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  01 January 2004
Read here.
Studio Armata | Passionate Art Service
  01 January 2004
Thank you so much!

I thank you so much for answering so promptly.
It is more than obvious that you do your job more than excellent.
I thank you also for being so nice to us,
small dreamers, and always very helpfull.
I wish you a great day and many more.
Best of the best
  01 January 2004
Hi Mibus

A very serious mistake is happened.
You have put the WRONG picture for voting out.
This is very bad, a dicreased ingreat part my chances.
Please, change this as soon as possible.
This is not fair
Suzana Kilic
  01 January 2004
I am worring...

Quote: Originally posted by Mibus
When voting, people will have the chance to view small medium and large images. They will not, however, get the chance to view the TIFF images. (I'm talking about CGTalk member voting here, I don't know what is going to be in place for the rest of the judging).

The scaled image you see when you check the TIFF upload will *not* be shown at any point, it is merely for your own reference in checking that the upload was successful.


see them here:
  01 January 2004
Sorry guys but there is one thing I do not understand. Contest is supposed to be finished on 20th of january. Just to meet a deadline I've been forced to remove parts of my image because I would not been able to finish them in time. Now- we have 23rd of January and still new entries are allowed, there is no info about deadline change... what's going on ? If there is some more time I'd like to know so I can benefit from it as well and if challenge is closed maybe some kind of summary or info can appear summing up entire thing ?

No, I do not expect to win. I just want to know - after all I've sacrificed three months of my free time to participate...
  01 January 2004
Hallo, is here somebody

People have in the most important time questions and NOBODY is answering.
Voting started already while mistakes have been still on the screen. Can you please explane this mistake.
Wrong pictures are posted on the front ( so is mines).
People can still post tiff's allthouse "formaly"it was finished after 36H later.
This is a total mess.
Under this cyrcumstances the voting
should be done again.

Please if you can now as this are the most important problems what we facing now.
  01 January 2004
iv4n: It was made clear earlier that the final image should be submitted as a TIFF (via FTP) and as a JPEG (via the website)... I've just checked, you have submitted a "Final Image" milestone, even though the description attatched to it don't seem to indicate that it's finished:

_RK_: The contest finished on the end of the 20th, GMT. FTP was open for about another 42 hours (it was closed manually a few hours after the "official" deadline). New entries are *not* being accepted... Leigh and I have helped a couple of people who have had problems uploading, or people who were out by a small time difference on the timezone change, but we are *not* accepting new entries. (The apparent delay is partly an issue of time zones, and partly an issue of how many emails Leigh and I have had to respond to!)

eska: Voting was started accidentally, it wasn't supposed to go live until the entries had been manually verified. (eg. checking people have submitted all required milestones, TIF uploads were successful, etc). Voting should be restarted some time in the next week, with scores reset to zero. Don't worry about it . A few issues with the thumbnail page (missing or wrong images) have been fixed too.
  01 January 2004
Hopefully everything will function.

I thank you very much for unknowledging the problems.
And that tumbnails (including mines)will be corrected too.
I thank you very much again, for prompt respond and flexibility.
If have a problem, I will contact you again.
  01 January 2004
When all is there I think and fixed, voting will start when its ready.
Let's get some rest after that storm. !!!

Last edited by TheFirstAngel : 01 January 2004 at 10:39 PM.
  01 January 2004
I submitted this question earlier, but it was not addressed: "I hastily selected my milestones while uploading. A few of the images' milestone labels are incorrect. I changed them in my thread by using the 'edit' option. How can I have those changes reflected in the 'latest entries' version of the thread? If I can't, will that effect judging?"
Even though I submitted a final image, that milestone doesn't show up on the 'view entries' page.

I just went to the voting page and I don't see my image. What happened?

  01 January 2004

Why do you du this???????
The vote is NOT OPEN
Mibus clearly said this is not the bcase just 2 posts ago.
  01 January 2004
ok,about voting,

now I understand all, but I dont submit my final jpg image because I have a mistake uploaded these image , and when I try to upload the final image, there was oroblems to upload, can you replace the image by the compositing I uploaded?, or by the php from my TIFF you get??
THANKS, and sorry, english ....jejeje
  01 January 2004
Thumbs up VOTING

1. Why does it start with the hiest voters? Everyone is going to vote for them first....messed up

2. I dont understand why there is no desrpition of how to vote based on the instructions given for the contest.

You are standing on some unknown alien setting. This location seems to be whispering to you, you have a feeling that something was created here; maybe even the land itself is alive. The location seems unpopulated, but not necessarily abandoned or neglected, nor rusting or decaying, but life forms are inexistent. The location where you stand seems to be moving and it is difficult to comprehend its function or intent. The surfaces and materials that surround you are nothing like you have ever seen before. The design and layout of the location defies logic or the laws of physics, though only slightly, it seems that reality here is somewhat obscure. You feel a sense of grandness and awe, your breath is coming in short tight gasps from witnessing this alien phenomenon as it starts to overwhelm you. You cry out, "Is anyone there?"

3. Why are there no links to vote from

  01 January 2004
Hey guys and gals, chill. I'm sure there's an explanation as to what is going on... to be quite honest, I'm not proceding until one of the moderators says we can vote. I'm figuring that they got another glitch. Being a former programmer, stuff like this can happen... I don't personally know what's going on. But I'm sure there is an explanation, to everyone's questions. I'm just using logic for this thought. Don't panic.

and Eska, don't pull out of the competition!

Heck I'm still looking at all the entries... I'm not voting on the one everyone else likes, I'm voting on the one "I" like.
  01 January 2004
Thumbs up okay answer this

how is it that the1st_angel
knew where to vote before everyone else did,

Whats going on Guys

we all workd so hard for this. and its like thier are some things that shouldnt happen, personally./ I think that when the contest is over its over... thats part of it.. watching the time zones to make shure you enter correctly for one. duh cummon
is that part of the rules, gota follow the rules, Im shure thier are alot of upset people floating around.


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