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  11 November 2002
I liked these the first time I viewed them, and
it's nice to see this compilation of Mike's cool stuff all in one handy thread.
  11 November 2002
I think it's necessary to make this thread sticky - for all these newbes who think that LightWave not so good for character animation ...
Cool stuff Mike
Hope i will post something too ...
  11 November 2002
Thanks Mike! Thats damn good of ya. It's not often someone kicks down scenes like that.
  11 November 2002
Great stuff Mike!
Heres a simple muscle test that I did.
Its a bit different the Mikes example.
This one uses no muscle bones, no endomorphs and no displacement maps. The muscles swell in particular places and you can see the striations appear on the shoulder. The bicep changes color slightly and specularity. ALL of this is controlled by one simple expression.
http://www.3dtrainingonline.com/examples/armtest2.mov and armtest3. mov.

In the 2nd example you can better see the bicep and forearm muscles push against each other.

Heres an animation that I did for Dan Dare back in LW5.6
Its all hand keyed and setup with IK.

Heres another animation that I did that was a test for a spiderman TV series. Its a combination of handkeying and procedural animaton done in LW 7. It uses IK and follower.
  11 November 2002
Rigging is a artform all its own!
Very cool stuff!!
  11 November 2002
Actually Rigging isnt that hard. Its about creating a digital "puppet" that can be easily posed and doesnt break between poses. Thats not that hard to do really. Its not about expressions and controlling fingers with sliders and lots of cool tricky doodads and whatnots. IF you keep things simple rather then complicated youll get around to animating faster and have a more stable setup. Heres and example:
Lots of people like to control the hands with sliders and expressions thinking its a cool way to do it. The problem is that to get the proper amount of control it ends up becoming complicated and unwieldy. You need a slider to control the hand globally, then you need a slider for each finger. But to use sliders you have to set up master channels that control each finger and sliders to control each master channel. Now you have a sliders that can open and close the hand and sliders to tweak each finger. The problem is still that sometimes you need individual control over each finger bone. You dont have that level of control and now it can become even more complicated. The solution for me has been to use selection sets. What are selection sets? Say you select all the bones in every finger in the hands, you go into the scene editor and create a favorite set called All fingers. You can now select all the fingers in that set at any time. If you rotate the pitch for one bone ALL the bones rotate additively. You can create selection sets for each finger too. The great thing is you can still animate each digit of each finger because there are no expressions used. This gives far greater control then using sliders and there is practically no setup time. I can be off and animating quite quickly this way. There is also a free plugin that allows you to have your selection sets up in a floating window.
  11 November 2002
Totaly agree with you Larry, although I'm not that good ...
Instead of selection set, I work with shematic view and multy select finger bones with middle mouse buttons.
You are a pluggin.
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  11 November 2002
Quote: Originally posted by Facial Deluxe
Totaly agree with you Larry, although I'm not that good ...
Instead of selection set, I work with shematic view and multy select finger bones with middle mouse buttons.

Facial! Use selection sets. Much faster and easier. Plus use Lernies SelectionSetMC plugin. Your sets are there in a little window calling your name waiting for you to click on them.
  11 November 2002
You should upgrade to the latest lcore.dll maybe? It probably the lscript system that you have is older.
  11 November 2002
Larry another way to do fingers is "Simple Orient Constraints"
Choosing the heading constrains the heading for all child bones with it activated.Or pitch or banking.
Just a thought.
  11 November 2002
Quote: Originally posted by Facial Deluxe
Doesn't work for me
"Line 4 (script type master differs from architecture)"

What does it mean ?
Running 7.5

That usually means you are running it from the wrong LScript requester. For example, trying to run a Motion Script as an Image Filter Script.

Make sure you are using the Master Plugins LScript requester - it's an awesome script.
I really like the brother to SelectFavorites: SelectFavoritesbyItem.
With this script you can use a CustomObject! - pick that object and the fingers get selected, or whatever.
It can clutter things up sometimes, but I rather have the CustomObject than a bunch of windows.
  11 November 2002
Oooops Sorry, I'm an ass, should read you more carrefully Cman!
Thanx a bunch my friend
You are a pluggin.
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  11 November 2002
This is one of the reasons keytrak kicks butt. IT lets you have keyable sets with objects and bones in them... Pose sets if you will....

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  11 November 2002
Mocap in Lightwave

Here's a simple old test made when I first tried using mocap in Lightwave last year. Just a bit of fun mostly.


No texturing and it still requires some obvious tweaking (feet sliding, poking through the floor etc.)

Here's the character with some preliminary textures and fur.
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