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  06 June 2002
they is really fabulous! I do not know how to say...

you are my Master jedi of the 3d...
yeah! baby yeah ! :curious:

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  06 June 2002
Congratulations!! This is a really good scene !
I love it too much!
It has a lot of cool details like the clothes, reflect on the weapons, the snow.. all is perfect!

In my opinion... only the smoke of the flare is very intensive... maybe more "alpha" would be better...

For the moment this is my new wallpaper and I rated you with 5 stars... Im thinking in create another user to rate again...
  06 June 2002
Cool! Thanks guys. I see the most obvious crits are concerning the snow, the goggles not casting enough light and the smoke.

I didn't want to obscure him with too much snow but I guess I reduced it TOO much again. I like Lildragons idea of having it drift over the ground only. Consider it done

The goggles do cast light. It's very subtle because they weren't really meant to be glowing red hot. More like a diffuse glow to them. Well, I see I'll have to fix that, hehe.

And yeah...I hate the smoke!!! I forgot my Freepyro license at work so I had to do it by other means. I'll redo that today as well.

I'm happy you like it otherwise! I wasn't sure how people would react to the nighttime version since almost everyone wanted me to do daytime in the WIP forum, LOL!
I didn't upload the highres pic for two reasons; for people without broadband and because it makes it easier to use for, err, illegit purposes. But then again bah what the hell, I'll upload again tonight


  06 June 2002
Awesome man..GREAT work.
Eric Smith
  06 June 2002
Yo Wiro,

U always make really cool things!!! Just one question.. Why did u change your avator??? I liked the head better that 1 rox (i asume u made it yourself)

:: Error
:: Tell the world to hold their breath, cuz their breathing the wrong air ::

Cyborg Check it out
  06 June 2002
First order of buisness:

/me drools and slobbers all over Wiro - oh, shit, sorry about that man, bad habbit there.

Very nice image.

I'm much looking forward to a day-time image as I'll definitely need to figure out how to display two different wallpapers on each of my monitors, there's no way I could justify showing one over the other! :o)
..well maybe a daily cycle between the two could do..

Oh, remember it seems you might have to work out a post-process able to work more or less automagically .. can't expect you to hand-optimize 500 frames worth, each having 20 odd layers

2ndly, I have a question:
Quote: Originally posted by Wiro
it makes it easier to use for, err, illegit purposes

..No, really, I don't know what you mean..howso illegit? in..?..well anyone, please explain, I'm sure it's something simple but I'm not sure how one would do this.. and how one would do this more successfully with a higher-resolution image?.. Is this a linear thing?, the higher resolution the more successful one can utilize said image for illegit purposes? Or is there a limit, a resolution that, once crossed, sees a diminishing effect for the evil wrongdoer?
  06 June 2002
sorry WIRO but i donětlike the stand pipe on the mask....

ur trapper is very good anyway
  06 June 2002
Thumbs down

Awesome job!!!!!!!
Looking forward to your next project!

"Do, or do not. There is no try"
  06 June 2002
Great job, i liove the fllare light, but the smoke a beet heavy...
  06 June 2002
hirez required ... (1600x1200)

will look great on my desktop
Alin Sfetcu / Sanctuary

stuff @ : highend3D | vimeo |

fight me !
  06 June 2002

Error323: I changed it because after 300 posts I got the status of know-it-all...and I remembered I had a render that would fit

Gaggle: Haha, well the daytime one won't be finished that soon so you'll have time to get bored of the nighttime one

I haven't added any Photoshop touchups (like paintovers) Everything is controlled by layers. All I do is pull the opacity sliders. So in theory I could render out an animation of all these layers and just comp them together similarily in Digital Fusion or something. Of course it'll be a pain to remember what goes where then, hehe.

With illegit purposes I mean that people are able to use the highres images for print. It's happened to me before that one of my images was used on a software package without my aggreement and I know similar things have happened to alot of other people too. I have almost all my renders in at least 1500 resolution but on my site I only display max 1024 because of this.
I'm not really that fussed if it gets stolen because they only dig their own hole, but keeping the res down does limit the trouble. But of course there are only decent people in these forums

Carlocki: well, I can't please everyone
Still glad you like it!

I'm fixing those eyes, the snow and the smoke now. When I'm done I'll upload a highres pic.

  06 June 2002
Beautiful stuff Wiro,

I preferred the day scene, but with the flare and the extra work you've put into this one it looks just fine! The flare sparks, cool; the ground snow, awesome; the blowing snow, nice. Ya I guess I agree with the other poster's criticisms. But there's one thing I don't get, that nobody else has mentioned that seems lacking to me.

In comparison to the delicious bumpy snow, his clothing seems very plain and smooth to me. I would expect some largish folding/wrinkling even if this is a thick garment he's wearing. I'm amagining it is like some insulated eskimo type clothing, like a polar bear fleece turned inside-out, or however they do it.

Where his knee sticks out in front, I'd expect some creasing on the side towards the back of the knee. And it looks generally poofy - like he's the michelen man or something. Mainly on that knee.

I just think the guy looks kinda cartoony as a result, in contrast to the realistic environment. Is it because he's an animated character and restricted in some ways? Or am I just on a drug trip or something

Anyway, I'd like to know what you think about that. And are you really gonna put up a bigger rez. version?! That would be sweeeeet
  06 June 2002

Lomacar: yeah I did actually keep the cloth smooth for two reasons. The first is that it was enough of a pain in the arse to weight this guy without having to deal with folds as well and secondly he was supposed to look somewhat cartoonish. Maybe I should have stylized the environment more too but I thought the exaggerated colors would do it

Anyway, here's the update. The smoke still isn't quite how I want it but without buying a full volumetric, self shadowing plugin some cheats'll have to do. I know it should realisticly be much lighter but I wanted that corner to stay dark compositionwise so just call it artistic license
Added more light to the goggles and snow to the foreground now.

For those that asked for a hires image I made a link to my site here:

It's 1600 x 1200 at 300KB. I'm running out of space on my webserver so I'll have to take it down again soon. Have fun with it

  06 June 2002
Well... I don't think the cloths need folds...
When I see the pants, the clothes where there are space to add folds, I see the material as "neopreno" (how do you say in english? image = 1000 words ).

I think the image is just perfect since now... but we now if he adds more things will be better again.
I liked more the daytime... and now... then night version is awesome and really greater than the dayone! so I think there is not wrong things... just different subjectives points of view about perfect.

Good luck on the next update Wiro, I think is really complex work with these scenes!
I'm impatient to see the new smoke... I think is the most "bad" here
  06 June 2002
ouch! Oh sorry guys!! but Wiro posted while I was writing my previous message

Well... I have to write another and at this time!! very late!

1. The new light of the eyes are awesome!
2. I like more the new smoke because is "greener" (more green, you know...), but I think is not enoght alpha... it seems like a nuclear station now..
3. I was going to suggest the snow between the character and the camera but I though it was going to be bad... but guy... you all do it good... cool job!
4. The hight version is just incredible!!!!
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