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[EXCHANGE] Matchmove and 3D Creature Needed (1)
Collaborative Help for an Indie Sci Fi Trailer - Look Inside (1)
[Rev-Share] Illustrators, Writers, Programmers and a Marketer (1)
Need 2D digital Illustrators, Writers, Programmers and aDigital Marketer (1)
sci-fi creature model to my new rigging reel (1)
Triple Smash are recruiting! (1)
3d artist hiperrealists outdoor furniture renders (1)
Need colleague for augmented reality projects (1)
Looking for 3d Modellers for Charity Game (2)
[Rev-share] Team lf Web developer and PR (1)
Bugz (1)
[(paid) Kead Animator & 3D Animator wanted for SciFi RTS Alpha (1)
Interlight Studio is LFM Programmers and Pr & marketing (1)
Rigger looking for Modeler to Collaborate with (2)
Looking for Arnold shader/lighter (1)
[Lead Artist, Animators, Texturers, PR+ more] Wanted for SciFi RTS (1)
LF Programmer, character and environment modeler/s animator and Pr & marketing. (1)
Launching MOBA-like Arena based Mobile App Game, looking for more concept/3D modeler (1)
Toonbox - An Action-Adventure Sandbox Game Looking for New Members (1)
Unpaid Low poly fantasy models (2)
Music/Sound/Voiceover for your projects! Experienced, Versatile, and Professional (1)
Looking for Programmer and Level Designer ASAP (1)
[Rev-share] Experienced Team LF Sr./Lead 3D/2D Artists and more (6)
Deputy Art Lead, Animators, Texturers] Wanted for SCiFi RTS (4)
[ROYALTY] UE4 SWORDS ARENA Multiplayer Game Project Looking for New TEAM MATES ! (2)
Sound Designer / Composer (1)
Mad Monkey needs you (1)
Opening Graphic For Fallout Series (1)
Sci-Fi RPG team looking for 3D artists (1)
Work with us (2)