Of Kar, Lildragon (3D)

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  06 June 2002
Wow, the second one is awsome!!!
The pose and the lighting are superb!!
Vanitas vanitatum et omnia vanitas
  06 June 2002
Excellent work may have already said it somewhere, but do you have any plans for animation with him?

and are you attending Siggraph on behalf of CGchannel, or personal enjoyment?

just wonderin what the posters are for.....
  06 June 2002
Thats for a booth @ Siggraph?
Is it a gaming image? Because its really a
great piece of work...!!!
But is it high enough for Siggraph?
Not the first image.....

The second one is pretty amazing.
The composition and moods are great...!!!

Nice job.

  06 June 2002
I think it is a great attempt. There are definetly things very well accomplished however I would not conscider this a superior model or character design. The joint kind of bug me. The pose of the character in the first render is unatural looking. His ankle is bowed. He looks uncomfortable. Everything appears to be the same material because there is no breakup of the specular highlights. It appears your using just slight variations on a blinn shader without a map to go along. I do not understand the attire. What is the characters prey and what is preying on it? Where does it live? Here on "the rock" in a desert? Study some animals that live in a rocky enviornment or a desert enviornment. They evolve a particular way for survival. You've not accounted for this. A good reference example is Jar Jar. His skin is like that of a salimander as it should he lives like an amphibian.
I do like the small details you've paid in the surrounding landscape. pebbles, grass, twigs etc... consciderate. Nice work! However I think you lost sight of the bigger more obvious details.
Check out classic greek sculpture contrapasto, and stand in the mirror looking at yourself holding something like your character in the first pose to improve it.
Your characters lighting doesn't match closely to the background sky image you threw in there. Notice the location of the sun, time of day the sky suggests and relight.
He is too clean looking for a character who lives in the desert or mountains, is barely clothed for a character who "NEEDS" a full face mask to breath and see.
Study some of the star wars characters on the desert planet and pay attention to the deep creases of their skin which are clean and sweaty surrounded by a thin amount of wet dirt and the rest of the skins covered in dry dirt or dust. Also drive around at a construction site and notice where dirt and dust collect on vehicles.
Just some thoughts, If you account for these your images will improve 10 fold. Its not easy. Its obvious you had patients and talent to accomplish all this so far.
  06 June 2002


U know what I think about the first one !!!

The second is greeaaaaaaaaattttttttttttttt !!!!!

to thumb...some of your comments are not totaly false you're right, but stop touching yourself man !!!
Sure when you saw Monsters you said to yourself, this is not correct, this little green one eyed monster is not living in the appropriate environment and he can't drive a car !!!!
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  06 June 2002
I think thumb has many valid points in his message. Maybe the rest of us are more used to where Kar evolved from and how his particular "reality" was setup as more of a fantasy creature.

It's good that someone new has a serious and well thought out crit. Some of his points may not exactly fit what the rest of us know Kar to be, but I personally appreciate crits like that because they do lead to a better project.
I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.
-Douglas Adams

  06 June 2002
That second image just rocks. Great pose, great lighting, just all around great atmosphere to the image. I love it.

I only hope I can get somehwat close to that level of detail and composition, (still a rookie at 30 )

I third or fourth the motion for my own copy!!

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  06 June 2002
You guys rock, thanx for all the awesome feedback.. I'm extremely pysched that you like them..

Wiro: we better heheh

Titan: Yup I have a trailer I would like to finish, but now I'll add this scene with him crawling out on this ledge. I'm heading to siggy for both, but more so for me, I'm looking for a break to get in the industry, I'm tired of trucks

kydjester: no prob you heading to Siggy?

Lesen* not for a booth, but for me and Eye Candy Studios I need a job

thumb_wrestler: you da man, that's one marvelous crit and as Tao said alot of peeps here know where Kar evolved from, he was done for a 1 mth challenge. I wasn't heading for a photoreal creature or environment, but more fantasy, cause I find photoreal stuff boring

Your points sound of experience which is awesome, but these points would be extremely valid if I were trying to composite Kar into the next starwars rather than his own reality.

I really appreciate the time you took to write this crit, I was thinking about most of what you stated but maybe I will put them in the next time around, and still try to keep that fantasy edge.. cheers mate

Cheers guys and thanx a bunch, I look forward to meeting those of you that are attending Siggy
  06 June 2002
Those are mother freaking cool, beautiful!!!
  06 June 2002
hey is everyone meet up at Siggraph?
We should have a user group meeting or something!
  06 June 2002
a late crit...

Thumb wrestler was right about the joints in the first pose.

I'd agree that the second render is superb. It's really great looking; quite impressive work, lilD!

The only thing I'd say about the pose is that there's something about the arms that don't jive.

character's right arm - bicep doesn't seem to be involved in the arm's bend

character's left arm - shoulder joint seems dislocated

Sorry if I've repeated anything! Overall, both renders are marvelous.
  06 June 2002
LIL great job with the style .Not much more to say do to i already let ya know what i thought of it. cheers
  06 June 2002
Badass!! Very cool, I like the second image alot. Solid pose and good composition. Sound color theory as well! The first image is good, but there's some issues with the composition. Seems like you've got to many area's of focus and my eye keeps getting draged down to the bottom right corner of the image. Part of the problem may be that the character is framing the image with his weapons which causes a large portion of the character to get cut off compositionally (vs. another external object, such as a tree or a bridge that frames the character and focuses the audience toward the character). Hope that made sense. This is all in IMHO so I hope I didn't come across like a jerk.
Mike Brown
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