My Red Bike!, Bobby Chiu (2D)

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  06 June 2005
Originally Posted by lasting memories: heiesuke - You should check out Bobby Chiu's site... You'll see that Black people are a common topic of interest for him. He depicts Black people in all sorts of ways and all of them are non-offensive.

He even made a CG short film of the Cosby Show! (The most positive Afro-American show ever produced to date!!).

Obviously the man likes culture and sees us in all sorts of different light.

thank you for all your info, but that's not the point, i no doubt think Mr. Chiu is an upstanding person and great artist, but when u look @ the fact the story says "Ghetto" in it there lives these black people... all neighborhoods where blacks live aren't called "ghettos" that's the thing i'm trying to teach here. i live in a predominantly black/minotiry neighborhood, it is not "ghetto" but i can relate with the theme. it's just the word ghetto isn't just a black thing and it's shocking to see that all of u that posted in here seem to think that only blacks live in the ghetto and that a neighborhood where blacks reside would/could only be the ghetto. and for the record the Cosby show is NOT the most positive black show ever, it doesn't even represent most of the families i've ever known. It was an idealistic approach to what what a black family could be. If u want some realistic culture u should try watching the series "Soul Food", now there's a better representation of some real black people.
And thank you Robert for understanding. It was just the word "Ghetto" it's meaning isn't represented in this piece @ all. I could show u pictures of a real ghetto, it's not a pretty sight.
  06 June 2005
heiesuke- you totally need to get a life, nerd. Why are you making these ridiculuos assumptions--the "ghettos" here in Canada aren't as bad as those ones in the states or anywhere else..It's an artwork u dumbfuk ..we now what the real ones look like and what the reality is..but clearly you like to look in to things a little bit too much..the main POINT of the piece was to show that the guy who stole the red bike is in real deep trouble..cause the kid he stole it from has a monster for a dog! Get the picture?! Its people like you who like to ruin great things..happy ,simple're worse than the get a life--go do some charity work or something.
white ninja
  06 June 2005
This is my first post in CGTalk. I think this is a great place to share and learn about someone else art... and I do really enjoy some of the fantastic pieces of art that guys like Bobby Chiu and many other guys used to post in here for all of us. I really appreciate it....
... but... let's keep talking about art please , it's the main thing in here, it's what this is all about!!! ... let's be positive and try to see "My Red Bike" as it is, a great piece of art , something that, I'm sure, was intended to be something funny from the start to the end!

.That is just my opinion, anyway. And sorry for my bad english.... is not my native language
  06 June 2005

Nice! Very nice. Thanks for sharing this one, Bob. And please for everyone who read Heiesuke's post, a point is raised. and Bob did acknowledge the point made.

I just looked at the art and didn't read the description because the art speaks for itself. It was very humorous, no description required. Though, if you wanna post you gotta have a "descripion" of the piece, i know.

white ninja-Just because you don't agree with Heiesuke does not mean you have to be insulting. Agree to disagree, yet do not be disparaging or insulting when someone does not see the world as you do.

"heiesuke wrote:and for the record the Cosby show is NOT the most positive black show ever, it doesn't even represent most of the families i've ever known. It was an idealistic approach to what what a black family could be. If u want some realistic culture u should try watching the series "Soul Food", now there's a better representation of some real black people."

To everyone: (THIS IS MY OPINION. )as for the "Soul Food" t.v. show, I personally recommend one to not buy into what cable television shows depict to viewers about any particular ethnic group. It's not always a 'true" representation of anything. There's a reason why it's called tel "lie" vision. 'Soul Food' is no 'truer' than the 'Cosby Show.' or MArgaret Cho's "All American Girl." and "Seinfeld", and "Friends", "What About Raymond" etc. T.V. itself is idealized. From what I've come to observe, some people tend to imitate what they see on t.v. ( some tend to act out the soap operas they see, and want that particular drama in their lifes to play out that particular way,) I once met someone who thought they were Data off of Star Trek, and someone who...oh, long story, best not explained here. :P

And knowing that t.v. , media in general can influence, read the book, "Life the Movie: How Entertainment Conquered Reality," by Neal Gabler

Nonetheless, nice piece, Bob and point raised Heiesuke. Thanks to all for posting. Life learning for everyone.

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  06 June 2005
great fun!

The Guy is in heavy trouble

You can do anything - you only have to belive in yourself
  06 June 2005
original idea an brilliant execution!
  06 June 2005
Nice work.

  06 June 2005
This is an instant classic! It's so rare that I come across something like this! Excellent work! I definitely like the level of detail that you've put into it. And there's the instant recognition of the humor behind it! Awesome - keep up the good work!
Only the weird survive!
  06 June 2005
Hahah..interesting! great job!
welcome to my site^^
  06 June 2005
Thumbs up

cool man...haha
Sorry for my bad English!
  06 June 2005
Thumbs up

exellent job. I envy you
  06 June 2005
Nice Idea

Good job,and greate idea.i like the strange feeling of the lady who you can see her back.(her hand is realy works
my flikr
on vimeo
  06 June 2005
Wow great piece of work
  06 June 2005
It's pretty much an instant classic in my book...Great image!

what trips me is the fact (and I was thinking this before I saw the "racial-post" is this...)

You can always see the freakos when the post a crtique or try to take the thread somewhere else..that is with the pieces of work on here that are pretty much awesome...

makes me wanna hurl... My God people!
  06 June 2005
beautiful piece.

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