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  03 March 2003

Stahlberg, Its great work. I was wondering. Do you recycle the same womans body over and over again or is it an entirely new scene. Im just wondering how you pump these out so fast.
  03 March 2003
The model is a brand new model, look at the wip thread. However... who is the idiot who gave 1 star to this thread?
www.albertoblasi.com | architect & graphic designer
  03 March 2003
I can't see it

I wish I could see it... it's just a broken image tag to me.. :( Other posts are workin fine... anyone else not see it?
  03 March 2003
Thank you very much everyone, I definitely read every post and take every crit seriously.

The main consensus seems to be that the hair, the stomach fold and the drool needs work. (About the 'hole' in the snake's body, I made the inner main surface fade out there but it's hard to see on my monitor, I guess it pops out a bit more on yours, I'll fix it.)

The hair not matching - I might get rid of some of the softness at the back because I really can't add softness to the other hair very easily, without retouching a lot... Animago allows retouching but only a little I think. I could try using Fur or PaintFX but I'm out of time now.
That fold has a lighting problem, it's modeled ok but the shadows are screwed up, I'll fix it.
The drool, I'll work some more on it.

Also many seem to think the original is better - that's good, because I definitely feel like I have much more control in 2d than in 3d. Sadly Animago has no 2d category..

ZVAN, it's all 3d except for the furthest background; see this image from the WIP thread:

BTW how many think this camera angle is better? I think I do, but I'm not sure. Not that it matters much at this stage, I don't think I have time to finish it from this angle now. But maybe later.

mark_battista, I use Maya, I've been painting about 30 years, modeling about 10, I'm 43 and I have some tuts on my site.

zandernice, in this case I recycled very little because I'm aware of often getting this comment - usually it sounds like a crit, so to adress it I started from almost scratch on this one. The body and head I used were only a few hundred polygons combined, when I started this particular scene. I also tried some existing hair, but didn't end up using much of that at all. Check out the WIP thread for more info.
  03 March 2003
Wow. You matched the painting. I knew you could, but this still surprised me.

I like the 2D better, but I have a thing for the painterly look--which is still impossible to achieve with good control in 3D. Whatever happened to the NPR stuff you were toying with? Is it incorporated in the rendering of this piece?

I'm not a fan of the drool at all. I think it's unnecessary, and even might mislead the intention of the image. The creature reminds me more of a snake than anything, and I've been around snakes a lot and I've never seen them drool...

I like the more transparent look of her wings in the 2D version.

You might want to fragment and round the rocks on the floor more. Right now they're reading a bit blocky. Again, the 2D version look better in that area.

The claws of the dragon reads better in the 2D version too--including the actual pose of the claws. Having the individual claws at different angles looks much better than having them parallel. It's more dynamic that way.

The hint of blue you have on the skull and the claws in the 2D version breaks up the brown well. The 3D version could use the same thing.

Behind her, it looks like the creature's tail? I'm not sure what that is. The area around that thing in the 2D version almost has a snow-like feel, and I much prefer that--but that's just me. I love snow and the visuals involved with snow.

The huge chunk of hair resting on her right arm read too chunky in the 3D version. It's looking like a resin sculpture kit. Maybe break it up into finer strands, and make it softer. It looks like you modelled it, and as good as it looks, would geometry strips with alpha maps look better? You can still swirl the strips into that full body look, no?

I like the direct profile angle more. I'm a fan of iconic design. I get criticized for it, but it's just something I like.

BTW, check you email.
  03 March 2003
Eye contact...

I posted in the WIP thread but realiceed that you put your final stuf in here. I think you had lost the nice eye contact between them in your great drawing...very important detail. The contact is there, but not close at what you had in your drawing. The change is very suttle...but it is there.

Again...realy nice job
  03 March 2003
Personally I think it's the drool that makes the painting , maybe the way it is, it needs some tweaking but I cannot see the link to a snake ?!?!?!

This is just one hungry beast who is mesmerised by such a beauty and maybe it's a start of a beautiful friendship ???

I really can't crit as I love this piece and I find the more I work on things I will never be happy with the outcome... the original angle I think works better as the new one loses the eye contact totally so all is to be said now is the best of luck with ANIMAGO...

Scott Martin

Life in Black and White
  03 March 2003
Poor little fairy is about to become munchy food.

But I totally dig it. I like how she looks frightened, trying weakly to protect (covering herself) herself when her body has decided she's doomed. It's very subtle but I think it's there. Very humble I am to your mastery.

One beef. The wing. It looks really slick, but it doesn't fit the vulnerability of the character. The original wings were more virginal and fitting.

  03 March 2003
very great work, all are perfect and i really love the color of the scene (my english is very great isn't it?)
can you post a wire of the girl's body please i want to see how you can modelise so perfectly girl body!!!!!!!!

  03 March 2003
wow ...just found this threat.

great work steven ... I loved the 2d version and the 3d version is coming along pretty cool.
the girl is really awesome !! she is great !
(though that big piece off hair on the right arm looks a bit odd)

  03 March 2003
In "The price of magic" you showed how to get very quickly from a little pencil concept to a detailed coloured scetch.
Now! You show that its also possible to get from this 2d to 3d
very very exactely.
I have to think about that...:-)
  03 March 2003
I haven`t words!This is SUPER!!!!
  03 March 2003
Maybe you explained it already, but I missed it in your three threads, but what does the butterfly signify? Is there something there we should know about? This piece tells such a story it's unbelivable

  03 March 2003
well Steven all I can say is, yet again you never cease to amaze. I dont even have anything to say, to pull it apart or nothin... So whats the next big project? How about a space Elf in a space suit or power armour. I;ve never seen anything like that from you, and I would love to see what you come up with.. Im currently working on my own digital actress, and would love to email you some pics and get some comments, let me know with a private msg...

Thanx Spirit2029
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