The last meal, Xin Hou (3D)

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Old 02 February 2014   #31
Thumbs down

first, I rarely comment!! , so when I comment there must be a disaster!!

what I see here is pure Racism
people here are saying the idea is great "I'm with the idea, which is NOT USING children for stuff like this"

but here clearly it is meant about muslims.... no matter what you tell me , the dressing , how the man is praying , mood, everything is saying "muslims are terrorists"

so when someone draw something to insult any other religious , or race,don't talk about: get the idea and forget about the race.....

totally sick minded artist..
Old 02 February 2014   #32
Love the details and final result.

however should say this art has a provocative maner as the same as 1940's propaganda art.
eventhough this is so geographical and not all muslim teach this to his or her children..
but the meaning of this image has a very subjective issues, the artist just point out 1 view in the muslim family without mentioning the background how and why the family doing that...?
and let the viewers give the title, which everybody must thinks that this is a terrorist family.

Would be so nice if theres a soldier oppress this family in the background, and the fam secretly hide his bomb under the table while every body looking each of family member with a sorrowful eyes.
Old 02 February 2014   #33
Originally Posted by power-3d: Who started the first world war ? Muslims ? Who started the second world war ? Muslims ? Who killed about 20 millions of Aborigines in Australia ? Muslims ?? Who sent the nuclear bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ?... Muslims ?? Who killed more than 100 millions of Indians in North America ? Muslims ?? Who killed more than 50 millions of Indians in south America ? Muslims ?? Who took about 180 millions of African people as slaves and 88% of them died and was thrown in Atlantic ocean ? Muslims ?? No , They weren't Muslims!!! First of all, You have to define terrorism properly... If a non-Muslim do something is crime. But if a Muslim commit same..he is terrorist... So first remove this double standard...then come to the point!!!..

Respect man , I agree with you brother.
Mohamed Aly Rabie.
Available for Full Time or Freelance.
Old 02 February 2014   #34
As long as we know that website is an international website and very respectful ..I hope that you remove this content Immediately!

I wounder how accept a first post to add it on the front page without any proves such as work snap shots or even wireframe.. I am not saying it is not the artist's work..No but i want to say that the admins support the idea (and they couldn't give a little time to see the members point of view) and they did not even respect the form rules! ..Really they dont respect the form rules .. Man ! you are talking about admins OKAY OKAY..I I WILL TELL YOU HOW? read this..

FIRST RULE TO SIGN IN CGTalk Forum, Guidelines and Policy:

1. Be courteous and polite. Show respect to the opinions and feelings of others. Use of the forums is a privilege, not a right.

... ALSO:
Because CGTalk is a computer graphics related community, and in the interests of keeping potentially offensive topics away from the forum, the Administrators and Forum Leaders of these forums do not tolerate posts that contain any of the following subjects or elements:

- Politics or political propaganda in any form
If you wish to discuss politics, kindly find an appropriate forum for such discussion. Topics of this nature resort in lengthy and unnecessary arguments that are nevertheless totally unrelated to the subject of computer graphics or visual effects.

- Potentially inflammatory discussions or comments regarding social issues
These include, but are not limited to, topics such as racism, sexism, religion, xenophobia or homosexuality.

So I ask you to follow the rules that you made and RESPECT it as we do.
Mohamed Aly Rabie.
Available for Full Time or Freelance.
Old 02 February 2014   #35
nice faces! really captured the emotion!
great work
Old 02 February 2014   #36

I really like the portrayal of the father and all the little details around the room. Without the bombs and the boys expression it is simply a beautiful portrait of a family praying before a meal. It made me stop and think about what terrible thing must have happened to make such a normal looking family turn to such desperate acts.

I don't think the portrayal is negative at all. The only thing I felt was sympathy for this little family. The loving manner in which the characters are rendered in contrast to the foreshadowed events are what make this piece so emotionally stirring.

As an observer I just wish for the family to be ok.

good work.
Old 02 February 2014   #37
Excellent Art

Kudos to the Artist! This image has achieved something very hard to do, it humanizes the "other", breaking down the caricature of the "Muslim Terrorist" presented in the news and reveals the complex reality of war. The illustrator has captured the desperation, fear and serenity of a family forced into such a dire predicament and humanized them by juxtaposing their imminent fate with the mundane calm of a meal. This image does not comment on all Muslims or Religion, nor is it denigrating a particular race or culture; as all great art before it, this image simply captures one moment, and we the viewer add the perceived meaning.
Old 02 February 2014   #38
Amazing work ,

And I respect "editablepauly" comment ,
I live in the middle east and I don't know if there's such a thing , but if there's I'm very sorry for this family and what is happening with them ,
But I encourage you to do another art work portraying the reason of what drives them to this tragedy end , you can take what's happening to Muslims in "Myanmar" or "Central Africa" as an inspiration if you like .

good luck
Old 02 February 2014   #39
Originally Posted by foly: idea offensive to Muslims

Well to be honest, I can't see why...

Someone put a real life situation in a 3D art piece and *that* fact is offensive rather than strapping bombs on kids?...../facepalm

You know what? That frankly alien statement is offensive to me and my values and human rights in general.

Cobra 6
Modelling & Texture artist
Old 02 February 2014   #40
xinhou ,
seems like u are a good artist to reflect ideas from the air into such an image but i wanna ask u a question really have u ever seen an evident on such a story about fathers and mother attach bomb to their beloved children like that ,,, i dont think so what ever is the religion i dont think any father or mother will agree to such a thing for what ever is the reasons .

the second thin as a 34 year old holywood movie fan and as a western and middile east news watcher i have to tell u that if there was a real story from life of a bomber i can tell that these were in the Real wars when solders sacrifice themselves for their country , or an angry father on his dead family killed by the political power regardless of their names but how come people just go to boom them selves when they know that our prophet peace be upon him Muhammed prevented killing children or women or old people during war or even stealing or destroying public properties , i think u should know more about muslims not from the media but from the real life.

what i think is that u should think before u act and put ur beautiful art experience into such a message that is exactly the same message that the black media is trying to put it inside people minds so they dont have to feel sorry for dead people in different places around the world ..

am really sorry to say that i dont respect this piece because of its empty facts and that it remind me of all the black media around the world specially in my country

CGtalk Admins u should be ashamed of ur Wall because today u have deceived us about ur intension for supporting pure and beautiful arts that give life a meaning
Old 02 February 2014   #41
and a small message for the people who always see the Middle East from the TV specially the black media ,,,,, people please try to visit any country and come closer more to the "Dangerous Muslim people " so u can see the truth by ur eyes not by ur ears
Old 02 February 2014   #42
@gazzarko: Just google something like "palestinian suicide kid" and you'll find enough stories.

Cobra 6
Modelling & Texture artist
Old 02 February 2014   #43
cobra6 ,,,seriously am writing it again ... dont believe what ever is shown on the black media including any websites that comes through google search ,,, Deceiving u and me is always their job

cobra6,, i really wish that u can take a different step into ur life and start closing all these black media news to see the real facts , fathers and mothers what ever their religion or nationalites they never agrees to such a stopped thing ..... stop arguing about this and please start reading about islam to know more instad of just watching or hearing about it
Old 02 February 2014   #44
You can't just dismiss every new source as "black media" just because they disagree with you. That is not how it works.

As for Islam, yes purely as a religion it's quite alright you are right, just as any major religion is.
However as soon as it starts to mingle in politics that is when things go downhill rapidly. It's just that at this moment a lot of countries are governed by political Islam which does provide lots of examples why religion should remain within the comfort of ones own house or place of worship and not try interfere with the lives of those who don't feel the same.

Personal religion is a good thing as long as it remains personal and there is a *big* difference between taking on board the general message of a religious book or living it to the letter exactly.

Cobra 6
Modelling & Texture artist
Old 02 February 2014   #45
As for Islam, yes purely as a religion it's quite alright you are right. However as soon as it starts to mingle in politics that is when things go downhill rapidly

thats true some people miss use the religion for their own purpose and others also uses such resources for their own benefits , and the black media is serving both just to get paid , and my only concern is that i dont want to see Art to be involved specially when its only serve the same idea that the media and governments have created

Art is what we learn to give people hope and happiness , not to send a wrong message that came from the Devil him self
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