Army of Scorpions 2, Tomasz Jedruszek (2D)

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  08 August 2008
Originally Posted by MatejaPetkovic: I disagree with you.
I fininished Faculty for applied art in Belgrade, and from what i've learn work has all quallityes in terms of composition, color, values, expresion, etc...


And its Academy not Faculty, Faculty does not mean Academy it is strange Rastko Ciric uses the same word and he is main professor for Concept Illustration (if someone doubts that Academy in Belgrade is XXXt please visit his website
  08 August 2008
Originally Posted by xURIELx: It is strange how people here are not well educated in terms of Art..... and how so called administrators are not educated either.
Let me explain.

Peronally I dont' find this as ofensive or abuse ,but to tell you the truth I ve been almost banned from this society couple times for less serious opinions , as a matter of fact mine were just jokes about someone's breast

Originally Posted by xURIELx: When i look at this pice i see alot Effected brushes, alot of software if you will, but no solid human form at all, no artistic form, and if you think that artistic form comes from variety of Photoshop Effected brushes it is sad

?? whait .. i am not even sure what are you impute me

let me guess ,but you are useing Z-brush , 3max ..hmm , naturally?or should I say in order with Gaya ? What is that ?You try to be a leader of new world order or something? Oh, I see -you call youself artist ,a scupltor and you don't even use clay or marble and hammer ,but some ..o my god! you are useing SOFTWARE ! that;'s a sin , Micheal Angelo would died if he heard that!..if he would n't be dead already

Originally Posted by xURIELx: . And critics here are also amusing "Master please Teach me"

you quote someone particualr or it is another self theory? Because I don't feel like anyone's has called me master because I am not. Besides look again (or maybe first time) into rules of thsi Community ,one of the main ,core basics of this forum it is to HELP AND TEACH FROM EACH OTHER , so sorry-but if someone aske me to explain my technique or other "dirty tricks" as you may call it, I will

Originally Posted by xURIELx: .........I have also looked up your other work, the human form and understanding of it, it is on very low level.If i were to give you oil painting or to draw from real life Expirience it would be very bad

ladies and gentelman -a fortuneteller remeber "don't judge to not be judged some day" , I could asume a thousand things about you that way, that you might be a complete ... ok, I wil not say anything more ,that is just not my lever of conversation

Originally Posted by xURIELx: , and i can clearly see you didn't had any proper education in art.

well that's is something I can agree, My art education is not that bad thanx to arhitecture be it could be better , maybe I caould save few years for selfteching that way. But I didn't had that chance you know, my parents didn't bought me first tablet like many of you guys here ,they didn't even borowed me some money for first computer , I had to earn for this my own hands , and I didn't always worked as an artist , I spend many years (1990-1996) at construction side helping my father 's job . I doubt you can even udnderstand what I am talking about ,a physical work? what da hell is that ,right?

Originally Posted by xURIELx: And also you said its done in 10 hours well it looks that way.

isn't that called honest in some cultures,should I say I spend on it 10 years -would be better? or 10 mins -wouldn't be that shocking ?But I never did hide my way of working , I like to work fast , I don;t care much about polishing and pixel detaling ,for me it is most important to capture the subject and make it believeable. I wonder how much did you spent on that "snail " thing , a pasting a photo into background like 10 seconds, imorting a mesh form from z-brush about 10 mins and fixeing colors ..yup it's done ,a masterpiece in less than 12 minutes. BTW I spotted some "texture" on the robot's armour in you "contact drawing ..isn't that a little aginst your rules? How do you sleep with that?
I don't even ask how much did you spend on that BLENDER crap you did on Sargent pieces. BTW :HOW DARE YOU!!

Originally Posted by xURIELx: On the other hand you are grate with architecture, landscapes and affcourse software.
But on the entire site no one said anything with criticism and with some well educated attitude

BTW , what is your level in education again? I don;t even ask it is art matter because it is easy to tell ,just tell me your title

Originally Posted by xURIELx: , for example how can you shadow with Black color human forms....

o my god you are some kind of moron No, Don;'t tell me -you have red somewhere that humans shadowed areas should be taken with dark cyan or blue (means cold) colors ,right?wasn;t that blue-white coved book for kids titled like " How to paint an oil art in a weekend " ?
...o jesus

Originally Posted by xURIELx:
But for me it is most admins fault how do they evaluate people with their "who is gonna be on the front cover thing" in my opinion they are even more not educated in terms of art and form they any of here. Hope they read this...

Personally I dont give a shit about who is on the cover ,stars,bars and all that crap -it is just for fun, but I really do care aobut those people who spear their time to wrote here something, and it is not like that I wish to hear only "ahs" and "ohs" .Those who konws me , know that I often ask about true opinion about my work and I do respectfully care about any critique ,the best if constructive but It doesn;'t happens that often , well I can live with that too. What I do not understand is someone who ...I don;t even know how to call it , you have some problems with yourself or what, as you can see I been trying to aswer most of your thoughs but sorry ,most of it is just crap ,random monolgue about some misterious conspiracy of this society,you obviously can't understand what is digital painting at all ,what is worst you doesnt accept it but you makeing it by yourself too and in its worst form like those blendered portraits , it souds to me almost like masochizm,only one think I could agree is my education .

Originally Posted by xURIELx: Best of luck i hope this was helpfull to you

dont; worry ,I am doing just great ,because I have never been own anything to anyone.
but you should defenatelly quit this job if you care about your mental condition.



PS.Sorry guys I know I shuld ignore him ,but I just needed that short brake , now lets get back to work
  08 August 2008
I'll have to agree that occassionally, art that gets into cg choice doesn't particularly appeal to me, but this is the problem that cannot be solved - there is a lot of subjectivity, and even I sometimes find myself liking a piece that others might not.

FYI this piece immediately went into my inspirations folder.

Topic change: how fast is your computer to be able to handle such a large file? How long does it take to load and save?
  08 August 2008
Originally Posted by xURIELx: So did i Mateja (didnt had any other choice) .

oh ,so that is the I can almost understand your frustration . Ofcourse I could give you some good advices like ,don't listen to OTHERS when it is about YOUR life and its future ,especially do not waste your time on doing things (like education) which doesn't really interesting you. But as I said I could unbderstand you I went Architecture a little because of my brother, I realized this is not what I would like to do for living (means architecture) but at least I decided to use that time on studies to learn something. So I greaduaded with good title ,some knowlege and ability to get nice job in the office or constructions side . I can understand that art academy or any other art school has this minor that if you doesn't relly want to be an artist -you may realize this in the middle of education process ,then it can't even give you good choice of job after finishing it.

That's why i did skipped qualification exams to Art academy of Cracow and choosed rather technical education

But I believe Mateja here , could tell you more about how make good use of your life and education ,it doesn;t seems he has any problems with it
  08 August 2008 wish i blend

Well the only one with mental illness here will be you if you continue taking some criticism with that kind of explosion calling me "moron" i think you maybe should be banned not me......
And no blender sir for Sargent you .............. i cant tell really what you are
you are way over the line
and i dont want to go that lvl of speechcraft
....way over the line
  08 August 2008

And if any administrator reads this remove it would be good to remove his post with words like "moron"..................
  08 August 2008
Originally Posted by MSBSpectator:
Topic change: how fast is your computer to be able to handle such a large file? How long does it take to load and save?

I did checked this with stopper in my hand,so in case someone would like to imput me not only I am bad educated but also not acurate

loading :2mis 21:7
saveing: 3:54:7

saveing and loading is not the problem you just hit the button and go for coffee
all teh problems starts when you try to apply some fixes at that res ,especially with larger brushes (sky f.e.) or add some dust ,light.
  08 August 2008
I enjoyed reading your notes and replies, and of course, loved looking at your illustration. great work and thanks for the inspiring words and image.
  08 August 2008
5 stars

great work!
  08 August 2008

Your very beautiful brother

Possible visit to the draft decision of the game are all brothers



Click here to enter the theme of the game

  08 August 2008
I love this)) well done))
Check out my Website:
  08 August 2008
excellent atomosphere and brush style.
I love your work^-^
  08 August 2008
very impressive work ... 5 stars .. i really enjoyed your other others paintings as well .. good work man ...

Oh Sing Me a Song of Your Misery

Last edited by phoenix : 08 August 2008 at 10:55 AM.
  08 August 2008
Originally Posted by Morano: But I believe Mateja here , could tell you more about how make good use of your life and education ,it doesn;t seems he has any problems with it

Tnx Morano.
Maybe Belgrade ACADEMY isn't that good, but that doesent matter if you want to learn and work.

  08 August 2008
i looked at it for about ten minutes and im inspired by your "renderwise" technique wich i think its pretty balanced, its also good to know you working at that size and keeping things this loose, congrats man!

Last edited by rawgon : 08 August 2008 at 11:20 PM.
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