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  10 October 2003
Ah, this is excellent. It will be a great partner to the focused crits forum.
Great idea Mark.
No school like the old school.
  10 October 2003
Quote: Originally posted by Mark.Snoswell
True -- there is a place for sheer technical excellence, no question... but that's not in short supply. It's the very soul of the image we are concerned with here. It's all about how an image reaches out and says something to the viewer.

Even the most technical images can be enhanced when presented with the correct "mood" lighting, and in the right environment. I should post an example of some architectural images and note the things you can do to make even these quite evocative!


Do you think this forum can enhance more abstract work as well as representative and environmental works?
blah blah blah
  10 October 2003
gmask highlights a couple of important points here....
the examples shown are obviously NON-abstract, and while homour is perhaps difficult to get across in the abstract form, emotiveness most definitely isn't.

  10 October 2003
Thumbs down

I am down with the forum. My skills could always be helped
  10 October 2003
Re: New Forum – Evocative

Quote: Originally posted by DanDiaz
Howdy everyone,

In a nutshell, Evocative is a serious, focused critique forum for everyone to learn how to present or 'evoke' emotion in your existing artwork.


Don't shoot the messenger, but this kind of stuff can't be taught.

  10 October 2003
I'm really looking forward to seeing this thread develop. Many artists, including myself, put much too much time into the style or detail of a piece, without realizing the importance of the emotions the viewer might experience when they see it.

Once again CGTalk proves it's above the rest. It's like schooling without tuition. Thanks for bringing the experience of so many great artists together for all of us to be inspired and learn from.
  10 October 2003
Quote: Don't shoot the messenger, but this kind of stuff can't be taught.

I disagree. Understanding and evoking emotion in a piece, especially since that emotional connection is a vital component of the all important bridging device that art is, is simply a matter of looking further than simply creating an image.

Art is at it's core simply and bridge between artist and viewer. The strength of the connection made is reliant on any number of factors, including but not limited to technical execution of the piece, subject matter etc. That coupled with the interests and experiences of the viewer goes to establish the strength of the connection. Emotional content is just another factor that helps bridge that gap.

Emotion also happens to be one of the basest communicators we as humans posses. We can, without the use of higher forms of communication like language, gauge a person's mood or more to the point emotional state with but a glance. Add to that, the socio-biological component of empathy, (Based on the idea that as a societal animal we must understand and share the emotional states of other individual components of a society so the society may survive as a whole.) ergo, emotions cross many many more boundries than things like subject matter and technical execution do, making emotional content a stronger commuicator than most other elements of art. That being said, there are in fact broad elements, colors, compositional tricks etc. that can be used to specifically direct a person's emotional state.

Take for instance the color red. Red gets our attention solely because of the fact our blood is red. We're biologically hard-wired to respond to red as a survial trait. Society has used that little quirk in our make-up to astronomical degrees. Stop signs, fast cars, lipstick, advertisments, even governmental movements, all have used the color red solely because it's such an arresting color to the human race.

What about underpainting? Every wonder why sepia is the color of choice? Because it creates a warm color-palette throughout the image and we as humans associate "warm" with "alive" (Ruddy cheeks, red nose, warm lips.) and we as humans are attracted, again because we are a social animal, to other living things. Use a cool underpainting and the painting looks "dead" or unattractive.

What about numbers? Today's society is ruled by numbers, yet they're so common they tend to fade into our subconcious. Add a number to a piece and you've established identity or importance, created intrigue in the painting and interest in your viewer.

These are not mysterious tricks, or unlearnable traits. It's simply a matter of first understanding the way the mind works, then using that knowledge to better your art. I call it "Thinking before creating" or more simply the "Why" of art and for those that want to learn it's one of the most powerful tools in your tool box.

This forum is a brilliant torch for those that wish to bring so powerful an element into their work. Bravo Mark and Dan and bravo cgtalk for not only seeing the need but also taking the initiative to make it happen.

You can better believe I'll be here, preaching and teaching.

We really shook the pillars of Heaven didn't we Wang?

Last edited by imphead : 10 October 2003 at 11:09 PM.
  10 October 2003
Thumbs down

Nice idea!

Art is feeling.
"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new." (Albert Einstein)
  10 October 2003
Fantastic Read,
i really hope this new forum will bring out some truly awsome tallent and works.. (even better then before)

I Wish All Good Luck, and Really Hope they can get out of the forum that they want to.

  10 October 2003
I think artistic critique is nothing but a good thing. It's a shame that such analysis needs it's own forum, (i.e - more and more segregation), but such is the way of things!

I do wish that you hadn't made all of your examples Exposé related. You'll have to forgive my cynicism (again!), but your article does read a little like "we need you to give us more artwork for our next book - buck up your ideas!"
  10 October 2003
Round up time:

gmask -- Yes, there are many basic skills and tricks that can be applied to any image to improve it's impact no matter what the content of the image is -- character based, abstract, technical or environment. Certainly there is always the underlying story that the image is meant to convey -- "why the heck was this image made to begin with? ... does it achieve those goals?" Just making people focus on that alone will often improve wheir work.

Arwooki -- Yes, emotions are hard. Soon I will add a bit of a challenge here to see who can portray a single word like bliss, impatience, annoyance, disgust, amusment, coy, sly, betrayal, pious, pouting, etc... Not easy at all! BUt of you don't know what you are trying to achieve then you will never get there -- and there are ways (and reference material) to achieve these things.

imphead -- right on ... there is a *lot* that can be taught. Both on the analysis and creative side. This has nothing to do with personal style. It's all about building on the natural talent you already have.

Mark Snoswell. President, The CGSociety. Director, Ballistic Media.
  10 October 2003
Great idea! This forum is just what the CG industry's been missing lots of years already.

Hopefully it'll help artists to produce works full of emotions. Who knows... Maybe the wide masses will start saying "wow... that's art" instead of (along with) "oh, that looks like real".
  10 October 2003
Great idea

How excellent, I think this is a good idea also. I think that you could never ever put enough emphasis on this particular aspect of artwork, that's great that you have had a look at current art work and decided to have a go with this forum. It will no doubt help a lot of people, including myself

I am considering entering some artwork, to give this forum a test drive Hopefully it will put the fourm to good use.

About the fanboy stuff... Cgtalk is just as cool with people who say roxors and stuff, because it's definitely a positive message. Sure half of it comes from people who think almost anything roxors, but it's better than "That sucks" sort of things I'm by no means encouraging lots of it though, I'm a firm believer that focused opinions are more helpful than DUDE, THAT RO><ORS! hehe.

roxory forum idea anyhow
  10 October 2003

Quote: Art is at it's core simply and bridge between *artist and viewer. The strength of the connection made is reliant on any number of factors, including but not limited to technical execution of the piece, subject matter etc. That coupled with the interests and experiences of the viewer goes to establish the strength of the connection.

That would be design & craft......

Quote: Emotional content is just another factor that helps bridge that gap.

Now it has the possibility of becoming 'Art'

Quote: including but not limited to
... is this legal talk?

*replace with the appropriate noun of your choosing..

  10 October 2003
hey Mark

I'm sorry I make a mistake.
I know your meaning now.
Thank you for your idea and help,MARK.
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