ALIENWARE Challenge Entry: James Kaufeldt

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Old 11 November 2003   #31
Talking Orbital Obscenity


Screw the 3d. Cgtalk needs a writing contest. All words must be rendered online in these forums.

99% of all stories will naturally ooze towards sexual frustration and mass extinctions.

Sex and Death, man. That's all the entertainment anyone ever needs.

Onto your work:

Your doughnut-like processing plant is excellent. And if you eliminate the stairs, at least replace them with some other minutely detailed contraption. The difference in scale between structures is engaging.

That said, the sameness of the white window / light fixture panels across the surface makes it seem too much like a circular array. Definately nothing devestating, but, getting freaky with something is seldomly a negative experience (unless, of course, you're an alien foreman named Dook cranking out you're moves on an octo-ocular bovinian beer hussy.)

On a side note that nobody except me wants to hear, Maxon and Cinema4d (and artists like you) are making some serious noise. Unfortunately, I own lightwave. Paid $900 for that piece of crap, and while Cinema is getting plugins like Shave and those incredible Mesh Surgery tools, Lightwave is going down the toilet, taking previously free plugins off the net so people can buy them in the next upgrade.

Hey, James. I'll trade ya.

Just keep Dook rotting in his demoralizing ether. That guy was a paranoid creep.

There. I've insulted enough hard working people. My day is starting off swell. Back to my septic cave!

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Old 11 November 2003   #32
Right on - see you in the next writing contest.

...and you've got a point about the repetitions in the circular thing. I'll have to remember to fix that sooner or later.

Cinema is a great piece of software. If you knew how little I actually paid for it as well, I'd have to get myself a panic room to cowardly hide in as you rush over here with a huge baseball bat ready to swing.


Be indiscreet - do it continuously.
Old 11 November 2003   #33
Modeling: Some sort of building

A bunch of these will be scattered around the area.

EDIT: Oops. Submitted this tagged as "Concept sketch" @ the challenge site... Can't edit there, but I fixed the subject line here at least...


Be indiscreet - do it continuously.

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Old 11 November 2003   #34
Rendering: Minor arrangement and lighting test

A bunch of small buildings on cliffs arranged (in mid air for the time being, the ground to be connected later) together with one of the main pipe thingies. Trying out some small foggy lights and wondering if not blue might be better than green. Who knows.
This is cropped and shows only the lower 1/2 (approx) of the intended final render.


Be indiscreet - do it continuously.
Old 11 November 2003   #35
Just a quick comment... I like that machine (the cylindrical one) as a floating item...not embedded in the ground... I thought it would be attached to something on its sides... like legs connecting to the ground or walls or whatever... just my opinion... And are you going to develop the pyramid cliffs anymore? They look very plain compared to the other machine I mentioned before. Ok that's it from this peanut gallery!

Looking good!
Old 11 November 2003   #36
Cool Pine Tar in your Pie Hole


Getting hit in the head with a bat smarts something fierce. I'd much rather go after the hype squad over at Newtek.

Or I'll attack my own noggin, for falling for all that nasty brainwashing. Advertising is a menace. I mean, really, who the hell is going to pay $6,000 for a computer?

Clearly, nobody here.

I myself ought to hide, threatening such powerful nerds.

Competition is supposed to be a good thing. Unless you choose the wrong side. Then its lousy.


You're latest post has many nice pyramids and a nice semi sphere.
An excellent tactic to dimish similiarty of shape is to stick half of the object in the ground. Good move.

Seriously, though, your work is alot of fun to examine, even if only a test.

For texturing will you be using Body Paint 2, or was that not part of your super secret, rage inducing deal?

Oh who cares? Just post more of your work. But, take it easy on the pyramids. And avoid dancing Egyptians. Those would call for savage club to the noodle.
Old 11 November 2003   #37
imscifi -> It will become clearer what's going on soon enough. Since none of the actual terrain is in place yet, I assume this looks very confusing. Patience!

pasta_wrangler -> Nah, BP2 wasn't part of the deal unfortunately. Me goes texturing the old-fashioned way I'm afraid. But I'm used to it - haven't been spoiled by 3D paint apps yet... My PC doesn't exactly unleash my creativity either (view sig) so some of the low-polyness of certain features is very deliberate - otherwise I won't be able to render anything in the end.........


Be indiscreet - do it continuously.
Old 11 November 2003   #38
your creativity and very unusual yet productive approach have made it: im starting my work on the challenge. thanks for the hard kick in my butt because this cool thread has been a huge inspiration for me.
i like your ideas and your models and im looking forward to see the steps that will hopefully follow.

btw. i think you can underline the size of the 'universe-think-about-itself-device' by the use of a lower camera angle.

so cool, dude
greetings - sad | | |
Space Opera
Old 11 November 2003   #39
Well, thanks a lot, sad. I'm honored to constitute a kick in the butt for someone. There's a first time for everything

Looking forward to see what you'll come up with! It's pretty interesting to see how difficult this AW theme actually is. At first sight it's pretty straight forward, but as one starts thinking about it there's nothing simple about it. I'm constantly in doubt and I've quit working on it in my mind several times now... (particularly after last night's render session.... Hmm... not good. But I've got a new trick up my sleeve. News will follow.)


Be indiscreet - do it continuously.
Old 11 November 2003   #40
sounds good! im excited what news youll bring up
greetings - sad | | |
Space Opera
Old 11 November 2003   #41
Rendering: The Escheresque twist

I modeled some terrain and ran some tests yesterday, but it all turned out looking pretty lame. Perhaps I could have managed to get a decent looking final product with a load of cool shaders and lights, but I decided to start over with some other approach.

Luckily a sudden outbrake of Escher-mania in the C4D forum (thread) last night gave me a much needed injection of new energy - I recalled this amazing Escher drawing called "Three Worlds" which focuses on the duality (or 'triality' really) of the concepts 'above' and 'below' where they all merge in the surface of water.

So, I'm grabbing some inspiration from this (I always found that drawing to be somewhat magical) and will change my scene a bit. In the end it will be the same elements I've planned all along - an alien liquid, the tunnel portals, a spherical interior carved inside something - but I'm turning the camera down towards the surface of the liquid and let the contents of the scene be mainly seen as a reflection from above or through the refractive transparency. And for the final touch some neat alien things floating on the surface itself.

A rather rushed concept render available below. This is the first time during this challenge I've felt that I'm getting close to my initial vision, so I know I'm on a roll now. There's still a load of work to do, but within a month or so we should be able to see some decent results.

The biggest remaining problem is the "vastness factor", the scene feels rather tight and enclosed now, but as long as I can fix that somehow, then the rest is merely a question of hard work.



Be indiscreet - do it continuously.

Last edited by JamesMK : 11 November 2003 at 12:35 AM.
Old 11 November 2003   #42
I know what u mean about having problem with the "vastness factor" JamesK...i have the same thing since i have to replace my astronaut somehow with something else to show scale of the place in my composition..but anyway...i like your last test very much....

p.s : i just read the specs on your you are an athlete...
"I am on a Horse."
REEL (in
Old 11 November 2003   #43
Quote: Originally posted by DimitrisLiatsos
p.s : i just read the specs on your you are an athlete...

Well... If nothing else, I've learned the hard way how to build things to a slim memory-profile It doesn't take much to make rendering close to impossible.... Good luck 'vastnessifying' your own piece btw - I'm sure you'll solve it elegantly in the end.


Be indiscreet - do it continuously.
Old 11 November 2003   #44
Congratulations on your image. It is nice to see another person with a crappy computer. (I have 600 mhz 256 ram no graphics card). Lets exchage ideas about using such a machine eficiently.
In terms of vastnes to your scene i suggest examining your lights and depth of field, becuase it looks like a macro shoot.
Try rendering your foreground without DOF and bluring the background to get a stronger contrast.
Check in the making off section the slide 8 has some very interesting tips.
anyway your render is one of my favorites.
good luck
Old 11 November 2003   #45
You have a 433!?! I feel for you. If I tried making graphics like that on my computer it'd even slow down and it's about 3 times the speed. Of course I did manage to run win2000 on a 166 with only 8 mb ram..hehehe.
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