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  01 January 2004
THANK YOU FOR THE EXTENSION! i was busting my brains over a problem i have: i can't submit my final image because my school firewall blocks ftp access both in school and in the boarding house, where i live. my only solution was to send it to my fren to submit it from his home connection. however i can only do that AFTER school, and as i have to let the render sit overnight, and as school finishes right smack on the deadline, i ran into a seemingly impenetrable brickwall. so thank you!!!!!! oh yes and is a php uplaod page for the final image a possibilty for those of us who are hopelessly firewalled? and is it ok if like in between milestones our image changes totally radicaally and our conecpt sketch/modelling milestones dont seem to apply anymore? thank you!
  01 January 2004
Lightbulb FTP work around

Checked out the Apple web site on ftp connections. For some reason under os 10.2.x: "You can use the Connect To Server command to connect to an FTP server in the Finder, but you will have read-only access. You cannot copy, or upload, to an FTP volume in the Finder."
The help document ( then goes on to list three third party apps which may work.
I was able to upload to ftp by starting up in os 9 and using the connect to server utility.
Hope this helps...

This has been a really exciting contest, looking forward to the next challenge.
  01 January 2004
Memory problems


I´m having problems with my 512Mb ram and the question is if I have a 1200 pixel wide image may I send like the final, and until the end of the challenge I be able to render one more large may I send it to replace the old one?

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This is my grand Opera thread
  01 January 2004

Author Leonard:
Please send in as high a resolution as you can possibly handle. We will not be considering anything below 1500 (horizontal/vertical) pixels as this will only print 5 inches at 300dpi.

FTP access will be active for 36 hours after midnight jan. 20to21. I had the same problems with my 512 RAM heh)) I'd suggest pushing your machine to it's limits and render at least 2000 px wide. I rendered mine 2900 for 11 hours. Good luck and Hurry Up
  01 January 2004

I understand milestones must be uploaded before deadline for complete my entry and has a chance that Tiff image can be uploaded 36 hours after dead line.

Can I do small changes to this tiff image?.

Or, does it must be exactly the same than the uploaded jpeg final image?.
  01 January 2004

Everytime I try to uploade my milestone it tells me I have exceeded my space.

Can you please help me with this... SOMEONE...!!!!

Patrick Miron

I think I misunderstood how the forum worked, instead of posting mere updates I think I used up the milestones. But now I understand...
  01 January 2004

Everytime I try to uploade my milestone it tells me I have exceeded my space.

Can you please help me with this... SOMEONE...!!!!

Patrick Miron

I think I misunderstood how the forum worked, instead of posting mere updates I think I used up the milestones. But now I understand...
  01 January 2004
DragonAngel Don't panic!

Check out your milestone's file size. If it exceeds 150 kb - then it won't allow you upload it.
  01 January 2004
w-h-o-a. jpeg entries just closed. w-h-o-a.
  01 January 2004
if it's true one can't upload the jpegs anymore, then I'm as good as stuffed...

My blasted computer was having fun taking me for a joyride when I left it to render only to wake up and find that two of the objects had their texture coordinates damaged - now, I'm sitting in my room, 1:55AM local time, and I am busy rendering the different components of the scene. In a desperate attempt to finish the entire thing before the servers cut uploading, I dash (as fast as a 2ghz athlon can) to get the final renders thru, WITH their bloody effects for a change *!*

I come into my mom's office, connect to the net, hoping there won't be a message saying "milestone uploads closed", only to find that there is one (or at least something similar) and that I have yet to have uploaded my texturing milestone and final image thumbnail.

Now I'm basically sitting here in tears, knowing that I haven't even managed to finish the challenge, even tho I wouldn't have stood a chance against the other entries and that my entry won't be on show for all time *until the servers are shut down*

Is there any way I can upload my final milestone and final image? Pretty pretty please?

I expect it to be finished withing the next 5 hours at most, and I won't be doing any compositing except for the compiling of the images into one.

Plllllleeease could you get me some way to upload the final bits?
SibSpi Out

My GSO Challenge entry MWUAH!
  01 January 2004

- Total Challengers: 1523
- Total Entries: 3867
- Entries in the last 24hrs: 465 (that's almost one every three minutes!).
- Total Final JPEGs: 142
- Total Final ZIPs: 155 unique (??)

Only ~60 people have *checked* their successful uploads... the rest either haven't checked or the uploads failed in some way.

A few people have put their FTP files in Final/ or Final_Image/ and stuff... it's not needed (and in the case of multiple uploads, makes it harder). You also don't have to upload your JPEGs here, that's what the web upload system was for

SibSpi: That's really up to Leonard I guess...

FTP submissions are still open for about another 35 hours. Though I'm kinda curious about how we have more final ZIPs than JPEGs... I expected it to be the other way around!
  01 January 2004
The Alienware CG Competition is Over! Now we return to your normally scheduled lives.
  01 January 2004
which involves a backlong of homework and tests to study for.
  01 January 2004
Damn! Angel didn't make it, 1 hour past the deadline. His image was definately a contender (his thread had the most hits with over 16,000 views), plus he really helped so many people which makes it all the more cruel.

His final pix has been posted in the thread but sadly for a lot of people he missed the cut off

  01 January 2004
Quick question...
I went to the Final Upload page and my image displays. It does NOT display at full res. Is this normal? It does say "If the image display is not correct, please upload it again (using the same FTP information)." Does this mean I should see it at FULL resolution?
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