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  06 June 2002
Amazing work! Both the character and environment are totally awesome, that's the best looking snow I've ever seen. The goggles look like they're casting the right amount of light.
  06 June 2002
that's gonna look sweet on my dualscreen setup bud . . .

better now with the snow in the foreground
  06 June 2002
/me involuntarily drools and slobbers even moreso onto Wiro

I've no cleaned up my desktop to four icons, I just couldn't stand seeing parts of the image cluttered up.

Veerrryy nice.

What's not nice is the whole print-without-your-permission thing :shame:, may fiery death and much stool fall upon those who attempt such an audacious task.
  06 June 2002
Wow, Wiro. Excellent work. It's a brave choice to let all that fine modelling fade into darkness, but in my opinion definitely the right one. I must say though, there are a couple of elements of the old night image that I liked that maybe aren't emphasized as much in this one. (Of course all are just my personal opinion.) I guess it comes down to the flare. It's an awesome compositional element, but it draws my eye clear to the left side of the image. One of the things I liked about the old one was the sky and the environment off to the right, which sort of gets lost in comparison to the overpowering flare, and we can't see any of it on the left side so it loses some of the expansiveness it used to have. The result for me is that this feels like a much tighter portrait, and I get less of the sense of his placement in a large and icy world. (not necessarily a bad thing.) Also, somehow, I lose some of the effect of the verycool snow, maybe because I can't see the transition from the distant un-traversed snow to the broken stuff around his feet. Even though it's got the harsh green light, the flare almost makes the image seem warmer and more hospitable than the old one. I also feel like it makes some of the elements like the arm and the gear on his shoulder look a little more cg than they might need to, which sort of distracts from the sort of comic look I like so much in your work. (heh... but I also liked the drawn-in wisps of snow, so I'm probably just crazy.) Anyway, these are really small things, and not so much a crit as another point of view. Of course it's the artist's vision that matters, and the thing about your stuff is that it has that vision to guide and make use of the first-rate modelling and lighting. Just thought I'd chime in. Incredible work!
  06 June 2002
Aaaaaaaaah! Perfect!This is going to be classic!Great job!
oceanbluesky:...just drop by every once in a while and say, "Inspired yet Konstandinos??!" : )

  06 June 2002
Wiro, I hardly get any time these days to work on my own 3d projects... but guys like you have certainly inspired me to FIND THE TIME!!

Great work.
"There Really is No Secret"
Martin Brennand - mocha Product Manager - Imagineer Systems
  06 June 2002
Truelly beatifull m8!!

But another question, how did u make the flare and in what software?? might be asked before but i skimmed it all couldn't find it

The sparkless that are comming of the flare are very cool!!! How did u make them???

:: Error
:: Tell the world to hold their breath, cuz their breathing the wrong air ::

Cyborg Check it out
  06 June 2002
Hi wiro.
How many hours have you spent on this image so far? Or should I say days or weaks?
Excellent work. I just love the snow.
  06 June 2002
Hehe, stop spoiling me folks!

Pabbloz: Yeah, I was actually going for a rubbery, neopreno inflated look! Cool you like it. I know the smoke is too heavy but I wanted to darken that corner so it was a tradeoff

Rojo, Eq, CGKoko and Gaggle: Stop or I'll blush! You don't want me to blush!

Bored Alien: Yeah, it was definately a tradeoff. The blizzard and darkness does make it less vast looking. But I thought I could do that in the daytime pic instead. Thanks for your crit!

Error 323: the sparks and snow were done with a simple spray / wind particle system in Max. I used a very high scene motion blur (which means the particles are subsampled some 50 times) which was the only way to get the curvy streaks. I then added glow in Photoshop by gaussian blurring.

Erilaz and Calle: Hey I don't find much time myself
This project lasted on and off ever since the february challenge. Most of the time was spent rigging the bugger. It was a true pain in the butt. I kept on changing between Biped / Physique, Biped / Skin, custom bones / Physique and custom bones / Skin. I must have weighted him some five, six times...booooring work. After that was done the texturing took maybe two weeks. Composition, lighting and rendering another two weeks or so. I have around 2-3h to work on every day, including browsing CGChannel...
When I came nearer the end I also almost did two allnighters...

Judging from your comments it seems like it was worth it

  06 June 2002
Wiro - the whole snow explorer type thing really captures my imagination!! wicked!!! badly want to see him in a animation,

the improvements really made a big difference looking even better!!! And the hi res image is superb!!!!!!

the very small improvements i think u could make would be,

-snow actually sticking to the character hes in a blizzard right! so some snow would sort of plaster its self in the folds of his suit and around his mask and hood crust its self to the lower legs of the suit(see artic explorer documentaries etc.. the start of empire strikes back 4 reference)

- the snow by his feet looks a little still how about some wispy surface misty snow as the powder is whipped into the air!!

that’s it!!

to me it seems almost perfect!!!


Ohh and really like the way you do the smoothing on your models how do u do it??

  06 June 2002
One of the best pic i ever seen! Great work WIRO!
  06 June 2002
I think this is a obvious contender for Mr. January or Deceber in the CGChannel callendar!

Anyone who has imagination but lacks knowlege have wings but no feet.
  06 June 2002
Kudos... a job well done

nicely done

your wip def turned out very nice...
the final nuclear winter w green flare is by far the best of your previous iterations.

one thing... have you ever been skiing, and you know how snow sticks itself to your clothes, and then cracks where there are bends or folds in the material?? I should think some of that on your character would situate him moreso in the environment.

other than that... nicely done!!!
  06 June 2002

Hi Wiro,

Simply superb . . . . Thanks for posting the larger version - it certainly helps in conveying the vastness and potential deadly solitude of the environment, the smaller version doesn't do it justice. As far as improvements, most crits are minor - I'd consider it done The larger version also helped showing the diffuse light from the goggles which feels appropriate.

You've placed lotsa nice little touches - my favorite being the bloom on the harpoon (?) tip!

Excellent work

  06 June 2002
Thumbs down

Guess what, the animatrix babe just got replaced.

This shot just have so much atmosphere in it, that I HAD to use it as my new desktop, I love it.

The flare and the snow is so nice, Thumbs up
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