ALIENWARE Challenge Entry: Cullen McKeown

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  11 November 2003
thanx finchy. I cant be bothered doing 3d tonight... just surfing...
But I can't wait to get into them, should be interesting.
If I had max 6 I could just use particle flow... oh well.
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  11 November 2003
ohh... and I am fully (kinda) keen for the "difficult and a long procces" I am going to stubbornly try and do everything in max. I might adjust colours slightly in post... but.... welll..... we will see.
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  11 November 2003
Interesting look there..... soft and curvy stuff. I'm not sure about rain here though (IMO) you've got some sort of dry desertstyle atmosphere here, which I kinda like. Would like to see more intricate details.... and maybe some hard edges (though that might be totally contrary to your plan of course =)

On the other hand, making these formations wet and shiny - together with rain - could make a very dramatic look if the overall lighting is decreased. Just a lot of highlights suggesting the shapes. Seen "Pitch Black"? I somehow got that kind of vibe here... the look of the landscape/relics combo....


Be indiscreet - do it continuously.
  11 November 2003
Thanks JamesMK.... hmm, maybe I'll leave the atmospherics decision till after a bit of texturing tests.
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  11 November 2003
your atmosphere is turning out beautifully. My only question is... are all the object on your planet the same color and texture?... or are you planning on breaking them out into their own individual styles? I'm probably jumping the gun... but I just thought i'd throw that out there...
  11 November 2003

I like it, I like it a lot. I think that the earlier more contrasty lighting gave more depth to the image. Can't wait to see this one textured!
  12 December 2003
nice work

like your work

are you doing this with max??
hope to see more progress.... soon

keep going

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  12 December 2003
imscifi, King Outo and splotch... thanks for the comments.
Quote: are all the object on your planet the same color and texture?...

The will all share a same mood... but they (I envission) will not all have the same texture. I want slimy bits, I want hard flaky bits, I want rough bumpy bits... we will have to wait and see, as I don't really know.

Quote: hope to see more progress.... soon

I'm afraid I won't be working on this anytime soon. Why? Well although this has been fun (and will be) my enthusiasm is elsewhere at the moment. I probably won't get to it until the end of december... cause I am just loving (And hating) flash at the moment. I definately will get back to it though.
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  12 December 2003
Materials and Me… what I have done so far.

I might be writing way too much… but read it or not… its your call.
I am going to try and make this without using any textures (jpgs or whatever) why?… just want to see if I can do a good job without them. Hopefully even a better job.

It’s been a while since I last posted… but finally another night where I can’t sleep due to alcohol.
Usually with landscapes I would texture things as I go, or use a lot of texture maps. But I am glad I waited to do the texturing… because now I am getting into the awesome value of procedural maps.

Firstly I detached the thorn/horns from the main structures. I gave them all a base ivory colour with a noise bump. To make the bump go up the horn with the grain I chucked a standard cylinder uv mapping on all the horns and altered the tiling in the map editor.

I knew I wanted to use a composite map so I am not worried about getting the result I want all in the standard material properties. So… I changed this to a composite map, and there I had the base material for the horns. I then began to add a darker area at the base of the thorn. Just by adding to the Mat. 1 slot in the composite, a standard black material, with the opacity having a mixed gradient ramp and noise.

I might change this but I then wanted some blood splotches towards the tip of the thorns. That is a standard red material applied to the composite map… with the opacity having a masked stucco material with a gradient (so it is only red in splotches near tip)

OK-thorns done… now the main bit.
I hadn’t applied uv coordinates yet. I applied the same material to all the structures. Made it a composite material with the base being orange and having a noise in the bump. In the Mat.1 slot I added a standard material with a perlin marble in the opacity. I copied this material to the diffuse slot and changed the size so it would be offset. I used blue and red as the colour… rendered… and this happened.
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  12 December 2003
Texturing: Colour Splat

This is what happened when I applied the material... explained in my last post.
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  12 December 2003
Sure the colour is ugly… like someone just splotched paint over all of it… but I was very happy with the way the colours were distributed on the mesh… so I played with the colours and changed it…. As you can see here.
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  12 December 2003
Texturing: colour change

I haven’t finished the textures yet… As you can tell… at the moment the perlin marble looks like crap., but I’ll get there.
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  12 December 2003
But I have started it and that is the second hardest part (hardest is finishing the damb thing).

C and C welcome. Still debating over the rain thing. Maybe my computer is too slow to even bother. It is hard enough waiting for these renders, let alone with particles and motion blur. I think I need to put a glow on everything to make it a little softer.

I love playing with the curves and contrasts, etc in photoshop…. Seeing the billions of combinations.
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  12 December 2003
Hi Cullen!

great work here in progress, I love your world, reminds me @ some beautifull hours i spent fascinated on my 386er, this could be the home of the tentacle... (the day of... remember that one? )

I have an idea to "master" your composition a bit:

to give your maps more deept, use a copy of your difuse map (new matslot), turn the jade parts into a meduimlight grey, and the redbrown into a bit darker grey and use it slightly as displacementmap, and the same map oppacyty map and use a transluscent shader, so you can just pull an instance the diffuse chanel on the transluscent color slot and the filtercolorslot ansd you'll have a structures, transluscent material with the same distribution, and the surface geomety will look much more complex...
you can also use submaterials and mix mats by using your b/w map then as mask, remember, white comes out, black dives, and never use a too high amount of displacement.
If this is too much for your pc to handle, just use the effect to the foreground objects.

Whatever, Keep it goin' man, I'll be back to see how ya rockin' this, keep groovin' man,
  12 December 2003

Hey, I like your image! Good luck!
The *Claw*
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