Stan "The Man", Andrew Hakim Lie (3D)

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Old 08 August 2012   #16
beautifull work, and good cloth shader!
Old 08 August 2012   #17
Hi guys,

here's the update to the color correction, I decided to post it down here instead of messing with editing the first post

while doing this color correction i'm not entirely sure at what point I should stop, the image above at my office monitors look pretty dark but most of the colors are back (rather than pale zombie-ish)

appreciate it if you let me know if it's any better...or worse
"the quicker you're here, the faster you go" - Wiz Khalifa
Old 08 August 2012   #18
the first one looks more live and realistic for me, but awesome work!!
Old 08 August 2012   #19
very nice illustration - there is somethign fleshy and alive about him that i really like - even tho am not a big fan of photoreal old guys on cgsociety/ZBC.
I Also like your hair work. Sadly i didn't get a chance to try ornatrix for vray , only hairfarm which is not exactly compatible with vray , bleh...

Now, to make you illustration even better here are my humble suggestions:

- You could get some reflexions on the glass of his sunglasses. keeping it subtle, but having it there will help defining their material and attract the viewer's eye to his eyes, not his teeth.

- his teeth are going very bright and kinda distracting. taking them down a bit would help

- am not sure, bu did his sunglasses were also corrective lenses? Cause if so, you might need some refraction happening and distorting his face somehow.

- you seem to be lacking some details around his lower eyelids area. Especially screen right, close to the nose. I'm guessing that if you have reflexions overlaping on this area, this issue will just disappear

Voilŗ - Awesome piece nonetheless. !!!
Old 08 August 2012   #20

Hi, Could you tell us a little more about the course? I was looking it up on line and can't find
any information on how to apply for the course and when does it start?

Old 08 August 2012   #21
Great details, and a good sense of his personality as well! I think the warm version looks more like him, partly because of the angle. It just seems to capture more of his character somehow.
Old 08 August 2012   #22
Hi MickCG,

thank you so much for your compliments and your time for writing the feedback,

I don't have hairfarm but I played a bit with the demo and i'm pretty sure you can convert your hair strands to spline which can then be rendered using VrayHairMtl (therefore bypassing Ornatrix altogether)

Originally Posted by cgtrinity: Hi, Could you tell us a little more about the course? I was looking it up on line and can't find
any information on how to apply for the course and when does it start?


Hi David,

if you scroll up to my first post, there is a link to the Course's Blog - but unfortunately it is only in Chinese so perhaps you need to use the awkward google translate to read about them.

Regarding how to apply, I can't speak on behalf of the two teachers, but on the first post there is also links to their CGSociety Portfolio pages with their email info at their 'About' tab, or you can PM them, I'm sure they log on to CGTalk quite often

As to when they start, well the next course after mine has just started last week on August the 6th, courses are held twice a year with approximately 6 months duration for each course, so I guess you can get prepared for the next enrollment which is around February next year if i count correctly

I'd be happy to talk more about it - feel free to PM me if you want

Hi benhartnett,

thank you for your kind words

Anyhoo guys, allow me to share some bits and pieces from the full res, as well as max/zb screen captures

Wish you guys have a very nice day,
"the quicker you're here, the faster you go" - Wiz Khalifa
Old 08 August 2012   #23
非常好 Excellent work Andrew! Top row.
Alexander Lashko
Old 08 August 2012   #24
wow you closeup shows a crazy amount of details - i love the shirt closeup . I also checked the website of that course - some impressive qualiy work in there, most of which won awards here. Maybe you mentionned it but I'm bit lazy to look for the answer: how long did it take you for this piece of work ?

Oh and yep, actually hairfarm can even convert hair to geometry but this is extremely painful to vray and almost impossible to render correctly. I have to give a try at hairfarm+mrprim, just like how we render hair&fur now in vray... (or just stick to hair&fur which is not so bad afterall)

keep up the good work and Thanks for the nice answer !
Old 08 August 2012   #25
Hi Alex,

thank you for your compliments.

It's cool to see a fellow foreigner here doing 3D in Shanghai

Hi MickaŽl,

Thanks again, and yeah the course was awesome. It took me around 2 and a half months to complete this piece.

You are right, VrayHairMtl doesn't render geometry correctly. If you try to apply the same material to an editable spline with Radial Thickness turned on (therefore treated as Geometry) the shading will be different and looks wrong, as opposed to rendering the editable spline with thickness controlled from Ornatrix Render Setting

which I just realized on my previous post where I mentioned you don't need Ox - Sorry my mistake, actually you do need it.

Or yeah just use Hair+Fur, it does have limitations but not saying it's not capable. But i highly recommend you take another look at Ox which is far superior in terms of its brush system, Modifier based (like Hairfarm), graphical ui for its clumping, thickness settings etc.

And for this project I was able to 'brush' individual hair strand, shape them the way I want when the modifiers failed to give me what I wanted, delete hair strands that are poking through ear cartilage etc. I was inspired by ZB r3 fiber brush, which has these ability (and at much much higher spline count) but I wanted to do it right inside Max rather than going back and forth - and Ornatrix was able to do that as well which is really cool

Well actually the course will publish a book of tips&trick by each of the students from my class including me. I'm going to write how I did the individual hair strand Editing mentioned above, as well as touching on the skin shader which is Blended VrayFastSSS2 that has dual specularity, bump on two channels, edge reflection control - (basically mimicking the Mental Ray fast skin) so if anyone interested maybe I can post it when i'm done writing it.

"the quicker you're here, the faster you go" - Wiz Khalifa
Old 08 August 2012   #26
Nice tribute, looks great! And thanks for sharing your WIPs.
Old 08 August 2012   #27
thaks andrew for you detailed description - indeed, i'm currently doing some research work on how to render a decent beard in 3dsmax and altho hairnFur supports vray with GI (if rendered with mrprim) the settings are pretty limited for shaping. Ill make sure to take a look at ornatrix then
i'd also be glad to read your detailed making of - sounds very interesting !

i'll keep u tuned with my progress then

keep up the good work !
Old 08 August 2012   #28
great work..
Old 08 August 2012   #29
cool work ...
Old 08 August 2012   #30
the boney festival is here...
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