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Old 06 June 2002   #61
Yes, the blending mode is Screen, also called Additive in other packages.
You can indeed render out layers automatically in 3ds max 4 but not each light seperately, diffuse raytracing doesn't work, etc so I rendered them out manually: turn on one light at a time. Give everything a black material to render reflections or speculars only.

Cadillacs57: Video cards don't do anything for rendering. They only help for screen updates.

[edit] shut up Hom and get back to work, hehe

Old 06 June 2002   #62
Counter counter strike

Quote: Originally posted by Wiro
Cadillacs57: Video cards don't do anything for rendering. They only help for screen updates.

In fact, some of them do : the new p10 accelerate the rendering of raytracing, like the renderdrive system.

Old 06 June 2002   #63
Yes true but I was speaking in general terms. Unless the card is made to accelerate renders they won't speed up anything.

The p10 is said to speed up rendering but I suspect you'd need special drivers from the renderer manufactures. I'll stay sceptical for now and update my CPUs instead

Old 06 June 2002   #64
Ok, ok, sorry
Old 06 June 2002   #65
Hey, don't make me sound like a @#$& now

Old 06 June 2002   #66

One thing that occurs to me is that the material of the clothes looks a litte 'plastic', like a model does when it's untextured. Of course, you may have been aiming for plastic like materials

Either way, nice atmospheric piccy
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Old 06 June 2002   #67
all about snow

Hi Wiro,

very very nice piece of artwork.
I wonder how you created the snow surface. Since I work with maya I would like to finde out whats behind the terms of "snow subsurface scattering" and "snow sparkle". Iassume those are some plugins but what exactly are they doing.
Old 06 June 2002   #68
Thanks JerryB...yeah, like mentioned before the material is sort of balloony and smooth. There's some specular detail on it but too subtle in that lighting.

fischinger: subsurface scattering is true translucency. Light gets scattered inside of an object and emerges again, like when you shine a light through your fingers or indeed snow. It's a feature that's included with finalRender (to a certain extent).

The sparkle is that effect of thousands of small highlights twinkling in snow. I did this with a noise self illumination map that reacts on light and shadow (it's strong in light and weak in shadow). I also added a layer of the same map in the specular slot so it would sparkle extra strong in specular areas.

The drawback is that I haven't really made it *sparkle*...the dots stand still when the camera moves instead of indeed sparkling. All I'd have to do is wire the camera movement to the phase value of the noise but what the hell, it's just a still for now

Old 06 June 2002   #69
it's still snowing

Thanks Wiro,

according to the sparke plug in, this is something I should be able to copy in maya.
But I still wonder how you build this fluffy snow surface. Is it all modeled by hand or are there easier ways to do it?

Bye Alex
Old 06 June 2002   #70
Thanks for the replies about rendering layers guys, I'll have to experiment with it.

@fischinger - I think Wiro said that he used a displacement map for the snow.
Old 06 June 2002   #71
Hey, Wiro, great job, dude...I've been a big fan of yours for years now.

Just saw your post about the snow sparkle affect, thought this might be of use:

Could be a tecnique to file away for next time.

Again, Wiro, great job, you're my hero!
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Old 06 June 2002   #72
The only thing that looks odd/funny to me is the flare flames. It looks like one of those fiber optic wands. hehe
I think it looks weird b/c some sparks look to be curving down and back up, like they are splines (i know they're not though)

In the later image you put some blowing snow in the scene, could you match the flame to blow in the same direction?
THat would look good.

Good work though!
Old 06 June 2002   #73
Thanks 3DZealot
I hadn't seen that tut from Neil Blevins yet, interesting.

Neil, the sparks actually use the same wind space warp as the snow. The sparks fly in such an erratic pattern because there is turbulence in the wind. Some of them fly forwards, then backwards as well, giving that optic fibre flower look
Not entirely realistic but I just liked the look, hehe

Old 06 June 2002   #74
You goto make this into a poster, cuz i can already see my wall hugging it!
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Old 06 June 2002   #75
.....i...... ......wwh........ .......but..........:insane: ...................* * * * *

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